They Love Blurred Lines

coc heart[Mouth To Ears] What rhymes with hug me?

A certain R&B star can’t seem to push away his fame wh*re ex because they both share a love for blurred lines.

When you find love in a hopeless place, it’s always hard to let go.

The star became famous because of his sibling but now has a name of his own. The family can’t stand the little starlet because of her desperation for the limelight. Unfortunately… it’s too bad and oh so sad for them because, he already fell in love.

The good thing is, this R&B star’s family is no joke. We are confident they’ll find a way to make this fame wh*re get “ghost”…

R&B Star:

His Ex:

His Sibling:

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  1. Veronica says

    I think R&B star is one of the guys who singing “Blurred Lines”, maybe Pharrel Williams. Because of “When you find love in a hopeless place” it can be Rihanna, but I have no idea if they were dating or if Pharrel have a famous sibling.

  2. gossip babe says

    R&B Star: robin thicke

    His Ex: rihannah

    His Sibling:Brennan Thicke *but he hasn’t worked in a while now so idk*

    • Bromance1979 says

      Robin has been with his wife for 20 years, since they were teenagers. Maybe he had a fling with Rihanna, but don’t think this is him.

  3. sabrina325 says

    Not quite sure I understand this blind item correctly. My guess is Ray J and Brandy, although I am not sure whether Ray J could be considered a star or not. No idea about the ex.

  4. Pammecruz says

    R&B Star: Chris Brown
    His Ex: Rihanna – “When you find love in a hopeless place” may be the clue.
    His Sibling: Lytrell Bundy.

  5. rreilly1012 says

    The clues from the song (blurred Lines) point to Robin Thicke… but his parents are famous (not sibling) and he has been with Paula Patton almost 20 years total (married for 8) so I am thoroughly confused.

  6. razorsharp says

    R&B Star: Robin Thicke
    ‘Blurred Lines’ latest number 1 single ,plus album name

    His Ex: Rihanna
    ‘find love in a hopeless place’- reference to the song We Found Love.

    His Sibling: Brennan Thicke
    Voice actor

  7. glittercoke says

    Robin Thicke has been with Paula Patton since they were in High School, there’s no way Rihanna is his ex-girlfriend.

    • Ati2d9 says

      Hey Hey Hey! Sorry, couldn’t help it. Now I will have it stuck in my head as well.

      • Lucy says

        Ha ha! I finally went and bought it…can’t get it out of my head until I play it all the way through. :)

    • KWDragon says

      I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It’s pretty catchy and light–perfect for summer. But I can’t figure out how it fits with the blind. Hmmm…

  8. briguy69 says

    Jeez people, try harder. Robin Thicke became famous due to his brother? Really? Rihanna is a fame whore desperate for the limelight? Rihanna is not desperately trying to become famous, she already is mega famous, way more than Robin Thicke. Fame wh*re is somebody like Courtney Stodden, not somebody who has an accomplished career.

    • slantrhyme says

      Thank you! Rihanna has been famous for quite a while, and she gets press just for walking down the street. Not every female BI is Rihanna!

  9. wendy hood says


    His ex: Wanna be singer and baby momma of 2 Ms Niko

    His sibling….that’s the only part that doesn’t make sense because he has no siblings to speak of, but when he was starting, he had a “brother” he kinda teamed up with to start out when he was rapping. I assume the family would involve Tiny.

  10. Tasia says

    R&B Star: Ray J

    His Ex: Teairra Mari from Love & Hip Hop

    His Sibling: Brandi

    Teairra has said in interviews they’ve dated in the past & it looks like they’re back together this summer.
    Ghost reference- Ray J’s Rolls Royce Ghost
    This may be a stretch, but the blind says “love in a hopeless place,” referencing the Rihanna song- Rihanna is signed to Def Jam. Teairra was signed to Def Jam but they dropped her.