She Cares More About The Spotlight Than Her Marriage

spotlight 5[Allie Is Wired] This celebrity couple is going through a rough patch.

They are trying couples therapy and even a vacation to get away from the stress of life. He wants to make it work and stay together for their kids, but she is too preoccupied with remaining in the spotlight and keeping up appearances.

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    • Smores says

      Whoops, meant to write Kris Jenner not Kris Kardashian…Looks like I wasn’t the only one to make that mistake tee hee.

    • Bromance1979 says


      I saw on The Soup this week that she conveniently ran out of time on her show when Bruce was supposed to be on. She probably only said he would be on in an attempt to make it look like they still spend time together. I doubt they even live in the same house.

  1. MsOverstreet says

    Kris and Bruce Jenner? Not a clue if they’re currently on vacation, but they share two kids and “keeping up” reminded me of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”.

  2. guestimation says

    Goop and Chris Martin are vacationing in Mallorca right now, and they have 2 kids, so that’s my guess. Hi Ace!

  3. colby2283 says

    Kris & Bruce Jenner.

    Clue: “keeping up appearances” – keeping up with the kardashians

  4. cierra567 says

    Has to be Kris & Bruce Jenner. She is such a witch he just needs to leave already. She treats him like a steaming hot pile of dog shit.

  5. RuHa says

    Wow, winner of the vague award! This could be any number of couples but the keeping up appearances clue makes me think it’s a Brit couple so I will say the Beckhams.

  6. arielade says

    This shouldn’t even be a blind item!

    Bruce Jenner and Kris Kardashian

    Clue: “keeping up” appearances, “Keeping up with the Kardashians”

  7. TeacherKat says

    Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus? They have called off their second divorce filings and are in couples therapy.

  8. Kdiddlediddle says

    Nicole Richie and Joel Madden. Recently photographed on vacay with their kids.

  9. Dizzy says

    I want to say Mariah Carey for this one. Still whoever it turns out to be staying together for the sake of the kids is never a reason to be with someone you dont want to actually be with.

    • nolabelle says

      That is so very true-I agree and I also think way too many couples break up since the taboo of divorce has lessened. It seems Hollywood does a lot to contribute to this notion, that you “should” hookup right away, and “jump” into marriage, or even living together since you can always leave. It completely diminishes the concept of real commitment, working at the relationship and most of all, compromise. So, one never feels truly reassured of support, that the person will be there for them, has their back, etc.

    • tn683 says

      I think it is Mariah Carey and Nick too. The choice of The Incredibles colors is a major clue. They dressed up as the Incredibles for Halloween. She is also struggling to stay in the spotlight.

  10. Stewart says

    Kourtney and Rob or Kris and Bruce. Either way: run dude, run far away! It ain’t worth it.

  11. mads says

    Bruce and Kris?
    “Keeping up”
    He cares about their daughters but she just wants the fame.

  12. Ana-nj says

    I’m going to guest Melissa and Joe Gorga. I think I saw the other day or week they were in Miami. And now she’s everywhere since she became famous. She’s even say she’s getting pay for appearance but we all know that she wants us to talk about her. Just my opinion but she’s getting nastier in every new episode. Instead of helping her husband to have a relationship with his sister she is putting more fire in the candle. Just remember if you play with fire you might get burn Melissa.

    • nolabelle says

      Thank you team Teresa. On the other hand, team Melissa might say that she has born the brunt of Teresa’s targeting for hate, conniving and deception to break up her marriage and kick her out of Joe’s life. This last episode shows her utter frustration with Teresa’s refusal to com promise with her brother, apologize ever, and actually be nice to Melissa and show her respect. As the series episode progresses, it seems clearer to me that Teresa has a real problem with narcissism, in refusing to apologize not believing she ever does anything wrong, and she has one plenty wrong to her brother and his family.

  13. Ana-nj says

    Sorry about “putting more fire in the candle” English is my second language. Love the page Ace, I’m getting addicted to the blind items.

  14. hobbes says

    Posh & Becks. He seems like a down to earth type who loves doing normal stuff with his kids, where as she seems obsessed with her appearance, their “brand” and remaining famous.

  15. Nomad says

    Angelina? She’s reported as telling Brad to take a vacation with his buddies to blow off some steam/stress.

    • nolabelle says

      I find tat hard to believe she was doing it out of love, versus her own agenda of playing some’n some’n on the side herself and didnt want him around. Obv, not impressed with her at all.

  16. Kiersan says

    Gwyneth Paltrow I see you !!!! Lol her and hubby Chris are in full Photo-OP right now ….. Going to shop together? hanging out in London streets, vacationing in Spain …..
    And gosh there had already been so many rumors about their marriage anyway …

  17. DarkEydDeviL says

    Gotta be Kris and Bruce Jenner. She sucks and he can do better. Keeping up is the clue… Just wanted to throw in that you shouldn’t stay together for the kids. You should stay together because you made a commitment to each other and should honor that, not just throw it all away to have the same “problems” with the next person. (Or worse problems!)

  18. OoLaLana says

    Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon? I hope not.

    I don’t know much about either one of them except from a distance like most of us. However, their kids look sweet and it would be so nice if they ended up as one of those couple who stuck it out for +30 years.

  19. LeahLynn28 says

    Nicole and Joel.They are in Italy with their kids right now.And to be honest,they looked miserable in the recent vacation trip photos.
    But i wonder why he’s still trying to save the relationship if he cheats on her and she knows about it.Kids are not a good reason to keep a marriage.They should divorce before a big cheating scandal is exposed,Trips and couple therapy won’t save their marriage anymore,nor their children.

  20. PastyWhite says

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Didn’t they recently take a family vacation to the Caribbean? She seems to love getting papped out and about with the kids.

  21. tita says

    I thought Jennifer Hudson right away, but is she going on vacation?
    “Spotlight” was a great success of hers and she sang “let’s ‘stay together'”at the inaugural ball, so…
    (and if I’m not mistaken there’s an unsolved blind about trouble in the marriage that was referring to her, no? Something about the guy not beeing very turned on after a weight loss or something)

  22. skor says

    Wow, first one to think of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.

    I know the “keep up appearances” comment sounds like it is alluding to Kris and Bruce Jenner….but I think their kids are too old for the “stay married for the sake of the kids” reasoning.