Football Player Scores Big

football 3SOLVED!

[BlindGossip] He is a professional football player who has played for a couple of NFL teams and has great moves both on and off the field.

He was at an away game at Giants/MetLife Stadium a couple of years ago. After the game, he emerged from the stadium to a group of fans waiting for autographs. The fans were wearing his team’s attire, and he got into a conversation with them about the game. After a few minutes, told them that he needed to go have dinner. He started to walk away, but suddenly turned to ask a question. “Do you want to have dinner with me?”

He wound up taking the entire group of approximately 30 people to a TGI Friday’s near the staudium. During the dinner, other football fans came up to him as well, and he cheerfully posed for photos and gave autographs to everyone who asked… including those wearing Jets or Giants attire.

At the end of the meal, he picked up the tab for his entire table… and left a whopping 50% tip! We don’t know what number he wears now, but to the fans, restaurant patrons, and waitstaff, he will always be #1.

chad ochocincoSOLVED!

It’s Chad Ochocinco! Source:

Yes, Chad Ochocinco took a bunch of total strangers to dinner at a TGI Fridays in New Jersey, paid for them, and left a huge tip. Chad Ochocinco may have changed his name back to Chad Johnson last year, but to waitstaff everywhere, he is known as Mr. Generous.

Chad Ochocinco played for the Cincinnati Bengals for nine or ten seasons, but was recently with the New England Patriots and the Miami Dophins.He was released from the Dolphins after an arrest in 2012. Johnson is a six-time NFL Pro Bowler and was named to three All-Pro teams. He was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars in 2010.

While he’s had some troubles in his personal life, there are many people who simply know Chad as a nice person who has always treated his fans and people in the service industry well.

Congratulations to GoodDaySir , who was the first to guess this one correctly! He also correctly picked up on the “great moves” clue:

Chad Johnson/Ochocinco … played for Bengals, Patriots and Dolphins, and had great moves on DWTS, though not in court.

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  1. JenJenJen says

    I have no idea but what a guy! Glad to see there are some people who appreciate the fans

  2. augustmom says

    I’m going to guess Emmett Smith,as he was on DWTS. I know other football players have been on DWTS, I just don’t know the names of the others!

    • Magically Suspicious says

      I’ve waited on Emmett Smith many times and he’s a class act and an excellent tipper.

    • Zap The Sheep says

      I think you are correct. It says that he gave autographs to anyone, whether they were wearing Jets or Giants attire. Earlier, it says that the game was an away game at Giants Stadium, which means he played for the Jets. Tim played for the jets in 2012.

    • redstilettos says

      Also adding Troy Polamalu to this list. Seems like a really nice guy, but has he played for more than one team?

  3. laxangel says

    Great moves on and off the field makes me thing someone who has been on Dancing With the Stars. I’ll go with Heinz Ward just because he seems like a guy who would do something like that.

  4. GoodDaySir says

    Chad Johnson/Ochocinco … played for Bengals, Patriots and Dolphins, and had great moves on DWTS, though not in court.

    • vizslamommy says

      I’m on board with this one. Ochocinco has been known to invite his Twitter fans out to dinner. I remember hearing about it when he played here in Minneapolis.

      • kcritical says

        Agreed! I think it is him. He is known for doing things like that and giving back to his fans. I know he wishes he could go back to those times.

  5. Virgo826 says

    Donald Driver, Retired Wide Reciever Green Bay Packers, winner of Dancing with the Stars season 14

    • Virgo826 says

      Ugh, nope can’t be Donald Driver, played his whole career with just the Packers…

      2nd guess would be Jason Taylor, retired linebacker Miami Dolphins, also appeared on Dancing with the Stars…

    • inmichigan says

      Played for both the Giants and the Jets, signed with the Jets in 2011 (a couple of years ago)after his prison stay. The Jets and Giants were sharing Giants Stadium that year, so even though he was with the “home” team, it was still an away game.

  6. Deltabelle says

    Sounds like something Chad Johnson would do. But he’s not playing now so IDK. This shouldn’t be a blind. Would be nice to know who this is.

  7. KT26 says

    Chad Johnson. “We don’t know what number he wears now” = formerly known as Ochocinco. Played with the Bengals, Patriots, and Dolphins but not currently signed to a team. “Great moves both on and off the field” = past contestant on Dancing With the Stars.

    • jHp323 says

      I was actually thinking this too, but rather “We don’t know what number he wears now” = Chad Johnson had to serve jail time recently, and would have had an inmate number, not his customary “85”…

  8. jenlovesleo says

    Ace, thank you for this feel good blind. No clue but hopefully this person is as good hearted in all parts of his life.

    • jacksonian says

      He did a fine job in Denver until the jealous, stinky, drunken, azzclown pig Elway gave him the boot!

      • MrBettyWhite says

        at least we both agree Elway is a jealous, stinky, drunken, azzclown pig 😀

    • nolabelle says

      Awww… Not fair…. He was not poison to his univ team and the patriots don’t think so either

  9. neartstarlet says

    great moves: gotta be a NFL player who was on “Dancing with the Stars”

    Players who were:
    a) recently in the NFL
    b) on Dancing with the Stars
    c) has played for a couple of teams

    That limits the list to:

    Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson
    Kurt Warner
    Jason Taylor

    Ochocinco used to do this type of thing all the time; announce where he was going to eat for dinner and then offer to get dinner for the fans that showed up to eat with him. So Ochocinco is my guess.

  10. NeedNoStinkinBadges says

    This is one of the best blinds I’ve heard in a while! It’s so nice to hear about a celebrity who is not a total narcissist.

  11. yewneek says

    I’m gonna say Lawrence Taylor since he played for the Giants and was on Dancing with the Stars (great moves both on and off the field).
    Good for him! I love me a feel-good story about a celeb every once in a while!!

  12. iknowiknow says

    I don’t know who this is, but what a generous and awesome gesture! I hope this one gets solved because it’s always nice to hear about a player who appreciates his fans and is approachable. He gave those fan something they will remember for their entire lives and that’s super cool.

  13. APQ88 says

    “…great moves both on and off the field.” has me thinking it’s someone who has been on DWTS. Only a couple former DWTS contestants are still active NFL players – Chad Johnson and Jacoby Jones. Since the blind implies the person is still actively playing and Johnson doesn’t have a team after his domestic violence arrest, I’ll go with Jacoby Jones.

  14. FairyMay9 says

    I have no idea, I’m assuming a non-Giant/Jet who’s either a kicker or a QB (if they wear the #1, which I assume he does). But what I love about your blinds is that they’re not all salacious and sensational. Sometimes they try to wake up someone to save their lives. Sometimes they’re to honor someone you care about. Sometimes they’re to point out someone who’s a good menschy soul. Keep it up, Ace. Thumbs up! — Fairy.

  15. Cindy Louhoo says

    Don’t know but it’s nice to read about a celebrity actually being nice for a change!

  16. shelaur22 says

    Hines Ward, Steelers. He was on Dancing with the Stars and is known to be great with fans. He’s also retired, so he has no jersey number.

  17. bcg0716 says

    I think this is Chad Johnson (Ochocinco). He’s well known to take large groups of fans out. Or tweet “meet me at …” and whoever shows gets dinner bought. Nice guy… obviously troubled, but one who’s not completely lost.

  18. nicky says

    Aww, I wish there were more blinds like this. What a nice person. Please solve this, I don’t think anybody would be mad about this story getting out, would they?

  19. scumby says

    The item says “is” not “was” a player. I didn’t think Chad Johnson was signed. Jacoby Jones played for Texas and is with Baltimore. The Ravens played at the Giants in 2011.

    • gingersnappped says

      Jacoby didn’t play with us until 2012 (Baltimore fan here).

      Anyway, Chad Johnson did this sort of thing all the time of twitter, so if it’s him this isn’t much of a blind.

      My guess is Kurt Warner, he’s known for being a nice guy.

  20. Dont Know For Sure says

    What a nice guy! Some are saying it’s Chad Johnson/Ochocinco because he does this on twitter.

  21. UKGoss says

    I have no idea as I don’t know any American football players – but WOW! What a brilliantly positive, upbeat, feel-good blind! More of these please! There’s so much doom and gloom in the world, we need to hear more about celebrities doing good, being generous and kind, and nice, normal stuff like this!

  22. whodunnit says

    Vince Young.

    Played for Titans, Eagles, and Bills. Most likely a group of fans (Eagles Fans) traveled up the turnpike to see the game. This was during the short time on the team he deemed the “DREAM TEAM”. He also spent like 5k a week between TGI Fridays and Cheesecake Factory. Dude blew thru 26million in 5-6 years.

  23. Bertram Merriweather-Basilton III says

    This is almost certainly someone that was a Giant or Jet at the time. NFL teams go straight from the stadium to the airplane home when playing away games. Unless the “away” game is in their own stadium as can be with the NY Giants and Jets.

    While Giants and Jets share Met Life as their home stadium, one team is always considered away when the two NYC teams meet. New Meadowlands or, Met Life (mentioned specifically in the blind) opened in 2010 and the NYG and NYJ have played each other 3x since then. Twice in the pre season and once in the regular season.

    Aug. 16, 2010: Giants at Jets (pre-season)
    Aug. 29, 2011: Jets at Giants (pre-season)
    Dec. 24, 2011: Giants at Jets (Regular season)

    I’d say Jason Taylor was on DWTS but he is retired and the subject “is” an NFL player. Tebow’s season with the Jets was less than a year back from today so I’d eliminate that as well.

    Plax Burress? Was a Jet in 2011, now a Steeler once again with a different number. His off the field moves haven;t always been so slick though.

  24. SecondBest says

    I think it’s Tebow. He just changed his number on the Patriots from 15 to 5, and he’s played both in 2010 and 2011 at Metlife and before he got real big he always talked to fans after the game.

  25. tonightslove says

    Ah, nice to have some great stories about celebrities out there! Never knew there could be good news about celebs!

    Also, first time commenter! But a very long time Lurker. Don’t know what stopped me from registering for months, but better late than never, eh?

  26. xphile101 says

    I used to follow him on Twitter and he would always do stuff like this – he’d say, “whoever’s in the area, meet me at such-and-such restaurant, dinner’s on me.” Very generous guy.

  27. WhoDatGirl says

    Wonderful story, and I have always given this guy so much sh*t for changing his name to his team number in Spanish.