Let’s Talk About Her Weight

woman weight 1[Blind Gossip] This television star recently lost a close friend. Some of you may think this would be the wrong time to go in on her about her own problem. Actually, we think it’s the perfect time.

This TV star is very, very talented, but has always been self-conscious about her looks. She was of normal weight in real life, but thought she would look better on TV if she was thinner.

So she lost weight. Lots of weight. The public story is that she the weight through a healthy vegan diet and exercise.

Absolute bullsh*t.

She started doing c*caine. Lots of c*caine. Now she’s hooked.

She’s afraid if she stops, she’ll gain the weight back. If her friends and colleagues care about her, they will help her understand that her weight is not as much of a priority as taking care of her add*ction. Given the loss of her close friend, we hope that she and all of her friends are shocked into getting some help.


TV Show:

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