They Have Been Having An Affair For Six Months

couple bed 6SOLVED!

[Lainey Gossip] Big Super Secret Hookup: There’s a reason she recently decided to flaunt her brand new relationship so publicly.

Suddenly she’d found true love behind the scenes? And they were telling magazines about it? And getting papped on holiday in Europe? It was because she was sending a message.

To the major Hollywood player with whom she’d been having an affair for 6 months. Only, at the time, he had a girlfriend. They were dealing with each other undercover. She would travel to see him while he was shooting on location overseas. No one, none of us, picked up on the fact that she showed up in the same city. He was sleeping with both the official girlfriend and the side job and telling the side job that he’d break up with the official one and make her the bonafide but, really, the side job, to him, was just a good f-ck and not a proper escort at the kinds of functions he usually needs an escort for. She continued to pressure him though and when he refused her demands, she showed up with a new man, jammed it in his face – and ours – and very shortly afterwards, he formally ended it with his gf, with a generous send-off.

Now? Impasse. She’s enjoying her summer hookup. And he’s all like, ok, I’m available, you can come to me, or don’t. It’s not like he can’t find a replacement, like, right away. Any woman becomes an instant star as soon as he takes her out. Given that she’s already a star, on a smaller scale, their reveal, should they figure out their situation, would be great for gossip though it could overshadow his work. And he has a lot of it coming up.


Her New Boyfriend:

Hollywood Player:

Hollywood Player’s Official Girlfriend (may or may not be famous):

clooney longoriaSOLVED!

She: Eva Longoria

Her New Boyfriend: Ernesto Arguello

Hollywood Player: George Clooney

Hollywood Player’s Official Girlfriend: Stacey Keibler


Holy Housewife, Batman! This is one crazy story!

Here are all the details from, which match up very well to‘s blind item that ran yesterday:

George Clooney Pursued Eva Longoria

Before Stacy Keibler Breakup

Who could say no to George Clooney? Eva Longoria, apparently. A source close to the Oscar-winning actor, 52, tells Us Weekly exclusively that he unsuccessfully tried to woo the Desperate Housewives star, 38, while he was still dating Stacy Keibler. Friendly for years, Clooney and Longoria hung out at Soho House in Berlin — both were in Germany for work — this past March, “but did not hook up,” according to the insider.

After that, “George began pursuing Eva,” the source continues. “He told her that he was still with Stacy, but had plans to break up with her and was interested in being with Eva.”

While once-divorced Longoria resisted, the Descendants star “continued to pursue her with texts and calls. Eva make it clear to him that she would not date or be with him until he was completely single.”

As Clooney and Keibler’s romantic status appeared unchanged, Longoria found love with someone else: Ernesto Arguello, who starred in NBC’s cancelled dating reality show Ready for Love, which Longoria produced. “She is now very happy with him,” the source adds. “George and Eva never hooked up.”

Clooney and Keibler, meanwhile, finally, officially ended their two-year relationship earlier this month. (The Oscar winner and the Supermarket Superstar host, 33 “hadn’t had sex in months,” another source explained.)

Adds a third insider of the former WWE star: “Stacy has always been independent and has been focusing on her work. She got fed up with the distance between them and broke it off.”

A rep for Clooney tells Us he does not comment on his client’s personal life.

Clooney’s rep does not comment on Clooney’s personal life… but we sure will!

George always tries to line up the next “girlfriend” when his relationships are winding down.

As for whether or not they actually had sex… well, that’s anyone’s guess. Lainey tends to be accurate in her details, while US Magazine tends to back off of the most intimate facts to avoid irritating celebrities and their publicists.

We  actually think that Eva would be a good – if surprising – pick for Winner of The Clooney Bi-Annual Girlfriend Games. She’s a bit more age appropriate than his previous picks, she is rich and famous in her own right, she isn’t especially clingy, she’s not naive enough to think that he will actually marry her, and she and George have always gotten along well.

The potential issue that we see here is that Clooney usually picks young “up and comers” who will let his life take total priority, with the woman simply hoping that that little glimmers of fame will rain down on her. Longoria has a career and a life of her own (she is really into restaurants now) and is less likely to tow the line if a conflict arises. She is good at keeping secrets, though, as evidenced by her marriage to and split from Tony Parker.

How did so many of you get this right? Impressive! Congratulations to Molls, who was first with the complete answer!clooney longoria 2

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  1. 20twenty says

    She: Eva Longoria

    Her New Boyfriend: Ernesto Whatshisface

    Hollywood Player: George Clooney

    Hollywood Player’s Official Girlfriend (may or may not be famous): Stacy Keibler

    • calgal says

      This! There are pics of Clooney and Longoria at the 2013 Critics Choice Awards in January, which would have been just over 6 months ago. And all the pics of her in Berlin where he was shooting.

      • PinkSlip says

        It all sounds good, but one problem is that the blind says he didn’t think she was “a proper escort” and was “just a good f**k,” which is so not how you’d describe Eva Longoria….it all sounds good, I agree with it all (even though I do think it’s just a big new shiny beard package, albeit the best one they’ve come up with yet!!), but I’m not sure about how they’ve described her….because since all the girls around George are beards, why would this one be “just a f***”?

    • shelaur22 says

      Why would Clooney think that Eva Longoria was unworthy of him? She’s not a former pro wrestler turned reality “star”…? She’s actually a legit actress and producer. Not sure about her as being the secret gf.

      • AuntieMama says

        Funny that many people pull the “pro Wrestler” label as if it’s a bad thing. It’s just another part of the entertainment industry that pays well if you are in a good storyline. Why is no one sucking their teeth at “The Rock” Johnson acting success with his wrestling background? Clooney himself was **gasp*** Batman and a bad one at that. Stacy has been known in industry circles since she placed 3rd on Dancing with the Stars and as a wrestler. That was years before Clooney. She knows how to be discreet.

        Eva Longoria will always be seen as crass, loudmouth and desperate (no pun). A C list actress who was on an A list show years ago. Trying everything she can to stay relevant. I can see why Clooney would think this about her. Nothing to do with profession but everything about demeanor and how one carries herself. It’s not nice but yeah.. He should just forget about her and become a client of Leo DiCaprio’s model agency.

    • ShennanigansOHoolihan says

      Yes! And the best clue in this blind is “bonafide”. I just watched Oh Brother Where Art Thou where George’s wife won’t shut up about her new man being “bonafide”.

    • stacat1 says

      Agreed. I think she is deemed “not a proper escort” for him since he likes his pieces to be just that..not have an opinion or profile beyond him.

      Clooney’s attitude when it comes to women is downright caveman.

  2. Molls says

    She: Eva Longoria
    Her New Boyfriend: Ernesto Arguello
    Hollywood Player: George Clooney
    Hollywood Player’s Official Girlfriend (may or may not be famous): Stacy Keibler

  3. ram says

    She: Eva Longoria
    New BF: Ernesto Arguello
    Hollywood Player: George Cooney
    Hollywood Player’s Official GF: Stacy Keibler

    • ILoveLucy says

      @chandler…so a lady wrestler is high class? I think not. This is too funny, really. He was with a lady wrestler!! LMAO…does he not get how déclassé that is?

      • platox3 says

        I’m in TOTAL agreement, very strange opinion of what A,B,and C class is in Hollywood by Georgeyboy.

      • Anaishilator says

        its not about class or being good enough.

        george’s women dont have status besides being his woman.

        EL would obviously not fit that mold.

      • KatarinaJ says

        I know! I thought that too, thinking it had to be some C lister or etc. Is it simply because these women we see Clooney with are glorified eye candy to SUPERSTAR him and all him? If so, and say having a legit heavy hitter as a gf is a prob to George, then he is a real loser.

        Didn’t he ‘date’ Renee Zellweger at some point?

      • melly123 says

        Eva likes attention. George likes someone who can be arm candy. Someone who knows when to speak and when not to speak.

      • chandler02 says

        I think because he like his women to have a lower profile than him, so they don’t distract, especially during award season. His women are accessories. Someone who is already a well known celeb might pull focus. Also, Eva is considered a “tv actress” and GC might feel that is less dignified than a movie actress.

        Just guesses!

      • PinkSlip says

        My sentiments exactly…. everything else fits, but that one detail of the blind.

      • PinkSlip says

        Chandler, honey, “less dignified”?!! lol….Stacy was a televison glamour boxing ring girl…hahahahaa :)) Eva Longoria is freakin’ ROYALTY compared to THAT!!!

    • CoCoJoe says

      I agree with melly123 & chandler02, except I’d like to add that he seems to prefer women without professional entanglements that might prevent them from following him around from country to country and attending all events, but sitting out of the interviews.

  4. lcg1982 says

    She: Eva Longoria
    New Boyfriend: Ernesto Arguello
    Hollywood player: George Clooney
    Hollywood player gf: Stacy Keibler

    Eva was in Berlin several times while George was filming there this spring and she met her new bf on the set of Ready for Love a show she produced. Also she confirmed their status to PEOPLE mag and they have been papped all over

    • zookeeper58 says

      excuse me but isn’t the idea of george clooney actually sleeping with a woman on the side, let alone ANY woman a bit,umm, bizaare???????? maybe this is not about him

  5. sallyrockwell says

    She: Eva Longoria

    Her New Boyfriend: Ernesto arguello

    Hollywood Player: George Clooney

    Hollywood Player’s Official Girlfriend (may or may not be famous): Stacy Keibler

  6. sugarbread says

    she kaley cukoo
    her new bf :henry cavil
    Hollywood player George Clooney
    hpog Stacey keibler
    laineys post is labled as
    big super secret hookup
    it was over in 10 days, right after George called DEUCES w/ the keibler elf, and no one was buying the FAKELATIONSHIP of cavillcokoo anyhoo.

    • JenJenJen says

      Kaley and Henry were never papped on holiday in Europe and as far as I know, they hadn’t spoken publicly about each other either, it’s been hearsay from the PR companies.

    • rosiedoes says

      At first, I lol’d, but then I “HOLY CRAP!”

      I always thought Cloons was a secret lemonade drinker, though.

    • sugarbread says

      yeah I guess I was way off. but laineys “big super secret” intro thru me off. eva long-*-ia does not have the ah-hem cleanest rep in h-wood (cannes tampon snatch shot anyone??) she has gotten around w/ a lot of people that George looks up to/ doesn’t want to sit across from at dinner parties. she has also “BANGED” a lot of the hwood wives hubies and George knows this would be super awkward come award season. if someone who has been a “star” as long as eva has and she is still having “tampon-gate”

  7. lemoncandy says

    She: Eva Longoria
    Her New Boyfriend: Ernesto Arquello
    Hollywood Player: George Clooney
    Official Girlfriend: Stacy Keibler

    I’ve decided to finally quit lurking and get to posting my guesses today!

  8. hbebe says

    Hi, first time poster & long time reader here!
    I think this is about George Clooney & Eva Longoria. The clue about George Clooney was hidden at the end of yesterday’s post about him:

    And Eva Longoria has been quite vocal about her new relationship with Ernesto Arguello, has told People about it and she has been papped with him several times, including in Paris.

    Lainey also said she is a star of a smaller scale, and it makes sense since she’s a star of the small screen.

  9. cookiemonster says

    I am going to take a wild, wild guess:

    She: Jenny McCarthy
    Her New Boyfriend: Donnie Wahlberg
    Hollywood Player: George Clooney
    Official Girlfriend(or was): Stacey Keibler

    Is it even possible ?

    • I Am PunkA says

      This fits, because Jenny is probably a fantastic lay–as noted–but not someone to take to proper functions, also as noted.

      She is a bit obnoxious, and that whole autism/innoculation thing has turned her into a semi-pariah.

      George was previously with the gorgeous Krista Allen, so McCarthy would not shock me. Similar types, both with risque backgrounds, for different reasons.

      • ILoveLucy says

        How is Jenny lower class than a lady wrestler? That’s pretty low, for A lister Hollywood star. And I’m pretty sure that’s why Angelina snubbed her. Cuz, good gawd! A lady wrestler? My mind is just realizing all this time what her job was. Lol. It’s too funny when you think back and remember that. He can never live that down, maybe Jenny was using him? Does that not occur to anybody? Seems she got a pretty good gig recently. Could George have pulled some network strings?

      • zookeeper58 says

        right.. and angelina jolie, the heroine addict has the right to snub anyone? LOL

  10. Virgo826 says

    She: Eva Longoria

    New Bf: Ernesto Arguello

    Playa: George Clooney

    Playa OGF: Stacey Kiebler

  11. bleargh says

    Longoria and Clooney???? Cuz that’s the only two people that match the description I can think of. But that would be kind of a weird seeming paring.

    • jonesing says

      That’s what I keep thinking as I read the replies. Does George even go into lady parts territory? Or should I say-willingly go into…

  12. marshmallow says

    WOW! This is a good blind. I hope it gets solved soon!

    She: Eva Longoria
    Her New Boyfriend: Ernesto Arguello
    Hollywood Player: George Clooney
    Hollywood Player’s Official Girlfriend: Stacey Keibler

  13. Brooke says

    She: Amber Heard
    Her New Boyfriend: Johnny Depp
    Hollywood Player: George Clooney
    Hollywood Player’s Official Girlfriend (may or may not be famous): Stacey Keibler

    • KatarinaJ says

      Depp was no ‘new boyfriend’ to her – they dated like a year ago and were recently together TOO

      • Brooke says

        On the contrary, the split with Paradis was happening a year ago, and though rumoured, a relationship with Heard was denied at the time (she had a girlfriend and he had Paradis). Depp only just confirmed in print interviews and with European vacation photos that they are together. I think the ‘behind the scenes’ clue fits also, as Depp and Heard costarred in Rum Diaries two years back. Dating Johnny Depp, whose global celebrity is on a level with Clooney’s, would send a pretty strong message that she’s not to be taken lightly and he should have snapped her up when he had the chance.

        After reading all the other guesses I could also see supporting the Longoria guess as it seems to work better with the idea that she is not a ‘proper’ escort, what with being a documented famewh-re and tv actress (‘on a smaller scale’ = smaller screen?). I just don’t see how dating a penniless random hot guy would be sending a message to anyone, least of all Clooney? ??

  14. platox3 says

    This is driving me crazy! So I’m 99.9% sure its George Clooney (I’m actually 100% from all her previous post about their split and his “generous” severance payment to Kiebler), but I cant figure out the actress!

    Someone with a new boyfriend who’s been papped a lot (in Germany or UK where “Monuments Men” was filmed) and who has blabbed about her new love to magazines…god this is driving me mad. Zoe Saldana has a new, european boyfriend, but it cant be her. Julianna Hough was my first thought, but I doubt he’d be hesitant to bring her on red carpets as she’s fairly classy.

      • rosiedoes says

        You keep commenting on how low class the girl was for being a wrestler – what exactly is your problem, there? I can’t see any need to be so nastily judgmental.

  15. KWDragon says

    I really feel like the player is George Clooney and the OG is Stacy Keibler, but I am completely in the dark on the side piece and her new BF. Hmmm… Can’t wait for my fellow Blinders to get this one.

    • zookeeper58 says

      he wasn’t sleeping with Stacy for months… i don’t think he’s into women.. so this is definitely not about george clooney

  16. katt388 says

    Sounds like Clooney but should it be an actor and not an actress? No idea who the other is.

  17. sabrina325 says

    Hollywood player : George Clooney, Official girlfriend : Stacy Kiebler

    No idea as to the other persons

  18. hotncleveland says

    She: Eva Longoria
    Her New Beau:Ernesto Arguello
    Hollywood Player: George Clooney
    HP GF: Stacy Kiebler
    If I’m right…wow, George and Eva. Beautiful!

  19. Gabster says

    First time poster ! here goes……….

    She: Eva Longoria

    Her new boyfriend: Ernesto Arguello

    Hollywood Player: George Clooney

    Official GF: Stacey Kiebler

    ohhhh Clooney

  20. Vanstar says

    Her New Boyfriend:

    Hollywood Player: George Clooney

    Hollywood Player’s Official Girlfriend Stacy Keibler:

  21. tombob says

    She: Eva Longoria (maybe)
    Her New Boyfriend: Ernesto Arguello (maybe)
    Hollywood Player: George Clooney
    Official (now ex)Girlfriend: Stacey Keibler

  22. kookywooky says

    She: Eva Longoria

    Her New Boyfriend: Ernesto Arguello

    Hollywood Player: George Clooney

    Hollywood Player’s Official Girlfriend (may or may not be famous):Stacey Keibler

  23. amylynnco says

    She: Zoe Saldana

    Her New Boyfriend: Marco Perego

    Hollywood Player: George Clooney

    Hollywood Player’s Official Girlfriend (may or may not be famous): Stacy Keibler

  24. lstelcon says

    She: Eva Longoria
    Her New Boyfriend: Ernesto Arguello
    Hollywood Player: George Clooney
    Hollywood Player’s Official Girlfriend: Stacey Keibler

  25. Marina says

    Clooney/Keibler for Hollywood Player and his Official G/f. Don’t know who else he was seeing.

  26. PatioPrincess says

    I don’t know who this could be but I think that somehow it involves George Clooney and Stacy Keibler and, I don’t know, Rianna?

  27. Pinks says

    I’m thinking George Clooney and Stacy Keibler for the Hollywood Player and Official Girlfriend…but I have no idea for the BI and Her Boyfriend.

  28. minnesota says

    She: Eva Longoria

    Her New Boyfriend: Ernesto Arguella

    Hollywood Player: George Clooney

    Hollywood Player’s Official Girlfriend (may or may not be famous): Stacy Keibler

  29. damons says

    Total guess:

    She: Eva Longoria
    Her new boyfriend: Ernesto Arguello
    Hollywood Player: George Clooney
    Official girlfriend: Stacy Keibler

  30. Anaishilator says

    new bf : ernesto whateverthephuck

    Hollywood Player: Clooney

    Player’s wanna be Official gf: Eva Longoria

  31. raslebol says

    Renee Zellwegger/Dom Bramhall/georges clooney and stacy keibler? Even if they yet dated together at the begining of 2000’s

  32. jmac90 says

    She is Eva Longoria
    Her New Boyfriend is that Ernesto guy from her t.v. show
    Hollywood Player please let it be George Clooney making Hollywood Player’s Official GF Stacy Kiebler.

  33. Anyanka says

    Pretty certain of the HP, but the She…not so much. But, here goes:

    She: Eva Longoria

    Her New Boyfriend: Ernesto Arguello

    Hollywood Player: George Clooney

    Hollywood Player’s Official Girlfriend (may or may not be famous): Stacey Keibler

  34. Ivee says

    I think the Hollywood Player is George Clooney, with the official girlfriend (now ex), Stacey Kiebler. No idea who the other couple is, though.

  35. LIZAJANE99 says

    She: Eva Longoria
    Her new boyfriend: Ernesto Arguello
    Hollywood Player: George Clooney
    Hollywood Players Girlfriend: Stacy Keibler

  36. plusarie says

    She: Eva Longoria
    Her New Boyfriend: Ernesto Arguello
    Hollywood Player: George Clooney
    Hollywood Player’s Official Girlfriend (may or may not be famous): Stacy Keibler (no longer!!)

  37. KatarinaJ says

    All I could think of was Clooney for someone who has to take a certain girl to events and who ends up making women famous in their own right while dating him. That would make Stacey Kiebler the official gf who is now gone.

  38. PrettyTarheel says

    She: Zina Charkoplia
    Her new boyfriend: Jamie Campbell Bowers
    Hollywood Player: George Clooney
    Hollywood Player’s Office Girlfriend: Stacey Kiebler

  39. redstilettos says

    Clooney as the Hollywood player and official gf Keibler. I dunno about the side girl or her bf.

  40. jasoncat says

    She: Eva Longoria
    new BF: the broke guy

    Hollywood Player: George C
    his GF: Stacy Kiebler

  41. sassyolivia says

    I’m going with George Clooney and Eva Longoria, who has been very public w/her new boy toy lately. George and Eva would make a very cute couple!!

  42. LC_Says says

    This one is killing me! I really think its Clooney and Kiebler, but I don’t know who “She” and “Her New Boyfriend” are. Arrggggg!!!

  43. janef says

    It has to be George Clooney, but I’m stumped as to who the girl on the side and her new boyfriend are.

  44. AddieUP says

    SHE: Kristin Stewart
    NB: Michael Pitt
    Player: La Clooney
    Player’s OG: Stacy Kiebler

    Clooney and Stewart? UGH. Depressing.

    • S says

      She: Rita Ora
      Nb: Calvin Harris
      Player: Robert Pattinson
      Player’s OG: Kristen Stewart
      Pattinson and Ora? UGH. Depressing.

  45. boomshackalacka says

    She: Zoe Saldana

    Her New Boyfriend: Marco Perego

    Hollywood Player: George Clooney

    Hollywood Player’s Official Girlfriend: Stacy Keibler

  46. luvprue1 says

    It sound like George Clooney, who recently broke up with his beard, I mean girlfriend.

  47. Scorpio13 says

    She: Jenny Mc Carthy ?

    Her New Boyfriend: Donnie Warlberg ?

    Hollywood Player: George Clooney

    Hollywood Player’s Official Girlfriend (may or may not be famous): Stacey Kebler

  48. Queenie says

    I hope the new couple (should they figure out their relationship) is NOT Clooney and Eva. Gag. He can do much better.

  49. thefrozenqueen says

    Hollywood Player: George Clooney

    Hollywood Player’s Official Girlfriend (may or may not be famous): Stacy Keibler

    Lainey hinted at this in her article from July, 16, talking about a compensation and “More on this soon, if you see properly, ahem.”

    She: Maria Sharapova
    Her New Boyfriend: Grigor Dimitrov
    … just because I have no idea. 😀 But they were papped in Spain, she’s blond like the woman in the picture and she confirmed the relationship by writing on a camera, which is very much jamming it in our faces. Also not sure if Mr. Clooney would consider a 26-year-old tennis player a ‘proper escort’

    • nolabelle says

      Why not? He has shown a preference for women escorts who are not on his par/level r higher, he has had bartenders, cocktail waitresses, wrestlers, models, wanna be Zlist actresses. The obvious insecurity of his ego needing an escort who is not at his apparent intellectual or social level or achievement would seem a tennis player would fit right in.

  50. mrsjaymack says

    Definitely Clooney & Kiebler. I don’t know if the girl is Eva Longoria or Jenny McCarthy.

  51. platox3 says

    Wow, everyone’s picking Eva Longoria for the win. I would’ve never even thought of her because I don’t think she’s that embarrassing of an escort for Clooney on his red carpet appearances. She goes to Cannes every, single, year, which isn’t a huge deal – they invite a lot of strange c-list stars for their red carpet – but no way Kiebler (pre-Clooney) has Longoria-esque star power to get Cannes invite, so I’m stumped by Lainey’s wording then. I mean, to me Eva’s for sure higher up on the Hollywood hierarchy than wrestler Kiebler, so I really don’t think it’s Longoria…hmm…

    • platox3 says

      Duh, you guys are definitely right, its gotta be Eva Longoria. Re-read blind and the “found love behind the scenes” isn’t metaphor, but just literal reference to the show she produced (Ready For Love) where she met Ernesto backstage. Weird couple.

  52. S says

    She: Rita Ora (she was in Australia)
    NB: Calvin Harris (together in London and Malta)
    Player: Robert Pattinson (brunettes in CM for her anger)
    Player’s OG: Kristen Stewart (generous send-off: for breach of contract PR)

  53. mittenkitten says

    Thanks Ace, you rock! That said, I got nothin’ for the woman in question, but am really enjoying the comments!

  54. mrkitty says

    I don’t get this clooney thing. Why would he pay keibler to have sex with him? I thought he paid her as a beard? Every one thinks he is gay, so wouldn’t going out with Eva being seen as a “straight” thing? So he is straight and has to pay women to sleep with him? None of this makes any sense!

  55. mizzavrid says

    Yeah, not so sure about Clooney ACTUALLY, REALLY being with the opposite sex. Doesn’t ring true…

  56. Tasia says

    She: Eva Longoria, who is being very public with her new bf

    Her New Boyfriend: Ernesto Arguello. Hint is, “she found love behind the scenes”- Eva worked on the reality show where they met, named “Ready for Love”

    Hollywood Player: George Clooney

    Hollywood Player’s Official Girlfriend (may or may not be famous): Stacey Keibler who is saying very nice things about GC right now, “generous send off” might have had something to do with that.

    I don’t know why GC would look down on Eva for a partner though?

    • Anaishilator says

      because clooney’s women tend to have no status of their own besides being his woman.

      he doesnt date women with their own ability to shine.

  57. Preesi says

    I 100% DISAGREE with Longoria.

    Longoria WANTS the Family and kids and domestic life, she has only 6 years tops to get pregnant and have her dream.

  58. lovelula87 says

    okay so all the BIs about the famous gay guy paying women to beard can’t be clooney then!

  59. StellaK says

    I don’t think it would be Eva Longoria either. I don’t think George Clooney is her type. She normally dates athletic Latino or biracial guys. Plus her ex husband cheating on her caused her divorce. I feel like she wouldn’t be that chick. The guy could be George, though.

  60. JunebugGirl says

    I feel like this is George Clooney with Eva Longoria as “SHE”. Doesn’t she have a restaurant in Las Vegas called “SHe”?

    The only thing that doesn’t make sense to me is all the rumors that he is gay and that all of his other women have been paid off as beards for him.

    Still pondering….

    • JunebugGirl says

      Also, something that stuck out to me is the word “like” being overused in the last paragraph. What’s that about?

  61. dawggy says

    ryan seacrest – hollywood player
    julianne hough – official girlfriend
    eva longoria – she
    ernesto – new love

    • Virgo826 says

      I like that you thought outside the box here and went with Seacrest! The only glitch is that the BI states “She would travel to see him while he was shooting on location overseas”, was Ryan shooting overseas earlier this year?

  62. kitteekat says

    how about George/Stacey and Leighton Meester/Adam Brody?
    I feel like gossip and star on a smaller scale (tv?) are clues.

  63. luv the beach says

    I thought it was Rob P at first, but he never takes dates to events, so this doesn’t fit. I can’t stand Clooney

  64. mtimchak says

    This one is now solved! US Weekly just reported that it was George Clooney and Eva Longoria!

  65. GuiltyPleasure33 says

    I don’t get it – they were ‘having an affair’ and he thought ‘side job, to him, was just a good f-ck and not a proper escort at the kinds of functions he usually needs an escort for’, but it’s unclear if they had s-x? Huh? So was it an actual physical affair or did he just pursue her? Anyone else out there think that this may story was released to quash the George Clooney needs another beard stories? I’m confused.

  66. KatarinaJ says

    Confused since it was solved. If EVA wanted to be with him and GEORGE was the one who never saw her as appropriate or more than sex then WHY is Eva saying no now? Doesn’t really jive to me. You’d think she’d jump on it if she was pressuring him before. Maybe she really fell in love with this other guy.. but the blind suggests he was just a distraction. Or maybe Eva came to realize he’d expect her to play second fiddle a lot more than she felt comfy with and the feelings cooled for her with this epiphany?

  67. wendy hood says

    The most surprising thing is how much heterosexual activity this points to Clooney being involved in.

    • jmk says

      I agree – so this parade of women aren’t beards? That’s the most interesting thing about this blind!

  68. What Had Happened Was ... says

    I thought Eva was married before Tony Parker? This would make her twice-divorced.

  69. Nomad says

    There’s something very deficient about a man who must line up the next woman before he can break up with the current one.

  70. nolabelle says

    Very interesting posts. For my two cents thoughts, I too agree that this “published” article about Clooney “pursuing” any female isa) completely unique in my adult memory of such a story ever being printed about him “pursuing” a female( makes you go … Hmmm… Fake story), b) uncharacteristic of the persona he has honed for over a decade if not decades that he never “pursues” anyone, rather they throw themselves at him, the new Cary Grant and all, sexiest man alive cover, yada yada( makes you go …. Hmmm… Fake story), c) Clooney has even stated multiple times in interviews that he is not a playboy although recognizes that is his “image” (cough …cough)and that he is a single woman serial dater and does not nor would not date multiple women at the same time(makes you go …hmmm..fake story) and d) this “news” story is quite the insult and slap in the face to Stacy Keibler who was being cheated on either physically and/or emotionally while supposedly the GF of this Hollywood Player, which seems again uncharacteristic of Clooney to be so deliberately mean to Stacy, who did nothing to deserve that public humiliation, and shows GC as being a cad in his true character to the core which George has argued against and built his image on as a class act gentleman, ….and that kind of behavior is déclassé and hurts his image, so why publish such an item?( makes you go… Hmm.. Fake story). Finally, if EL’s rep is so skanky and as a multiple beard, he may like her as the next two yr contract since she knows how to beard well, but her already higher profile is a threat to his fragile ego, and also having been around the casting couch across the entire planet apparently from posts here, would be the reason he would be embarrassed to have her as his escort, especially seated with execs she has had intimately( and she has had them all? Apparently?)- all that serves as a major disqualifier for a two yr contract…..BUT…. She is sooooooo desparate to get her career back up to B list even, since her tv series brought her up from C to that, but since its closing, she has rapidly slipped into D list land( thus the desparate paid invites to Cannes) and stooping so low as to do cat food commercials to get her face back on the national scene– well, this too is embarrassing as a pick for even a Georgie beard, yet, her desperation may play to his “needs” which is to quickly pick up another “GF” post-cookie cut. the mutual benefit is he gets an attractive albeit skanky underneath arm candy and her career gets the needed boost she is wanting. Good for one year, if that long, probably lasting only a few mos until GC lines up his next bi-annual beard of lower threat and level. Cynical? Nah, just reading the behind the scenes machinations all crafted for GC’s benefit, of course. The story also “attests” to her “purity” of not being skanky, but does bring GC down several notches. Thus, I don’t believe the Lainey version either that they had 6mos of hot sex-seems incongruent with the BI about his “a sexuality” with women. So, maybe Lainey story was sent out blinded to boost GC image confusion again but leaning on the hetero and the “published ” story will be denied or discounted to make him come out smelling better ………or he is getting so old, he is slipping in caring about his gentleman class act image anymore and thus, his real anti-female core is rearing its ugly head… errr….ass—LOL,

  71. nolabelle says

    Sorry for the long ind but bam azalea got me started!, LOL which is another reason the Eva won’t last long-because CC didnt approve, not a bush hunter!

  72. nolabelle says

    Wow-I knew it! Eva just twittered and denied it all -that Geo ever pursued her romantically, that they ever hooked up, etc. and stated they are just good friends and have been for years. So, Geo sent her out to do the denying and discounting. What a guy! Let those gels work for ya.

  73. Stardust says

    OK…I am definitely confused. For the longest time, there have been countless remarks about Clooney being gay. Now you’re saying he isn’t? Is he or isn’t he???

  74. Sunnik says

    Eva Longoria is sad! didnt she divorce Tony Parker for cheating on her?! Funny how SHES the other women now! Just horrible