The Oil Painting

oil painting man[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which SNL cast member has a naked oil painting of themselves over their bed?!?

It takes a certain personality type to want to perform each Saturday night on live TV! A healthy sense of ego is usually involved, which is something one cast member hasn’t been able to leave at the show when they leave 30 Rock on Sunday morning. This is evident by the huge, naked oil painting that he has over his bed.

The painting is over six feet wide and pictures the funnyman lying on the ground flashing a much more worked out body than he has in reality. The detail in the oil painting is remarkable, highlighting his slightly hair chest and legs that are painted apart.

However, the cast member does leave some things to the imagination as a leaf has been carefully painted over his private parts to ensure that any lucky person that makes it into his bed, has one surprise to look forward too!

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76 comments to The Oil Painting

  • mahalaskater

    I don’t know who this is, but that’s comedy. I feel like this is less of an “ego” and more of an insanely great sense of humour.

  • axiva

    Jason Sudeikis? he also appeared on 30 rock.

    • newsjunkie

      having just looked at shirtless pics of Jason, he is more harry than the BG description of his “slightly hairy chest”. But I know nothing of SNL….

  • guestimation

    Jason Sudeikis? Just because the painting looks like him. The painting and wording makes me think of Alec Baldwin, who probably also has a painting of himself over his bed 😉

  • GuiltyPleasure33

    Is this the current cast or a cast member from the past?

    2013 cast members who kind of fit the picture are Bill Hader, Taran Killam, Fred Armisen, Jason Sudeikis, and Bobby Moynihan. This part – “flashing a much more worked out body than he has in reality” makes me think its Bobby Moynihan.

  • jonesing

    Taran Killam or Bobby Moynihan

  • malkatz

    I don’t know who it is, but that seems like a gag item to me. I think it’s more ironic than sincere.

  • stolidog

    bill hader.

  • CaptainVor

    A current cast member? Seriously? I’m going to guess Seth Meyers. I don’t know why, but I can totally see him having the ego for this.

  • zeep

    Lol but gross if this is Fred Armisen.

  • scumby

    I can’t tell you the current cast of untalented hacks, but if this is an ex-cast member Tracy Morgan.

  • MikeInSanJose

    Current cast?

    Gonna guess Jason Sudeikis for this one…

  • luvprue1

    I would say ‘Tracy Morgan’ because he is the only SNL member who is also on “30 Rock”.

    • sallyrockwell

      30 rock is the address where the snl studio is, not necessarily a reference to the tv show

      • sallyrockwell

        also, jason sudeikis, chris parnell, will forte, will ferrell, jimmy fallon, fred amisen, bobby moynihan, horatio sanz, tim meadows, bill hader and rob riggle are all past or present snl players who appeared on 30 rock, and lutz was a staff writer on snl before he was on 30 rock.

      • Zackster

        The fact that “30 Rock” is even mentioned makes it a hint. I agree it’s Tracy Morgan.

  • Charity

    OMG how gross!!! I almost don’t want to know….

  • FairyMay9

    I feel like the obvious choice is Will Ferrell.

  • CousinDupree

    I would hope it’s Taran Killam cuz if I got to nail Cobie Smulders on a regular basis I’d do the same – hell I’d blow it up and hang it in Times Square!

  • kitteekat

    Good god, this better not be Kenan ‘I will never leave SNL’ Thompson!

  • I Am PunkA

    Painting of Adam, right? Sounds like Adam Sandberg. And his tiny twig and berries.

  • sriram201

    This has seth meyers written all over it.

  • butterflycatcher

    wtf alec baldwin????

  • KK

    I’m thinking that sounds like Will Arnett, reminds me of the other post about how big his ego is…

  • Tasia

    I’m guessing Seth Meyers. Longtime cast member of SNL who is preparing to leave, which the blind could be hinting at (“hasn’t been able to LEAVE at the show when they LEAVE 30 Rock”) Not married (“any lucky person that makes it”)

  • VodkaSoaked

    I’m going to go with Fred Armison because I don’t think Jason Sudeikas’ of Taran Killiam’s sexy significant others wouldn’t let them get away with that. However, I could TOTALLY see Kenan Thompson doing this for a giggle as well.

  • lefthandedflea

    Tracy Morgan?

  • LovelyLiar

    This has GOT to be either Taran Killam or Bobby Moynihan

    Although Seth Meyers has commissioned an oil painting of himself before….

  • Jester

    It sounds like it could be Tracy Morgan with reference to ’30 Rock’, but I remember the hilarious skits where Will Ferrell posed for art students, so maybe him as a joke. On the other hand, I remember him on a talk show saying that his wife did not find him funny most of the time, so doubt she would allow this to hang above their bed.

  • FreddyCellophane

    Jason “Sudsy” Sudeikis

  • JenJenJen

    Fred Armison? Ew either way….

  • mary76lee

    I have no idea who it is…but I think I love him :)

  • lily is my puppy

    I’ll go with Kenan Thompson. I could see him doing it for the laugh.

  • annasophie

    i’m sure it’s just a conversation piece. can’t see that being a serious work of art.

  • LooksLikeCRicci

    Andy Samburg. Because its hilarious.

  • Markme

    Talk about a BIG ego. I have no idea?

  • CountessLurkula


  • justjinx

    Tracey Morgan?

  • gigipeach

    agreed! LOL

  • Kelly

    Fred Astain.

  • scumby

    Seth Myers and Jason Sudakis have massive egos.

  • River Rat 62

    Jason Sudeikis?

  • parry

    I’m gonna guess Fred Armisen, just because he seems that bizarre!

  • FiyahHotFlashy

    Tracey Morgan is good for this one…He’s a little off! He owns this shark tank that rivals anything you will see at an aquarium and bragged about the $$$ he spent to get it built. It was a challenge to the designers and the guys that installed it!

  • newsjunkie

    the guy who does the nightly news segment?

  • ImWearingVersace

    Jason sudeikis

  • mizzavrid

    Is Bill Hader still a castmember? Don’t think so but he’s hilarious and maybe not an ego thing just funny……

    • mcwmomma

      LOVE LOVE Bill Hader. Think he’s gone, but what a loss. He’s been great on there as “Stefan”, “Dr. Oz”, etc. and “Cloudy w/Meatballs 2″ comes out soon. What a hottie.

  • caela94

    Tracey Morgan

  • bynesing

    Tracey Morgan…?

  • MattinSF

    Jason Sudeikis

  • Katmandu

    Not sure. Which one is a fat guy? having himself painted more worked out than he is, lol! …. Speaking of fig leaves, there used to be a nude painting or statue of a man in the ‘ladies section’ of a pub. And there was a fig leaf on hinges over the crotch. Every time someone lifted the fig leaf, that sent a signal to the bar to bring them another round!

  • kittyconfidential

    Fred Armisen definitely seems to have the ego for this. He comes across cocky and pretentious. And has slept with several cast members and guests…

  • lovefifteen

    30 Rock is talking about SNL’s address, not the show 30 Rock.

  • skimpypants

    Fred Armisen. I always get a weird vibe from that guy.

  • BambiBonanza

    I can tell you it’s not Fred.

  • pixiehollow

    Martin Short, I must say…….

    …….kidding, kidding

    • ToadKisser

      <3 !!!!
      Ed Grimley naked and buff is the funniest image ever. But we both know he wouldn't be lying down or alone – he'd be dancing, with Pat Sajak!

  • La Llorona

    This blind sucks because there’s no photo accompanying it! The description of it doesn’t do it justice. I wanna see it! I’m sure it would crack me up.

    • La Llorona

      Also, this totally would not be Seth Meyers. He strikes me as the shy type. If it’s someone current, my bet is on Bobby Moyniham or Taran Killam.

      Since Taran has a decent body already, It’s Bobby Moyniham. I can totally see him doing this.

  • knockedupnurse

    Seth Meyers wrote a humorous article about his chest hair for Cosmo in 2006.

  • Witch of Oz

    First ever BI guess! 😀
    This just screams Tracey Morgan to me!

  • jasper

    Tracey Morgan or Will Farrell seem like the types to do this. I don’t know enough about the more recent casts to say for them.

    random: David Koechner. His wife Leigh is apparently an artistic type, and with five kids and a good sense of humor, I can see her painting him like this for fun. I wouldn’t say he’s got a pot belly, but he’s a few pounds heavy for the washboard abs look.

  • NoseyNana2008

    I’m sorry, my 1st thought was Alex Baldwin. I know he was just a host and not a cast member. I’ll have to go with Tracy Morgan.

  • tru leigh

    Jon Lovitz!

    • samsayssix

      omg it would totally be him. There’s something about his face…

    • VodkaSoaked

      I’m now picturing his character from “Mom and Dad Save the World”, Todd Spengo naked…. thanks for that.

  • Dont Know For Sure

    LOL, your opinion is the same as mine! It sounds hilarious and like a sketch that would be on SNL (if the show was still funny).