Diva Tried To Buy Love

[Hollywood Street King] During her heyday, this LA R&B Diva had her singing career on lock, but that may not have been the case during her then-marriage. Know why? Because though “He Proposed” to her, sources say ex-hubby Jeffery Rolle often insulted our blind item about her weight.

It’s the reason why we’re told she’s “insecure” and “depressed” over her Big Girl figure, which led her to take action — reportedly using the steep hill in her former ATL backyard as an exercise tool, walking up and down it as often as possible.

According to an insider, after our mystery lady lost some weight, she had a weave make-over — but her new look reportedly failed to get Jeffrey’s attention.

Wait, That’s not all!!!

We’re told while our mystery songstress was said to be desperately trying to buy her his love — with luxury gifts, like a Mercedes Benz 500 — dude was tricking off her money on strippers at Atlanta strip clubs. That’s when sources say she she packed up and moved back to California — checking into “Heartbreak Hotel.”

Now, can you guess which ‘Soul Of A Woman’ I’m talking about?


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