Blackballed Because She Bashed Beyonce

beyonce knowles 8[Hollywood Street King] She may boast about speaking ‘Woman To Woman’, but this singer appears to fail to recognize one original Bad Boy lady was throwing her a rope when she extended our blind item a Faithful invite to become an R&B Diva LA.

We’re told our blind item believes all R&B Divas are ‘washed-up’ — and she thinks she’s not. But, word from the industry is our mystery lady is blackballed for bashing Beyonce on Twitter.

Her last album flopped, and her BET reality show tanked. Know why? Because no one is really checking for her anymore, after she’s said to have ‘burned too many bridges.’

The 31-year-old is reported to have installed a str*pper pole in her house, and hired str*ppers to teach her how to do pole tricks. That’s before we’re told she ended up having them join her and hubby Booby in three-way smash sessions.

Booby is said to be terrified of her, because he thinks she’s nuts!

Singer/Reality Star:

Bad Boy lady:

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  1. MimiKnosBest says

    I’m guessing it’s Keyshia Cole since her last album was titled “Woman to Woman” and she’s 31.

  2. luvprue1 says

    Wow this is a hard one.

    Keyshia Cole,or Keri Hilson both of them bash Beyonce on twitter. So it’s likely one of them.

  3. luvprue1 says

    It’s Keyshia Cole. She is 31 years old,her last album was called “Women to Women”,and her reality show “Keyshia & Daniel: Family First” tank big time.

  4. La Llorona says

    Omg, Keyshia Cole? NOOOOOO I love her!!!! OMFG, this sucks.

    Bad Boy Lady: Alexandra Burke.

  5. mrsjaymack says

    no, not keyshia! i think she’s a great artist, and after everything she went through growing up, i’m happy she was able to achieve success as a singer.

  6. redstilettos says

    I would say Faith Evans due to the Faithful comment, but she’s not 31 & not on reality TV as far as I know.

  7. sebella86 says

    Keyshia Cole as the singer/reality star.
    Faith Evans as the original Bad Boy lady.

    Long time reader, first time poster

  8. CoCoJoe says

    From the comments, Keshia Cole sounds obvious, but why is she thinking she’s too big for the Diva thing when I’d have to look her up to even identify why she’s famous?