Just Your Average Wholesome Couple

couple 14[Blind Gossip] There is a couple on a reality show that comes across as an ordinary married couple complete with a house and kid/s and a business. However, their real back story might shock viewers.

Although their show promotes them as a husband and wife team who always seem to be at war with each other, the two are not married. And before they joined the show, they had very colorful histories. She was a str*pper who was arrested for dr*nk driving. And he was busted once for dr*nk driving, several times for dealing m*th, and did hard prison time.

Just your average wholesome reality show couple!



Reality Show:

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    • 4sixx2 says

      I think you’ve got it! “Team”, always at “war”, they’re definitely a bit rough around the edges AND they’ve made comments about the fact that they’re not married. Great job!

    • KWDragon says

      I think you may have nailed it off the bat! I always get kind of a weird vibe off them. I don’t think they even like each other.

    • tenderbeef says

      I total agree with this. The whole “at war with each other” line seems like a clue to me.

    • artseediva says

      This. I remember reading once that she was a stripper and he was a bouncer.. so one way or another, this could translate into the blind.

    • NoseyNana2008 says

      Jarrod made reference to having to visit his PO in the episode where they tore down the wall at their store. He said something about a drug test when all the white sheetrock powder went flying. They’ve also made reference to them not being married several times. Although I don’t get the Dixie flag shirt in the photo.

    • Zap The Sheep says

      Not them. They even had a show or two where they actually have a wedding ceremony, so they never portrayed themselves as married.

  1. rosiedoes says

    I have never seen it, but I’m going to say the Duck Whistle people. Can’t even remember what the show is called.

  2. thefantasticspazzomatic says

    Jarrod and Brandi on Storage Wars. They have stated that Brandi was a stripper, and I swear Jarrod was like a bouncer or something at the strip club and that’s how they met.

  3. GirlPlease says

    This is definitely Brandi and Jarrod from Storage Wars.
    A quick google search yields more than enough info to convince me so!

    • karensue32 says

      Ugh, the thought of Mama June as a stripper. I think I just threw up in my mouth!

  4. QueenCeleste says

    Obviously the Duggars. I never trusted that whole churchy, goody goody thing.

  5. Bunny Rabbit says

    Just did a little internet research. It’s most definitely Jared and Brandi.

  6. Virgo826 says

    He: Jim Bob Duggar
    She: Michelle Duggar
    Show: 19 Kids and Counting

    …You didn’t seriously think those two would be able to reproduce 19 times without drugs and a stripper pole to help them along, didya?

    • nolabelle says

      Uh, yeah, you mean you can’t imagine a married couple having sexual relations 19 times at least?

  7. Confusus says

    I was going to guess Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz from “Storage Wars” right up until the part about the husband doing hard time.

    No way has poser Jarrod done hard time. He is the classic example of the dorky balding white guy who realized that if he shaved his head and grew a goatee he could pass, at a distance and in dim light, as some sort of hard*ss 1%er.

    • KyrasMaMa says

      No – While he is FAR from a 1%er, I did a quick internet search and there was a lengthy article from 2012 that talks about both of their arrests. He did 16 months in a California prison and when he got out he decided to “turn his life around” so he wouldnt’ have to live with murderers.

  8. amanduh says

    Husband: Jim Duggar
    Wife: Michelle Duggar
    Reality Show: 19 Kids and Counting

    …totally doubt this is right, but could you imagine?! lol

  9. jessica83 says

    This is DEFINITELY Brandi & Jarrod!

    If you check out the link (starcasm article about these two) http://starcasm.net/archives/144540 it states:

    “Jarrod Schulz and wife long-time girlfriend Brandi Passante are two of the break out stars of A&E’s reality series Storage Wars. But, long before Jarrod began buying abandoned storage units and co-running the Now and Then Thrift Store he was hoping to break out of something else… prison! Yuuuuuuup!

    Jarrod Schulz has made mention of his past run-ins with the law, but has offered little in the way of specific details. According to online records Jarrod was arrested on January 27, 1997 for felony possession of a controlled substance, which seems to jibe with a source in this week’s Reality Weekly who says Jarrod ‘spent 16 months in a state prison and he’s got a shockingly wild past. He was dealing narcotics in the mid-’90s.’

    According to online records, Brandi was arrested for drunk driving in May, 2007 and pleaded guilty in October of the same year. Her punishment was three years of probation, mandatory three-month attendance at First Offender Alcohol Program, and $390 in fines.”

    They also claim in another article about them the following:
    “UPDATE – Brandi offered to answer fan questions on Twitter during the Storage Wars season premiere on April 16, 2013 and when asked ‘How long have you been married to Jared?” Brandi responded with “Not married together for 14 years.'”

  10. silver_girl81 says

    Jarrod and Brandy from Storage Wars. Jarrod was arrested in the 90’s for possession of meth, transporting narcotics and drunk driving. Brandy was arrested in 2007 for drunk driving.

  11. wfreshie says

    how can this be dog and beth??? they had their WEDDING on the show! unless that was a fake preacher the did the ceremony

  12. FlaminHotCheetos says

    The show doesn’t portray them as wholesome, but this is definitely Jarod and Brandi from Storage Wars. I live in the OC area and a quick check of our local OC court online records shows multiple arrests for controlled substances for Jarod and a drunk driving arrest for Brandi back in 2007.

  13. Masse says

    Storage Wars: the young(ish) couple..Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante. I always thought there was something very odd in their relationship 😀 All fake fighting. But entertaining at times.

    I don’t get the lies..they would be just as entertaining as friends. America(n media) really needs to get rid of this idea of mom-dad-2kids-bighouse-everythingisperfect. 😀 Life is messy and things happen – the way you handle it all, is the interesting part.

  14. onebyone says

    Brandi Passante and Jarrod Shultz for sure. They have even admitted they aren’t married.

    I like them too, criminal history be damned.

  15. eric forman says

    So is the hint that they are Southern or is the pic just a slam on us Southerners?

    • redstilettos says

      Because we are all a bunch of rednecks who don the confederate flag. *eye roll*

  16. EaterOfWorlds says

    I don’t know that they’ve exactly pretended to be married on the show. I remember watching an episode when the show was new and they were talking about how the kids were begging them to get married and they just didn’t want to do tha.