She’s Adjusting To Sex With American Boys

american flag british flag 2[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which A-list young actress who had been dating a British actor for soooooooooo long, has found herself having to adjust to being with American boys who look a little different when they take off their pants.

Most British men are not circ*mcised, unless they are Jewish, while many American boys are. After years of dating an English guy, being intimate with an American proved to be quite the surprise.

The couple has been off on one several times. Although friends now say it is now finally over for good!


English Boyfriend (may or may not be famous):

American Boyfriend/s (may or may not be famous):

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  1. VinylDestination says

    Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

    Had she never seen a CUT penis before?!?! It’s like skinless chicken!

    • redstilettos says

      No way this is Kristen. She had a serious BF (a real one) before her PRmance with Rob. She also had that fling with Sanderson.

    • ValleyOfTheGalls says

      Skinless chicken? lol. I know from personal experience that it can be shocking either way. I was married to a British rugby player. The first time I saw it, it thought there was something wrong with it (he’s uncut).
      Now when I’m grocery shopping for chicken, I can’t help but think of the bastard. You know when skinless chicken breast is on sale and they end up ripping off people buying chicken legs by tucking a whole chicken’s worth of skin under the legs in the package? That was him.

  2. ckfreak says

    While I don’t consider her “a-list” I’ll say

    Kristen Stewart
    Rob Pattinson
    Not a clue

    • Okayeah says

      I’ve known circumcised and uncircumcised men. It really has nothing to do with whether there’s extra skin, it’s all about HYGIENE. The medical community is not in favour of circumcision anyway; nobody who isn’t Jewish is getting it done anymore. It’s very passé.

      • ZippityDooDah says

        No one? Really? I’m sorry but what makes you the authority on c-cks?

        Every single one of my non-jewish friends has circumcised their sons. So again, I am going to have to question the whole NO ONE is doing it, it’s sooo passé theory.

      • EaterOfWorlds says

        US circumcision rates have dropped from about 80% to about 50%. Of all my many friends with many boy babies, the only ones who circumcised were the ones who did so due to religion. The only thing that is passe is the thought that it’s “dirty” to be intact.

  3. kins says

    Hmm, I’m gonna say –

    Actress: K-Stew
    English Boyfriend (may or may not be famous): R-Patz
    American Boyfriend/s (may or may not be famous): I was gonna day the producer guy she had the affair with from swath but I’m not sure…

    • kurokay says

      Rupert Sanders, the producer guy she had an affair with, is British and a film director. I wouldn’t count her, anyway, because her first “serious” boyfriend was Michael Angarano, an American.

  4. Fergus says

    Emma Watson
    Don’t Know
    Lamar Odom, Bruce Jenner, Donald Trump, Dallas Cowboys, Rush Limburgh.

  5. cierra567 says

    Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult. Don’t know about the American boyfriends though

  6. sherlock says

    Kristen Stewart maybe.Never understood religion and circumcision.It’s disgusting and an abuse of human rights.

    • sugarbread says

      Amanda has had them all too!!
      askars/ry phillipe, dom cooper, b=cooper, ry-gosling –too many to remember.. me thinks nothing down south scares off miss Amanda, male or female!!!

    • victoria says

      I like this guess. She dated Ryan Phillipe and Desmond Harrington after Dominic, and she and Dominic were on/off for a few years.

  7. Lou12 says

    LOL at this. If I didn’t know who naughty but nice Rob was, I’d have thought this was written by a 14 year old girl.

    Why would it be “quite the surprise”? The mechanics are exactly the same, regardless of if the guy is circumcised or not. Also, more and more Americans are uncircumcised these days, as are most Europeans, so most girls are well aware of the difference.

    They’re clearly trying to imply it’s K Stew. But she had an American boyfriend before Pattinson, so doubt she’d be all that “surprised”. Plus, no evidence that she’s moved on to any other guy. Also question whether she’s A list at this point.

    My only other thought was JLaw and Nick Hoult.

  8. laurenj says

    Actress: Jennifer Lawrence
    English Boyfriend: Nicholas Hoult
    American Boyfriend: ?

    My first time commenting!

  9. ItsNeverMe says

    Jennifer Lawrence. The english boyfriend was Nicholas Hoult. Don’t know the american boyfriend though.

  10. petunya says

    Sounds like Kristen Stewart and Robert but they weren’t really together. Maybe Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield.

  11. iocaine says

    Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult. I don’t know who her American boyfriends are.

  12. parry says

    Is it Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson? I hadn’t heard she was dating yet though.

  13. KTTBO says

    I would guess Jennifer Lawrence as the young A-list actress.

    The English boyfriend would be Nicholas Hoult.

    The American boyfriends are speculative – Bradley Cooper, Liam Hemsworth?

  14. Jennifer says

    Actress: Jennifer Lawrence
    English boyfriend: Nicolas Hoult
    American boyfriend/s: not sure

  15. real313 says

    Jennifer Lawrence
    Nicholas hoult
    Josh Henderson/Liam hemsworth I really don’t know.

  16. realmccoy18 says

    i’m sure this is supposed to be about kristen stewart but i still don’t believe she has sex with men.

  17. creeping_thistle says

    Wild guess: Jennifer Lawrence from Kentucky, dating Nicholas Hoult from Berkshire? Bit on/off for a while?

  18. QubbuQ says

    If their relationship was a contract cooked up by a publicist, did they ever really have sex? Have they actually seen each other naked? Talking about Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart. (A-list? Really? Surely that’s a temporary placement for her if it’s true.)
    Also, I thought she was supposed to be gay… so what sort of guy is she seeing naked that isn’t from an online ad for a p0rn site?
    I think this is just one of those stories put out there to make her seem straight.

    • luv the beach says

      yeah, good thinking, this was put out there to make kristen seem straight. aint gonna get people to believe shes strait any other way.

  19. annasophie says

    i think it’s emma watson, though admittedly i do not have a clue about her personal life.

  20. SouthJerseyGirl says

    This blind cracked me up because I’ve only seen one uncut man in my life – I guess it’s my age – born in the late 50’s – had a good time in the 70’s – so I’ve seen my share of naked men. I do remember being shocked at what someone who wasn’t circumsized looked like.

    • lily is my puppy says

      I’ve never seen an uncut guy — and I’m born same time as you. Perhaps one of life’s mysteries still to come….

    • redstilettos says

      I think it’s still standard practice in the US to circumcise regardless of religion unless parents say no.

      • jasper says

        For pretty much most of the 20th century, it was a common practice, with doctors citing “hygiene” as the main reason. It did depend on where you were born, urban vs rural areas, where newborn boys could “escape” the “treatment”, as my father did in the early 40s. Heck, I even thought mine would “grow in” until I was a teen and started getting some sex ed in health class!

        It wasn’t until the 90s that people started to protest the abuse and would even argue with their doctors against it. I know several friends starting families at that time would even lie about “religious reasons” to keep their sons intact. I believe a large portion are still cut at birth, but the intact numbers are growing. There are also support groups out there for those who are anti-circumcision and restorative surgeries for those who wish to alter themselves into a more natural state.

  21. Fergus says

    People keep talking about Jennifer Lawrence having sex with men. I’m confused. Men? Really? I never knew that.

  22. ulanda79 says

    This is JLaw, Nick was her first BF.

    KScrew never saw Bob’s junk, they were PR, plus she has an American BF before him, Mike Orgeno.

  23. stolidog says

    How funny, both Jennifer Lawrence and Kristin Stewart seem like they’d be much more familiar with a body part other than a young mans pen*s.

  24. lilygirl says

    Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult are clearly back together (and have been for several months now), so this can’t be about them.

  25. Stardust says

    Actress: Rachel McAdams
    English Boyfriend: Michael Sheen
    American Boyfriend: Ryan Gosling

  26. luv the beach says

    Don’t think it’s Kstew. If she is straight I will eat my hat. My Gaydar is pinging on her. Most likely Jlaw. Don’t know why people think she’s gay.

  27. luv the beach says

    laughing at that sentence “the couple has been off on one several times” guessing that is supposed to be”the couple has been off and on several times” Unless it’s a reference to some sex act?

  28. BitterBlondin says

    Ewww – can’t believe circumcision and other genital mutilation is still allowed. Anyway, agree with JLaw.

  29. misstilley says

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA…..who cares? everyone’s answers are more entertaining than solving the blind…thanks for the laughs