1. PatioPrincess says

    Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves (She runs a multi-million dollar product line of her own.)

    • redstilettos says

      Also, she’s not married and the blind makes it sound like she’s currently married.

  2. Obeah says

    Business woman: Momager Jenner
    Her husband: Papa Jenner
    Stylist; can’t remember his name, the tall Kardashian’s father

    • I Am PunkA says

      Husband was Robert Kardashian when she was boning Khloe’s birth dad, not Jenner.

  3. guestimation says

    Vidal Sassoon has a salon in Trump Towers, so I’m going with Vidal, Melania and The Donald 😉

  4. wfreshie says

    kris jenner ,momager to the kardashians…kloe is rumored to be fathered by that hairstylist…she looks just like him

  5. Marina says

    Barbara Corcoran, husband Bill Higgins, Frédéric Fekkai for the hairstylist

  6. DivaKarma says

    Businesswoman: I don’t know
    Stylist: Frederik Fakkai, known to love the $$Ladies

  7. Charity says

    This is a total, total longshot, and I’m afraid I’m going to get made fun of for this guess, but:

    Businesswoman: Jessica Simpson
    Hairstylist: Ken Paves
    Husband: Nick Lachey

    Obviously, this would have been years ago. I bet I am so off-base. But I love posting!

  8. BSBGG says

    Businesswoman: Kris Jenner

    Her Husband (may or may not be famous): Bruce Jenner or Robert Kardashian

    Hairstylist: Alex Roldan

  9. VodkaSoaked says

    Businesswoman: Kris Jenner

    Husband: Bruce Jenner

    Hairdresser: Alex Rolden

  10. mary76lee says

    Businesswoman- Paula Dean

    Husband- Michael

    Hairstylist- any random person who works at Super Cuts.

  11. What Had Happened Was ... says


    Businesswoman: Kris Kardashian Jenner

    Her Husband: Bruce Jenner

    Hairstylist: Alex Roldan (maybe famous in Hollywood?)

  12. fifismommy says

    Pimp Momma Kris Jenner kardouchian
    Alex roldan (khloe’s real dad)
    Bruce “no balls” jenner

  13. guestimation says

    I don’t think it’s Kardouchian (lol at that one, thanks fifismommy) just because the blind says “a well-known hairstylist” and I don’t think Alex Roldan is really well-known?

  14. wendy hood says

    I only know of two supposedly straight male hairdressers – Jonathon Antin and the hairdresser that fathered Khloe Kardashian. As for the businesswoman…no clue if its Jonathon, Kris Kardashian for the other guess.

  15. meowingloudly says

    Kinda sounded like kris jenner, apart from the “powerful” part.
    Kris is not powerful, in fact she is the joke of Hollywood..she is powerless in Hollywood. The only person she has power over is puzzy whipped Bruce, who seemed to have finally grew a backbone and got the hell outta there.

    Plus, everyone already knows about the kris jenner affair, so it isn’t much of a blind.

    Gotta be someone else, possibly Jessica, but I thought ken was gay.