He Started With Lipo

man plastic[Allie is Wired] This celebrity’s money maker is music, but he isn’t a stranger to the silver screen. He is going in for another round of plastic surgery.

He started with some lipo and an eye lift. It was pretty obvious, most kept quiet and just accredited the change with his new lifestyle. It is going to be a lot harder to pass off this time. He has a mile long list of things that he wants done thanks to all his insecurities.

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    • twinknyc says

      BILLY RAY CYRUS, relating the “Miles” to his daughter Miley, also her book was called “Miles to go”, plus with all the relationship problems surrounding him and his wife.

    • guestimation says

      Oh and the tip off!

      “A mile long list”. He starred in the film “8 Mile”.

    • lepidoteran says

      Bingo – he totally had an eye lift. He looks weird now – a little too alert or something.

    • Serena van der Woodsen says

      I think Eminem is dead on. Oh lord, I’m his biggest fan and this is just depressing. :(

      Recent (cell phone!!!) pictures of him at the Detroit fireworks prove that he looks younger and younger.

      I feel like jumping out of a window now. Why Marshall, why?

    • austinmocean says

      Yes! I totally spaced this. Also, look at the picture. The doll has blonde hair, but his eyebrows are brown. Which suggests (though I know some are born naturally like that) that his real hair is darker, but he bleached it blonde, as Eminem did when he was younger. I agree, during his Relapse/Recovery phase, I totally noticed the change. And the “new lifestyle” refers to him being off drugs.

    • PandoraWolf says

      It sounds like it could be him, but what did he lipo? His body was already pretty bangin’…did he lipo fat out of his chin or something???

      Obviously he can do what he wants, but if he is tweaking things because of insecurities, I really hope he doesn’t pass the same insecurities on to his daughters.

      • Serena van der Woodsen says

        Oh yeah he does. His oldest (not the famous one he mentions in all of his songs) got a boob job recently. But her mother (Kim) got one too ages ago, so it’s definitely in the family.

    • artseediva says

      Wow this guess is brilliant. Totally it. Poor Em. That tough guy-talk about everyone-I hate the world was just the stereotypical insecurity syndrome. I am so, so happy as a fan that he’s clean… I just hope he can now deal with himself before he ends up looking like MJ.

  1. austinmocean says

    Justin Timberlake. I believe that picture is a Ken doll (?) and him and britney were basically referred to as a real life barbie and ken couple. Even if this isn’t him, I know he’s gotten plastic surgery. I don’t know what his “new lifestyle” would be though (his married life?). Anyway, look at pictures of him from like 2003/2004, and from 2013, and he looks way different.

    • redstilettos says

      What has he gotten done? Just curious. I don’t follow him close enough to notice.

  2. yeshewa says

    dont even buy my own guess but its the blonde hair in the pic….justin timberlake

  3. KWDragon says

    Justin Timberlake. The pic even looks like him.

    I think the “new lifestyle” is his “changed man” routine surrounding his marriage. He’s always wearing a hat, which tells me he might be worried about losing his hair. He’s not particularly athletic, even though his wife is, so it must be harder to stay trim.

    And wouldn’t it be his *N Securities? 😀

  4. zli says

    Sounds like Tim McGraw with music and screen with his recent lifestyle change as well.

  5. heyslick5 says

    Tim Mcgraw. He had the Kenny Rodgers look at the last round of award shows. Even took to Google to see if I was the only person who noticed. Guess celebs who use the good doctors do not share references.

  6. KatarinaJ says

    All I’ve got is Justin Timberlake who was trying to get more movie roles… and wanting to focus there versus his music. But wouldn’t be be kinda young to get a lot of plastic surgery.

    Only other cross overs I can think of are….? John Bon Jovi? Harry Connick Jr? Tim Macgraw? LLCool J? Ludacris?

  7. goldieb says

    “Mile long list” = “8 Mile.”
    Said to have had an eye-lift in 2009. Has been in movies.

  8. prospero says

    I got it from the blond picture, the silver screen (he’s been in movies) but especially “a mile long” – the 8 Mile movie.

    and he should stop, it’s already too obvious.

  9. GayleStorm says

    Wild guess,I’m probably way off (he certainly doesn’t look anything like this Ken doll, if that’s a clue)…

    Sean Combs(P. Diddy). I loved his performance in ‘Get Him to the Greek’.

  10. MsOverstreet says

    “Mile long” refers to “8 Mile” and there were some rumors a few years ago that he got lipo (his camp explained it by saying he ran 17 miles a day), an eye lift, and Botox.

  11. JenJenJen says

    Justin Timberlake. He has a song called “Five Hundred Miles” and he sorta looks blonde barbie doll-esque

  12. worldsoldestkitten says

    The “mile” reference, blond hair, blue eyes, insecurities — my money’s on Eminem, who seems to be kind of scrambling to rebrand himself as his age and his secret jones for middle class morality creep up on him.

  13. JaneDawson says


    Blond hair, blue eyes, “mile long” (8 Mile TV movie–silver screen), Money Maker = M&M.

    Save your money, Slim quick. A prettier face won’t distract from that rough, shouty voice.

  14. Zap The Sheep says

    Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges.

    Clues: “money maker is music” – He had a hit song called ‘Money Maker’
    “mile long” – He has acted in several of the Fast & Furious movies, dealing with street racing.

  15. lovefifteen says

    Just wanted to add to everyone else’s Eminem guess that in addition to Money Maker being M&M, the SS in “stranger to the Silver Screen” makes me think of Slim Shady.

  16. PinkCrayon says

    I believer you guys have it right. Eminem. He doesn’t seem like the type, but he does look different lately.

  17. Karolina Amor says

    This is soooo Ludacris!
    Hints :
    “Money Maker” – his song with Pharell.
    Mile long – the mile long bridge in Illinois, Ludacris was born in Illinois.

  18. brat365 says

    I dont think it is Eminem cuz he was never fat. I dont think he ever needed lipo. Drugs tend to keep you skinny and for a long time he looked cr%cked out

    • Serena van der Woodsen says

      google “Eminem looking like an M&M” – he blew up around 2005

    • Heilige Bimbam says

      He became fat after ending the drug habit. He tried to stay out of sight until after his surgeries and weight loss . He really looked freaky.

  19. rosiedoes says

    Doll looks like Thin White Duke-era David Bowie to me. Life on Mars references the Silver Screen, as well.

  20. jorb says


    “Money Maker” was his 2006 hit; with the exception of “My Chick Bad” and “How Low”, he’s basically tried to remake himself as an actor. Given the rapper bravado, though, I wouldn’t be surprised if he said some other part of his anatomy was a “mile long”…

    Since starting the acting thing, he’s been a lot more polished, cut off his braids, and has generally stopped the raging partying he was once associated with. If you watch his more recent movies, his face looks…odd.