1. I Am PunkA says

    Michael Bay. Biggest horndog in Hollywood, and he’s a misogynist pig to boot.

    Pain and Gain

  2. ioannes says

    Neill Blomkamp? His last feature film was District 9, back in 2009. He has Elysium coming out this summer.

  3. tiredofwhining says

    gore verbinski? clue is the first film out in ages. rango did come out in 2011, but real last non-animated film was in 2007 with his last pirates of the caribbean movie.

  4. petunya says

    Sounds like Michael Bay but he has been consistently working, pain and gain just came out too and he is working on Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles now with Megan Fox.

  5. bananas says

    If this is about a movie that’s already released my guess is Michael Bay..though he hasn’t been on any kind of break from films so my official guess is the who directed Kick Ass 2 something Waldron.

  6. Halo26 says

    I was gonna go with Gore Verbinski with The Lone Ranger but he did Rango in 2011. His last action film was POTC: At the World’s End in 2007.

  7. blueburst4 says

    Wouldn’t it be more accurate to list the Hollywood directors that DON’T use the *wink wink* “casting couch?”

    • AnguaDelphine says

      Yeah, that would be a short list.
      That said, I think this particular blind refers to Guillermo del Toro. He’s been on a hiatus (as a director) and Pacific Rim is his first directing job since 2008, which in HW is indeed ages.

  8. thefrozenqueen says

    Michael Bay, Pain & Gain is out this summer. Transformers 3 was 2 years ago – is that considered “ages” in Hollywood? – hence the picture of the yellow chevy camaro. One of the first hits via Google is a video of a crash on the set.

  9. nbkxu4a says

    Michael Bay

    He is apparently a pig. Morgan Fox described how she was treated. Slightly sad that she returned

    Clue was pic. Looks like one of the transformer

  10. Coffee_Not_Tea says

    Michael Bay

    Sleaziest director since Roman Polanski and I hope he suffers the same fate. Better yet, I hope he actually gets his ass thrown in jail.

  11. MissPoison_13 says

    Michael Bay, Pain & Gain? (the movie was released in April – can we consider it a summer movie?? but the last Transformers was a long time ago)

    Clue: the yellow car (Bumblebee is yellow, I think – shame on me I remember something from that awful franchise)

  12. KatarinaJ says

    I don’t think this fits the clue but MICHAEL BAY has out PURGE and PAIN AND GAIN and he has ALWAYS had this rep. I think he works too much to fit this though.

  13. luvprue1 says

    James Cameron. He last movie was Avatar in 2009,and now he set to do Avatar 2 which is to be release in 2015. It him,or Michael Bay.

  14. VodkaSoaked says

    Michael Bay for the Purge movie. Doesn’t he atleast pretend to date these young starlets anymore?!

  15. real313 says

    Micheal bay produced but didn’t direct purge and pain and gain was a spring movie. Buckhimer a better guess.

  16. rosiedoes says

    Well, all I’m saying is that car is the new design for Bumblebee in the Transformers movies.

  17. alystina says

    It’s not Michael Bay. Michael Bay came out with Transformers Dark of the Moon in 2011, hardly years ago.