• PinkSlip says

      I’m sorry, what??? Anna Wintour “groveling” to that lowlife??!!! hahahahhaaaaa :)))) Yeah, that’d be about as real as reality tv….!

    • NoseyNana2008 says

      Didn’t Anna Wintour basically block Kim K from attending some fashion thing she did? I think this is a guess in jest!

  1. Warholette says

    I know Petra Ecclestone bought old Spelling mansion and she is super secretive, she didn’t even announce having a baby or let the baby be photographed…

  2. PandoraWolf says

    Good. You want privacy, so you keep photogs OUT. No idea, but I can respect this.

    I don’t know why celebs want photos of their HOMES out there. Imagine some crazed *fan* knowing which ground floor window is your CHILD’S room since your ego got a rampaging b*ner since someone thought you were famous enough that people want to see where you poop every day.

  3. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    Socialite: Petra Ecclestone
    Editrix: Anna Wintour
    This is my guess even though I can’t imagine Wintour groveling.

  4. AuntieM says

    Tamara Eccelston? Her sister?
    Definitely Anna Wintour – Dominatrix of all Editors.

  5. TxFox says

    I think this is Naomi Campbell. Probably Anna Wintour. Naomi has that amazing house built for her by her uber rich ex-bf (I’m assuming she got to keep the house…) Anyways, I’ve always wanted to see inside that home, but I believe the only pics on the internet are aerial.