Intimate Details On What This Yankee Is Packing

new york yankees 1[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which superstar Yankee – who isn’t a stranger to enjoying an evening with the beautiful ladies – is as impressive out of his striped uniform as his is in it?

“He is huge, but it swings to the left,” one of his ex friends reveals to NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. “He is a gentleman and is very caring but, when he gets naked, it’s not something you can pretend to ignore. For someone less experienced, it could be a problem.”

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    • MyCatLovesTV says

      I may be incorrect but I have always heard that steroids make the testicles shrink, not the penis. (And let history note that I have never typed a sentence with both those words in my life.)

  1. jocar says

    Could it be Justin Louis “Joba” Chamberlain? Ht. 6’2″, Wt. 230 lbs from Nebraska, nicknamed “The Beef State.”

  2. Diamondintheruff says

    A-Rod’s Rod.

    ***Long time lurker, first time to post – glad to join on an intimately delicious BI. As they say, take care of the details and the BIG things will take care of themselves. 😉

  3. slantrhyme says

    Could Derek Jeter be any more physically blessed than he already appears? I hope it’s him, although he is my only legit friend-of-a-friend celeb sex story and the girl didn’t mention his package.

  4. GossipSauce says

    A-Rod. Left handed. Left hip surgery. Left money on the nightstand for gal pal’s cab fare. Sounds like he is well versed in playing left…

  5. Virgo826 says

    Totally has to be A-Rod! This explains the gigantic salary…he must get paid the inch 😉

  6. NOTellebee says

    A-Rod. His rod probably swings straighter than he did last night, at least.

  7. slimfast10 says

    So Derek Jeter’s peeter swings left but he bats right. Does that make him a switch hitter?

  8. KWDragon says

    Liberal use of steroids leaves A-Rod’s rod out of this contest!

    Oh, how I want this to be Curtis Granderson! He is one all-around impressive man.

  9. Rambo says

    Jeter’s Johnson!

    A few years ago there were reports that Jeter gave all of his one night stands a basket filled with autographed memorabilia to take home with them the next morning.

  10. valley of the dolls says

    Derek Jeter and his peter. Do you think it affect his swing at all or…

  11. CaptainVor says

    This has to be Jeter’s bat! Swings right, hangs left, and can round my bases any day of the week. 😉

  12. lalaworld says

    Derek Jeter – apparently his penis is so big the Yankees asked it to join the team