1. Dizzy says

    The woman in the picture looks like Renee Zellweger, so I’m going to go with it being her.

    • KWDragon says

      Whoa there, Dizzy! Renee Zellweger is at least 20 years past her expiration date on being a “starlet.”

    • PinkSlip says

      Yeah, woah, rein it in, Dizzles!! “Starlet,” by definition, is “a young actress with aspirations to become a star.” Renee Zellweiger is WAY outta that little league and battin’ with the winning team….

    • pastghost says

      Zellweger?! She reminds of Jennifer Lawrence. Not sure if she’s A-/B+ at this point but a starlet she definitely is.
      Btw, first post, Ace. :)

    • Sophie Claire says

      Idk about Zellweger, but there was a blind a while back about a young star being super skinny and attributing it to healthy food and exercise, when it was actually bulimia and that was about Ariana Grande because she had just come out with a statement at that time saying that her sudden weight loss was because of those fake reasons. So I think this blind is probably about her too. Her new tv show and song with Mac Miller definitely put her as A-/B+ and she’s young and pretty and talented so I think she fits the bill.

  2. slantrhyme says

    I’ve heard about Beyonce’s killer breath but she would be A+ and beyond the starlet stage.

    “All of them” is too easy but probably true. I would say J-Law, who looks very thin lately, or Emma Stone.

    • wendy hood says

      Really? Have you read the recipes on her site? The ones Ive seen aren’t gross or weird, they just tend to have ingredients on the higher end of the financial spectrum.

  3. norbert says

    The picture makes me think its Rene Zellweger. Her weight fluctuations also suggest an eating disorder.

  4. redstilettos says

    Is G Paltrow perm A list due to her Oscar and name recognition? Otherwise, I’ll say her. She’s always looked like a swizzle stick.

  5. I Am PunkA says

    Kristen Stewart. Skinny girl, absolutely zero muscle definition. Plus, she looks like she has stank breath.

    • redstilettos says

      But I don’t consider her B+/A-. But agree with you on all other points.

  6. stolidog says

    There’s an A-/B+ starlet out there who eats enough to be bulemic? I’ll have to go with Miley for this.

    • LeahLynn28 says

      I agree Nicole is too thin and needs to eat more,but she isn’t a starlet.And she’s C-List or Z-List,not A/B list.She far from A or B list…

  7. klaudiazel says

    The picture really looks like Jennifer Lawrence, but I really don’t want it to be her. She comes off so body positive, I’d hate to think her personality is all a persona.

    • vampasdesired says

      i would consider j-law as a-list since she won an oscar
      i think it’s miley cyrus

  8. kbd61186 says

    I’ll guess Ariana grande is the one tossing her cookies. Or Ice cream 😉

  9. kingharolds says

    I’m going to go with Gwyneth on this one. I’ve read multiple times that girl’s breath s t i n k s and she has bad body odor. And she always talks about her strict “diet”. hmmm.

    • KWDragon says

      Mushy Bowels and Barf Breath should definitely be dating.

      Preferably in another country…

  10. CaptainVor says

    I’ve heard that it’s not just Jennifer Aniston’s films and relationship skills that stink. It’s been rumored for years that kissing her makes guys want toss their cookies, so I wouldn’t be surprised to find out she’s been tossing hers and that’s the reason for the stanky mouth.

  11. 15milliondollarbunny says

    The actress with bad breath should get together with the actor who farts and sharts.

  12. leosgrl88 says

    Gwyneth Paltrow

    Having halitosis, she should “Hush”. Lean? More like “Flesh & Bone”. But as always Ace, “Thanks for Sharing”

  13. monkeyshow says

    My first thought was Amber Heard, because Johnny Depp is a known stinker so I would think she wouldn’t be as bothered by his malodorous nature.

  14. the great chrysanthemum says

    Who ever this she probably has Ketosis….Acetone breath, caused by starvation or long physical training sessions. No amount of tooth brushing or gargling will make it go away only a regular intake of carbohydrates that’s why profession athletes need large amounts of carbs.

  15. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    Gwyneth Paltrow. I’ve wondered why she always has that look on her face. Now I know it’s because her breath is blowing back into it. Starlet doesn’t imply young in this case, just light.

  16. kakaka says

    gwyneth paltrow…

    but i thought her ‘stinky’ mouth was a result of her condescending and elitist putdowns about us ‘fat’ pheasants w/ our potato chip diet…

    • wendy hood says

      Uh, have you been out in public lately? Maybe more of us should take an elitist, condescending stance on our Standard American Diet. Things aren’t going well.

  17. guestimation says

    “Starlet” to me says young actress. Renee and Gwynneth are not young. I’ve been known to be wrong before though…. ;P

  18. GingerNaps says

    I doubt this is Gwyneth, because even though I’m thinking ‘thanks’ might be a clue and she’s in the new movie ‘Thanks for Sharing,’ she has apparently said that she is NOT skinny because of genetics….

  19. joyous says

    I think it’s one of the Glee girls. The A-/B+ isn’t referring to a status but grades (Glee is in HS). The picture looks like one of the promotional pictures they always do at the beginning of new seasons. Stinky Mouth = Trouty Mouth.

  20. OKStop says

    No way it’s Miley. I dated a bulimic girl for years; I learned a lot about what it does to your body. Miley’s got scads of pictures of her coming out of the gym, and she has great muscle tone. Lawrence actually has a body, has flesh on her frame – she looks like a real girl in that respect. No way it’s her, either. KStew has the right body to be bulimic, but with a box-office busting franchise under her belt and top billing prerogative, I’d say she’s A list. But, then again, it is over, and nothing else she’s done has made a big splash, so maybe she is borderline. I dunno. Ashley Greene is my guess. She has the right figure to potentially be bulimic, and she’s a popular actress FROM a big franchise, but not the STAR of it.

  21. erinmarrie says

    I hate the fact that everyone is saying that this is disgusting and gross and stuff like that. yes, its horrible that anyone thinks they have to change the way they look, but you’re not helping by shaming it. It’s like calling out the fact that someone has cancer gross. It’s a disease and she can’t help the fact that she has it, therefore everyone should not be shaming the fact that the disease is a little messy. It just makes the people who have the disease feel worse about having it and not seek help for fear of being called gross.

  22. LavaMama says

    Out of left field, but Emma Stone? The A-/B+ reminds me of her movie “Easy A” where shore wore a scarlet A.