Family Is Trying To Stop The Tape

family portraitThis is a exclusive story. We ask media outlets and bloggers to clearly and properly credit and link to when discussing this story. Thank you for your professional cooperation!

[Blind Gossip] This family is very famous, with branches of the family tree reaching into entertainment, fashion, and the media.  And there is a big family fight going on right now over a s*x tape that one of the younger members of the family wants to release!

The family has banded together to try to prevent a s*x tape featuring one of the foxy young girls in the family from ever seeing the light of day. They are trying everything from bribes to legal measures to try to prevent this tape from hitting the market.

We’ve got some news for the family: Given how determined the girl is to release it, there may not be enough silver in the world to keep their family’s reputation intact!


This is a exclusive story. We ask media outlets and bloggers to clearly and properly credit and link to when discussing this story. Thank you for your professional cooperation!

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143 comments to Family Is Trying To Stop The Tape

  • yinyang


    • carriebradshaw

      they have no reputation to loose, they are allready trash.

    • Weazle

      Why would the Kartrash ever try to stop a homemade sex tape? Silver Fox’s Vanderbilt family (two keys words were silver and foxy). Gotta be a family that actually has some face to lose.

    • ILoveLucy

      Yea, that photo is very much like their Christmas photos they always do. It’s them, Dayum, it has to be Kendall or Kylie tho and they are neither 18 yet. They are 15 & 17. That’s the only reason it matters at this point. She’s underage.

    • NoseyNana2008

      This is one time it can’t be the Kardashians. Yay! Remember the big stink when Tracy Lord (I think) admitted she was underage when she made her porn tapes? People who owned copies of the movies were supposed to destroy them b/c they are now child pornography. No matter how insistent one of the Jenner girls may be, no one will legitimately release that tape! And I’m pretty sure Kim’s tape went through one of the major porn distributors – just like her mentor Paris Hilton. :)

    • Kels1980

      It is obviously not a Kardashian as the girls are underage.

      Think rationally. And believe me, Bruce has been aware the whole time of his portrayal and depiction. Was he involved with his 2 first-born? Burt and Casey (spelling)?

  • sabrina325

    The Kardashian-Jenner family?

    • ILoveLucy

      Of course it’s them! It’s worked in the past, nice way to be an example for your little sisters, huh?

      • SheilaK

        But the Kartrashians were ‘made’ via Kims tape. I would think they would encourage it!

  • breanna_monique

    The Kennedy Family? The Vanderbilts?

    • Syd Wishes

      I agree with you that it’s an old-money (Vanderbilt, Whitney, Rockefeller, DuPont) or new-old money (Boston Brahmin Kennedys).

      Breanna, Vanderbilt REALLY fits: fashion, media, silver and foxy!!!) Well done!

      No way it’s a Kartrashian. They have no decent reputation to keep intact and the girls are both too young to release a sex tape that wouldn’t be considered child p*rn*gr@phy.

      • Syd Wishes

        *Or a Vanderbilt-Whitney descendant.

      • Syd Wishes

        *Or a Tiffany descendant: banded, silver, light of day? No.

        “Try to prevent this (ticker) tape from hitting the (stock) market: A Vanderbilt, or Vanderbilt-Whitney, final answer, Regis.

        My apologies for the several posts.


      I think you are right. This is definitely someone with A LOT of money. Remember this is a BG blind so everything including the picture fits into the blind. This is a photo of a show called Dirty Sexy Money about a lawyer who has to take care of one of NYC wealthiest families. If you do a quick google search of wealthiest families in NYC you come up with Vanderbilt. When you do an even further analysis of who in the Vanderbilt family is old enough to possibly want to have a sex tape its a lot of names.

    • sugarbread

      silver–fox–Anderson cooper is a Vanderbilt
      Vanderbilt jeans
      old money

      • Baloobie

        I agree – it’s someone from the enormous Vanderbilt family. According to their family tree (on Wikipedia), there are several girls young enough to fit this blind. Out of probably a hundred living relatives, I can only name a couple. Someone far enough down the bloodline might be willing to push the tape in order to burst into relevancy.

      • I Am PunkA

        TheDirty ran a photo of Abra yesterday claiming she was shopping a sextape. So I’ll go with Vanderbilt as well.

      • leosgrl88

        I agree. Silver & Fox is a clue to Anderson Cooper, whose mother is Gloria Vanderbilt, part of the NY Vanderbilt family.

      • VodkaSoaked

        +1 Totally agree

  • worldsoldestkitten

    Oh, PLEASE tell me this is Kartrashians.

    • LeahLynn28

      The Jenner girls are still underage…i hope it’s not one of them.And i don’t think a sex tape would hurt the Kartrshians reputationm,they have no reputation left and everybody hates them.PMK already released Kim’s video years ago…

  • GoneGirl

    Who else but the Kartrashians

  • Rosario Scarsci

    Gonna take a wild guess and say The Kardashians? Maybe one of those Jenner sisters? But wouldn’t it be illegal if the tape got made? They’re both underage. 15 and 17. tsk tsk

  • CanaryCry


  • I Am PunkA

    Only requirement here is that the girl has to be 18, so that rules out the Jenner girls, for now. Give Kendall 4 months though, and it might be her next.

  • wendy hood

    The Vanderbilts?

  • HypoAllergenicJin

    Kendall Jenner.

  • mymysmama

    obviously kendall or kylie…

  • jacksonian

    Oh good grief. Is this more trumped up drama from the Kardashians?

  • Olivia

    The DUGGARS!!!

  • Britt_S

    Kardashians – Kendall or Kylie.

  • arielade

    I would say the Kardashians, but the two younger girls are underaged, so couldn’t release a sex tape.

  • Kelly

    I think the Kardashians are an obvious guess so I don’t think it’s them. I don’t see Kylie ot Kendall wanting to release a sex tape.

  • NOTellebee

    Can’t be either of the Jenner girls, they’re both underage so unless Kylie is waiting till November to release the tape this wouldn’t happen. Plus, she’s already a successful model, so why would she need this?

    I want to say the Eastwoods, but now that I think about it it probably is the Kardashians. Ugh.

    • Revisionist

      lol… she IS NOT a successful model! She gets booked because of Momma. But she really doesnt have what it takes. If she wasnt who she was she would never get work.

    • Ati2d9

      I am sorry I even know this, but you would actually be referring to Kendall.

  • MamaJunesneckrolls

    clues – “foxy” young girls
    and not enough “silver”

    Got to be someone who is over the age of 18 otherwise it’s kiddie porn.

  • jaa1169

    Kylie Jenner

  • AKat

    Family: Trumps

  • Dani D

    The KTrash family — daughter Kendall Jenner

  • mental floss

    Family: Kardashians/Jenner aka Kar”trash”ians.

    Kendall Jenner

  • Molls

    Family: Kartrashian must be one of the younger sisters, Kiley or Kindle or whatever their K names are. They are all into entertainment, fashion and media.

  • henderswife

    Anderson Cooper’s relative. Abra Stokowski Vanderbilt.

    • Jen


      There’s internet buzz that Abra Stokowski Vanderbilt, Anderson Cooper’s niece, is shopping around a sex tape.

      Clues from the blind: “foxy” and “silver” re Anderson Cooper being the “Silver Fox”,

  • Lisa

    Family: The Kardashians way too easy

  • LooLoo

    The Vanderbilts. “Silver” and “Foxy” were used = Silver Fox, a.k.a. Anderson Cooper- Gloria Vanderbilt’s son.

  • CrossingTheLine

    A Vanderbilt s*x tape?
    See use of “foxy” and “silver” aka The Silver Fox, aka Anderson Cooper, aka a Vanderbilt.
    I don’t think I’ve heard of any of the younger ones though – way to make a splash, kids!

  • MsLillyHalliwell

    Hey Ace! First time poster here but a long time lurker.
    My jaw dropped at this because if I’m right I can’t believe it, this is going to explode if the tape comes out.
    Family: The Kardashians
    I think it’s Kendall or Kylie. The Kardashians are super famous and have branched off entertainment, fashion and media. The entertainment is the reality show. The fashion is the ‘Kardashian Kollection’ and Dash store and the media could be Khloe hosting the X factor or Kris Jenners talk show!!

    • ILoveLucy

      Also, khloe has done radio talk shows too. That’s media. And the mom has a new talk show coming out in a few weeks, media also. Tis is them. It’s not about the family’s reputation, it’s about how young the girl is, that will ruin even the K’s rep. That’s child porn. That involves the police. Not good for anybody looking to move up like they are.

  • stolidog

    “foxy” “silver” = Silver Fox = Anderson Cooper = son of Gloria Vanderbuilt = Vanderbuilt family.

  • KatarinaJ

    Can’t figure out what family would have a youngest daughter desperate to release a sex tape. BIG families that come to mind but don’t seem to fit… the Jacksons (Paris is like 13!?) as well Coppolas, Presley (Lisa Marie, Dad was musician, her daughter is a runway model)… Kardashians, no way would they say NO to a sex tape OR they are ‘very’ famous in my humble opinion.

    I’ve got nothing but somehow feel this is obvious. Family Cyrus? Hiltons?

    When I think of huge dynasties venturing into many industries… Vanderbilts? Gloria was a designer whose dad was a mogul and her son is Andersoon Cooper?

  • LisaRose

    My first thought was Kendall Jenner …. but she’s 17.
    Hmmm….. I know Kylie Jenner is only 15 (or 16?) but that didn’t stop her from insinuating that pineapples makes your c*m taste sweet on Twitter..and she’s the youngest member of the family; not to mention, she doesn’t seem like she’s being controlled at all.

    I hope this gets solved!

    • ILoveLucy

      Those little girls are doomed. Khloe seems to act like their mom at times, like even they know PMK is worthless as a parent. Khloe is my fav and seems to actually care about others.

  • cydney


  • Jinkss


    • luvprue1

      I agree it the Vamderbilts. The clue being “Silver”,and Foxy, which seem to point to Anderson Cooper, who is known as the Silver Fox, and who is a part of the Vanderbilt family.

  • suziq24

    kardashians? Kendall? She’s not even 18 yet so not sure if she can even release it.

    The windsors? Princess Beatrice? lol

  • terry123


  • Dingle Barry

    Oh, dear, Lord. Don’t tell me it’s Kendall Kardashian. Hasn’t the world suffered enough from this family?

  • Holly

    Kardashians: Kylie or Kendall

  • pitbull

    Gotta be Kendall Jenner. Big famous family, in entertainment, but doesn’t mention acting or music. She is trying to make a go of it as a model (fashion), TV show on FOX (“foxy lady’. I just can’t figure out the link to “silver.” She has recently said she wouldn’t mind giving up the TV show to focus on modeling full time. Can’t be Kylie…jailbait.

  • gmaven

    The photo makes me say Kardashians because it looks like the set up of one of their Christmas cards.

  • mads

    I feel like it’s the Kardashians, but I mean, I’m pretty sure Kim’s sex tape was released purposely so another sex tape wouldn’t “ruin their reputation”. Not sure.

  • gersha

    Abra Stokowski Vanderbilt.

  • H321

    Kiley Jenner. She seems to be in the shadows of her sisters and probably is a tape with that Jaden. Eww.

  • rayodeplata

    Did Kendall Jenner make a sex tape?!

  • nikkivondoom

    Anderson cooper’s younger family members. Blanking on name right now
    Clues: “silver” “foxy” “news”

  • euhl

    Family: the Vanderbilts
    Young Girl: Abra Stokowski Vanderbilt

    Clues: “foxy young girls” and “silver in the world”
    Anderson Cooper’s mother is a Vanderbilt and known as a Silver Fox

  • mary76lee

    Confused by the familys reputation since it is horrible but I would have to go with the Jenner girls.

  • cupcakes

    The Kardashians

  • sue


  • katt388

    I’m thing either the Hilton-Richards or the Kardashians. But to say that either family are entertainers is a stretch!!

  • charliesmum

    The Vanderbilts.. Aka Anderson Cooper’s family..first time poster!!

  • pineapple


  • Elisa

    The Coppolas?

  • MissNormaDesmond

    Could it be anyone other than the Kardashians?

  • Charity

    I can only imagine the Kardashians and one of the younger Jenner daughters…

    • Charity

      After seeing the other posts, I have to rethink this. The Jenner girls are underage as stated. Hmm… No idea but fun reading!

  • rdickerson

    Kardashian family?

  • bjd44

    Oh, of course, it’s the Kraptashians…..uck…..

    This family makes trailer trash look pretty darn good anymore……

  • caela94

    one of the jenner girls

  • Brilliance Is Mind

    The Kardashians. Almost too easy.

  • oldstephens

    Gloria Vanderbilt’s granddaughter.

  • sherlock

    What’s the big deal in a sex tape anyway these days?The internet and society is awash with sex and obsession with sex.

  • Coffee_Not_Tea

    Donald Trump’s daughter with Marla Maples, who is 19 and legal.

  • hbb2699

    One of the Stowkowski girls.

  • goldieb

    Stolidog got the “silver fox” clues!

    Agreeing with the Vanderbilt guess!

  • LaDolceVita

    It can’t be the Kardashians. The blind says “there may not be enough silver in the world to keep their family’s reputation intact”, and the Kardashians don’t have a reputation to protect. Plus, the Jenners are underage. From the picture, I believe the girl is a socialite coming from a rich and sort of respected family, so I agree with those who guessed the Vanderbilts. Fashion: Gloria Vanderbilt. Entertainment:Timothy Olyphant (actor). Media: Anderson Cooper

  • nwafa1974

    First time poster here. How about the Bush Family? Lots of young cousins.

  • real313

    Sound like a family with LONG money so defiantly not the kardashin. It’s either the vanderbilts or trumps.

  • jeannie

    The Vanderbilts. Clues “foxy” and “silver” = the silver fox, who is Anderson Cooper, a famous Vanderbilt.

  • AuntieMama

    Please the Kartrashians/Jenners already have porn tapes of their younger children lined up for release. That’s what their name will always be known for.

    I would lean toward the Vanderbilts, but they are known for their volcanically epic scandals during the 19th & 20th centuries. Something like this would not “ruin” their name per se. Maybe Getty? they are in fashion, media, entertainment & oil. Does Balthazar Getty have young female siblings? That family is HUGE

    “Silver” reminds me also of another oil rich famous family. The Hunt family in Texas. They bought up all the silver on the market one time thinking it would go as high as gold was going. Bad move. Silver went nowhere and actually down.

  • What Had Happened Was ...

    I totally love the Bush or Hunt guesses for this blind. And I agree, I believe this blind is about an “old money” family who actually have the means to quash a sex tape’s release.

  • Gen82

    Abra Stokowski Vanderbilt

  • CoCoJoe


  • HermioneG

    The Vanderbilts, Abra Stokowski.

    Clues being “news”, “silver”, “foxy”. Her mom is a paralegal and she must be tearing her hair out as we speak lol.

  • Scorpio13

    For sh^ts and giggles, The Trumps

  • DonnaStarla

    The Trump Family
    Tiffany Trump

    Donald is a regular contributor on Fox News
    Tiffany’s is known for their silver

  • girlygurl761

    First time poster

    Vanessa or Angela Simmons. Their father is Rev. Run Simmons and their Uncle is Russell Simmons.

    They are always at fashion shows and I think they may have their own fashion line of some sort.

  • DesertGhost

    One of Arnold Scwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s daughters.

  • rodieb123

    I am going with Abra Stokowski. She is the granddaughter to Gloria Vanderbilt.

  • CapnCrunch

    I’m thinking this is the Hearst Family. Before William Randolph built an entertainment and newspaper empire, his daddy made millions mining a share of the Comstock Lode, a large depository of silver ore discovered in the 19th century. A couple of the young heirs are fashion models. Perhaps one of them is looking to boost her public profile.

    Clues: news for the family, not enough silver in the world

    Hi, Ace! First time poster.

  • Quanah

    My first thought was the Bush family.

  • oldstephens

    An aside, Anderson Cooper, Timothy Olyphant, and James Vanderbilt (writes screenplays) are all cousins.

  • mizzavrid

    Yes…. Definately the Vanderbilt guess!

  • annasophie

    vanderbilts or the mara’s

  • Glitter

    Will this be revealed? When?

  • jadel74

    Come on, y’all. Not EVERYTHING can be about the Kardashians. The clues so clearly point to Anderson Cooper (SILVER FOX)…i.e. the Vanderbilt family.

  • Simpatico

    For all those guessing the *, do you really think they would ever try to stop any press from surfacing?? Noooooo.

    This screams old money, and is either the Trumps or Vanderbilts. Big clue being “Silver”; this could very well be Tiffany Trump, who is now twenty.

  • kermit1969

    Paris Jackson.

  • kermit1969

    The Jackson family.

  • VodkaSoaked

    The vanderbilts, the clue being “silver” and Anderson Cooper’s nickname being “The Silver Fox”.

  • Lucy

    This has the Bush family written all over it. I don’t even have to finish reading the blind.

    “Branches of the family tree” sounds like a clue for bush. Billy Bush and Jenna Bush are in entertainment/media, Lauren Bush is a model (fashion), and there are probably more -I just can’t think of them off the top of my head. They have a really big family. “Foxy young girls” = Fox News = hint of the Republican Party. “Silver” refers to when Ann Richards said that George W. Bush was born with a silver foot in his mouth.

    Not sure which of George H.W. Bush’s granddaughters made the tape though.


    Well BG says it is a GIRL who wants to release this tape. I think as fame hungry as the Kardashian momager is, she may not want a sex tape out there if the tape consists of one of her daughters having sex with a woman. The Kardashian mom has essentially and convincingly whitewashed the reason why they all became famous (Kim Sex tape). The family now appeal to middle America and more importantly advertisers. There is no way they will be happy if a sex tape of any variety sees the light of day.

  • annasophie

    one family that i know it’s not is the kardashians. they would shill that sucker like corner thugs if they had one to distribute.

  • JaneDawson

    Silver Fox gave it away. Anderson Cooper’s fam.

    Abra Vanderbilt.

    LOL. You think Kris would try and stop a tape of Kylie? Puhhlease, guys!

  • travoltasbeard

    Sadly I did not get to guess. I was reading the dirty dot com and nik has already posted a message to Anderson Cooper on the website saying that someone is shopping around a sex tape with his niece in it. Looks like Abra Stokowski. Great clues Ace. I was lost.

  • ostrich

    I think it’s the Bush family.

  • oldstephens

    Can’t be the Bushes. It would have listed as being involved in politics first over everything else.

  • nataliecook

    Could it be one of Trumps? There is one that is a socialite and over 18. That is why I rule out the younger Kardashian girls,because the tape could not be marketed.

  • OG LOC

    just for fun I’d say someone from the Royal family? lol I would think the Middleton’s cousin Katrina Darling.
    Family: Middleton’s