Name It After Me

glastonbury logo[The People] Which c*caine-loving, buxom party-goer insisted to anyone who would listen that Glasto be named after them in future?

BG Note: Glasto = Glastonbury Festival, a music festival held in England last weekend.

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  1. Nomad says

    Of all the pics of celebs I saw at Glastonbury, they were mostly anorexic, not buxom, so I’ve no clue!

  2. HermioneG says

    The wording is interesting, I wonder whether “them” is used on purpose or not. Makes me think of a drag for some reason (big boobs but not referenced as “her”).

    Has RuPaul ever been to Glastonbury lol?

    • HermioneG says

      Also the only two Brit ladies that come to mind right away when I see the word buxom are Samantha Fox and Adele lol (although it could be a non-Brit of course).