The Next Swinging Level

will smith jada pinkett smith[Hollywood Street King] She seems to have landed herself a pass to the next swinging level. That’s because her Union with one NBA champ involves the couple hosting Miami sw*nger parties. That’s leaps and bounds beyond her previous days as a 2004 regular jump-off at Will and Jada’s L.A. sw*nger parties.

She’s often been seen alongside her BFF actress girl. Know why? Because Adrienne-Joi Johnson is said to be have taken part in three-ways with the couple. But, those three-ways are now something she’s beginning to hold back on — as sources reveal she wants him to put a ring on it. That’s exactly why he’s reported to be cheating with Caucasian females — and a transgender Latino!

Now, can you guess which shameless couple I’m talking about?



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