The Next Swinging Level

will smith jada pinkett smith[Hollywood Street King] She seems to have landed herself a pass to the next swinging level. That’s because her Union with one NBA champ involves the couple hosting Miami sw*nger parties. That’s leaps and bounds beyond her previous days as a 2004 regular jump-off at Will and Jada’s L.A. sw*nger parties.

She’s often been seen alongside her BFF actress girl. Know why? Because Adrienne-Joi Johnson is said to be have taken part in three-ways with the couple. But, those three-ways are now something she’s beginning to hold back on — as sources reveal she wants him to put a ring on it. That’s exactly why he’s reported to be cheating with Caucasian females — and a transgender Latino!

Now, can you guess which shameless couple I’m talking about?



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    • Virgo826 says

      BTW, Nice pic Ace…Caption should be: “Breath check…I’ll smell your’s if you smell mine!”

  1. lepidoteran says

    Gabrielle Union
    Dwayne Wade

    Which team will he sign with? It’s a good thing he has talent – even if his work ethic is questionable — he has so much baggage.

    • akajenb says

      With the way Dwade been dressing lately no surprise about the transgendered latino. Gabe is so desperate to marry a baller, that she is willing to put up with all this foul behavior ew.

      I wonder if Bosh, and Lebron get involve in Dwade’s singer lifestyle? Let’s hope he wraps it up.

  2. catheca says

    Dwayne Wade & Gabrielle Union

    I haven’t heard about the transgendered Latino.. Until right now.

    • stolidog says

      Ps. Can swingers swing both ways? I thought the whole concept was that the men sleep with other men’s wives and the wives sleep with other wives’ husbands. From what I’ve heard about Will and Jada, that wouldn’t be very fun for them at all…

      • AnguaDelphine says

        Hah! Good question. I guess if you’re hosting the party (as Will and Jada do) you set the rules.

      • commonsense says

        Yes, they can. An old friend of mine (no, I was not into swinging lol) and his wife attended many. His wife would go specifically to seek out women.

  3. luv the beach says

    I’m guessing Union is a clue to Gabrielle Union. And if this true, just eww. I’m going to lose my lunch. What is wrong with H’wood people? Can’t any of them be normal? Will and Jada have swinger parties? I’m sorry, but gross. where do they find the time? and the privacy? I dont get it!

  4. PinkCrayon says

    Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union

    A lot freaky people in Hollyweird. “NBA champ” and “Union” are the clues.

  5. leosgrl88 says

    She: Gabrielle Union
    He: Dwayne Wade

    First you Broke A “Union”, now you want him to “Bring it On” but you can’t take the “Heat” because he’s a “Bad Boy 2”

  6. slantrhyme says

    Ohhh my I started googling this sh*t and got sucked into a vortex of decadence, sex and violence and dramarama like no other. I used to love Will (Jada, notsomuch but that was mostly jealousy from when she was young and pretty) but now I’m convinced these two and their “church” are pure evil.

  7. Dizzy says

    I really want to say that this is Kim and Kanye, especially as he has been accused of cheating recently with a white women

  8. sle says

    D Wade and Gabrielle Union. Transgender? Hmmmm…… LeBron’s mom does look a little manish.

  9. VodkaSoaked says

    Gabrielle Union Clue: “Union” and she’s dating Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat.

  10. CosmoMan says

    Obviously Gabrielle Union and D Wade

    He probably prefers transgender…it’s like getting a twofer.

  11. rorythedragon says

    Gabrielle Union
    Dwayne Wade
    Is she related to Union Station? Cuz a lot of traffic goes through there, too. Boom! Roasted!

  12. monkeyshow says

    Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade. And on a side note, on what planet is “DWYANE” pronounced “DWAYNE”? Everybody misspells it (correctly) anyway!

  13. Madeleine says

    This would explain why after all this time Dwyane hasn’t put a ring on it. Gabby is a party girl and has obviously been with a lot of men. Dwyane is not going to marry a woman who behaves like a groupie by having threesomes. He might he having fun with her now but he won’t respect her or marry her. Especially since he has custody of his kids. He doesn’t want them to be raised by a skank!

    I almost felt sorry for her when he got a BET award and his parents and siblings were one stage with him and she was sitting in the audience. He did give her a shout-out, though.

    Hollywood Street King’s blind items are never blind at all. It is always obvious who they are talking about!

    • ToadKisser says

      By your own definition, they are already being raised by a skank. Namely, HIM. Double standard much?