Why He Is Distancing Himself From Yeezus

kanye west yeezus[Hollywood Street King] Like Will, he does “What Thou Wilt”.

This music mogul is distancing himself from Yeezus to keep clear of sharing any bisexuality allegations, but he’s got no problem with people knowing he lives by Aleister Crowley’s teachings — “Do what thou wilt.”

It seems the only people he does allow into his secret debauchery-filled lifestyle are the numerous rappers and athletes he’s reportedly turned out. Don’t believe me.. ask Victor Cruz. Those are the men revealed to have fallen under our mystery man’s spell. Though they may have gifts — like a diamond skull face watch — to remember our blind item by, they receive a cold shoulder from him once he’s done with them. Just ask Larry Johnson.

Our blind item and his wife are really no different than The Smiths. Now, can you guess which Jigga I’m talking about?

Music Mogul:

His Wife:

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83 comments to Why He Is Distancing Himself From Yeezus

  • sabrina325

    Jay-Z and Beyomce?

    • ValleyOfTheGalls

      Jimmy Page laughed so hard that he spit out his scotch while bowling(candlepins) when he heard that Jay Z and Kanye were arguing over who’s “illuminati heritage” was more legitimate. True story.
      Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
      Love is the law. Love under will.
      AND YET..
      Some things are too ridiculous, even for Thelema. Jay Z and Kanye are perfect examples of that.

    • akajenb

      Jay z and Beyawnnnnnnnnnnce, old news. I’m guessing larry johnson, and victor cruz or either gay or bisexual. I hope kevin durant knew what he sign up for. I wouldn’t advise future athetes to sign with jay z, there is something about him that says shady to me.

  • SouthJerseyGirl

    What a creepy photo!
    Mogul – Jay-Z
    Wife – Beyonce

  • farleyhugme

    Why are your blinds about black people always sooooo easy????? Obviously jay-z

    • I Am PunkA

      Easy sure, but then they also outed two NY sports figures—Larry Johnson and Victor Cruz. That was the true dirt on this one.

    • carriebradshaw

      BG Explained this:

      BG Note: Some blind items are easy, and some are difficult. HSK’s blind items serve a very clever and distinct purpose. HSK conveys information that can’t be printed in the mainstream press. So, instead of commenting on how easy or difficult it is to “solve” them, try to focus your comments on what HSK is trying to tell you.


    • sallyrockwell

      because they often come from hollywood street king, whose blinds are meant to be quickly and easily solved — they are meant to be “blind” only in the sense that they don’t contain the name of the person the blind is about.

    • Red Velvet

      They’re usually sourced from Hollywood Street King [the site in the brackets], so they’re written by HSK’s staff writers, not Ace. Ace shares them because the HSK “trick” is to give you a really easy blind, but in the process of giving you the obvious they also drop some things that are not well-known or obvious at all. Ace has advised that with Hollywood Street King, you have to read between the lines to get the good stuff.

      • Ati2d9

        Thank you Carrie and Red for stating this….people always guess the obvious on all HSK blinds, and they either forget or do not know to look for the hidden ‘blind’. It gets redundant to keep seeing the obvious answers stated.

  • ItsJustAGuess

    Jay Z

  • scumby

    Shawn Carter (Mr. Knowles.)

  • Marina

    Jay Z and Bey

  • MelliUK

    jay z and beyonce
    i just find this so hard to believe..

  • startofanage

    Music mogul: Jay Z
    His Wife: Beyonce

    And could this have anything to do with rumours about his relationship with Kanye West, Yeezus being the hint?

    Long time reader, first time poster btw :)

  • BX_Sue618

    Music Mogul: Jay-Z

    His Wife: Beyonce

  • Fortuna88

    Mogul= Jay-Z (aka Jay-Hova. Jiggaman. Shawn Carter)
    Wife = Beyonce

    But I’m confused. The Smiths are Scientologists & Crowley was an Occultist and witch. Is this about Jay-Z’s ability to enchant people or is he into some alternative religion/belief system?

    • Layale

      I think the similarity to the Smiths is there are rumors the Smiths are gays who beard for each other. I think that is what this BI is saying about Jay Z and Beyonce.

    • wendy hood

      coughcough freemasonry/whatever theyre calling it now. illuminatism, Satanism, etc etc.

    • Smokey B

      L Ron Hubbard, who started Scientology, was an occultist and follower of Crowley. There are many similarities between Crowley and Scientology. Here is an excellent article by long time Scientology critic, Tony Ortega that talks about the links between the occult and Scientology: http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2012/02/scientology_and_4.php

      If you Google “Crowley Scientology” you’ll get over 350,000 results.

      Perhaps, HSK is also outing Jay Z as an undercover Scientologist?

      • Fortuna88

        Thanks – had no idea about scientology link. I read the BI as having something to do with more than just sex b/c it’s well known that Scientologsts (specifically the Smiths, Cruise & Travolta) are rumored to be gay with beards b/c of the doctrines their religion has against it.

        The cult thing tho…. It could be that the BI is talking about the Crowley religion Thelema (which was he first thing that popped up when I googled that phrase). From wikipedia, it’s apparently based on being part of some part of a divine order discovered in ancient times.

        It’s supposedly more than just satisfying whatever hedonistic sexual instincts you have, it’s like you’re acting on some basic right to do so because your will is your God or smething. And “a new ethical code would be followed – “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”. This statement indicates that adherents, who are known as Thelemites, should seek out and follow their own true path in life, known as their True Will[5] rather than their egoic desires.[6] The philosophy also emphasizes the ritual practice of Magick….According to Crowley, every individual has a True Will, to be distinguished from the ordinary wants and desires of the ego. The True Will is essentially one’s “calling” or “purpose” in life.”

        Could explain why he’s so crazy successful if he believes in himself more than the rules or morality the rest of us follow……

  • MzDBDB

    Jay Z and Beyonce?

  • cocobeannns

    Jay and Bey.

  • Virginia

    Jay-Z and Beyonce

  • lila92

    Jay Z with Beyonce.
    Distancing himself from Kanye (Yeezus), used to be linked to Larry…

  • merreewill



  • rudy

    Jay Z and Bey.

  • bjd44

    Mogul: Jay-Z
    Wife: Beyonce

    Victor Cruz apparently signed with his talent agency, Roc Nation.

    And…”Foxy Brown alleges that Jay-Z and Larry Johnson’s partnership was personal as well as professional… claims Jay Z is an undercover tranny chaser…”


  • regossip

    Mogul: Jay Z
    Wife: Beyonce

  • tennispeach


  • rorythedragon

    Jay Z and Beyonce and a whole lotta secrets it’s probably none of my business to know!

  • justbeatit

    Jay-Z and Beyonce. The truth is out there.
    First time poster.

  • Virgo826

    Bey n’ Jay

  • MissNormaDesmond

    Jay-Z and Beyonce.

  • Holly

    Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce!

  • gizmondo

    Jay Z?

  • mistyk

    Jay-Z and Beyonce

  • yinyang

    JayZ + Bey

  • PinkCrayon

    Jay Z & Beyonce

  • slantrhyme

    Jay-Z and Beyonce

  • Stackhouse

    I knew Jay-Z was an a-hole, but I didn’t know he was *into* a-holes as well – literally.

  • KK

    Music Mogul: Jay-z

    His Wife: Beyonce

  • MsJennyR

    Easy peasy J Z si?

  • BilltownBetty


  • jenn71

    Jay-Z and Beyonce

    • jenn71

      Jay-Z and Beyonce
      and if that’s the case, no wonder there are surrogacy rumors floating around. I wouldn’t be conceiving a child with a man on the DL, either.

  • katt388

    JayZ and Beyonce

  • rdickerson

    Music Mogul: Jay Z
    His Wife: Beyonce

    I think shoulder is a hint since he has the song “dirt off your shoulder”

  • robirob052

    Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce? They are rumored to be into some Satanic-like cult stuff like the Iluminati.

  • FiyahHotFlashy

    Mr and Mrs Shawn Carter…Bey & Jay-Z

  • stolidog

    Jay-Z and Beyonce?

  • Tkdgypsy

    Music Mogul: Jaz Z
    Wife – Beyonce

  • Molls

    Music Mogul: Jay-Z
    His Wife: Beyonce

  • gossip babe


  • I Am PunkA



    With GOOPy Gwyneth talking about her love for JayZ so much, I do wonder what they got going on. He probably turned her out as well.

  • breanna_monique


  • TheFineOne

    Music Mogul: Jay z
    His Wife: Beyonce

  • azura1

    Jay Z

  • didi

    jay z

  • Fergus

    What is Bouncy doing while he is out on the Goop and the boys?

    And I wonder what his nick name would be if he was called Nay-Z…

  • wendy hood

    jay z

    creepy aleister Crowley mention ftw

  • Kelly

    Is this blind suggesting that Jay-Z is sleeping with men behind Beyonce’s back? Now that is a shocker.

    • ME AGAIN

      I doubt it is behind her back. I bet she knows what’s up.

      Oh and he and Larry J used to live together before he married Bey. Allegedly.

  • Lisa

    Music Mogul: Jay Z
    His wife: Beyonce

  • bjd44

    You know, if even HALF the blind items are true on this site in even some form or fashion, it SERIOUSLY makes me wonder about ANYONE nowadays! Uck……

    Why on earth do we “elevate” these idiots anyway!?!?!

    The are the mor*ons we want our kids to “emulate?”


  • oldstephens

    Jay Z and Beyonce.

    Will and Jada Smith…. Been at it so long no one falls for that phones baloney act…

    Be happy and GAY!

  • WildChildCandy

    My lord that photo is scary.

  • stonn

    Jay-Z and Bey. And I think what HSK is really trying to tell us is that they’re all part of a cult. Maybe all that ridiculous Illuminati stuff is real after all…?

  • Madeleine

    Wow! I read a lot of gossip and I have never read ANY rumors about Beyonce being gay or bi. That is the hidden gossip in HSK’s item, which is obviously Jay Z. That certainly would explain her marriage, which I have never figured out. But Beyonce is photographed so much and I never see her with the same woman. The only person she is consistently photographed with are Jay, her bodyguard and her mom. It would be easy for Jay to cover up being gay…he often hangs with a “crew” and he certainly is in a position to get aspiring rappers to give him sexual favors and then discarding them afterwards.

  • yellowellies

    Yeezus, this really isn’t a good site to find when you’re trying to stave off boredom and can’t sleep. More awake now than I was when I found it :)

    Bit late to this one but if she is into this strange cult stuff as detailed above it might well explain all the mad Sasha Fierce stuff – her more powerful ‘self’.