1. yewneek says

    Martha Stewart, Stacey Dash and Anne Rice, to name a few! LOL @ Stacey Dash and her trying to attach her name to EVERY damn situation.

  2. RockyRaccoon says

    Stacey Dash, but I don’t believe it for a second. Why is it every time a black celebrity bucks the liberal trend, they’re supposedly doing it for selfish reasons?

    • Okayeah says

      It hasn’t got a single thing to do with her being black, it’s about her being insincere. And this blind is not just about her, or maybe not even about her at all considering there is no planet on which Stacey Dash is B list.

      • nolabelle says

        Okay yeah- i disagree. I think it has everything to do with her being a black conservative, which as you know liberals revile.

      • ToadKisser says

        Actually, I think we criticize black right wing nut jobs to the same degree and for the same reasons as we do the white ones.

      • nolabelle says

        Toad-actually that same “degree” is the mere simplistic arguing style of name calling to distract and divert or obfuscate. Your post is an excellent example.

  3. rorythedragon says

    Are we talking about Stacy Dash? I’m just spitballing here but I’ll go with Publicity for a thousand, Alex.

  4. Nomad says

    They love publicity. If they read the complaint at the bottom of all this hullabaloo, Jackson vs Deen et al, they wouldn’t be so quick to jump on the Defend Paula bandwagon. The complaint is easy to find online, and not too long to read.

  5. realmccoy18 says

    to me this whole paula deen thing has gotten out of control…yes she said some thing she shouldn’t have said, but who hasn’t…i don’t think she’s racist…i think she’s stupid…look at who she’s handled this whole thing…every time she opens her mouth she makes things worse…if she had just issued a written apology and gone away for a while this wouldn’t have escalated the way it has.

      • wendy hood says

        She would have been Fuhrman’ed and the whole thing would have ended up just as big. The press will not shy away from continually picking at the black/white race story – its supposed to stay looming and big so they can pull it out at opportune times like when a story breaks about every word you say being recorded into some sinister database. The NSA story is covered up like whoa, and us sheeple clap and publicly lynch mob some lady that said a series of 6 letters in a specific pattern. Arent we supposed to be all anti bullying now? Sounds like that movement was a bit faux.

    • LeahLynn28 says

      I agree with you.This Paula Deen story is completely out of control.She already learned her lesson…and i also don’t think she’s racist,to be honest.I’m not even from the USA(nor live there),and i noticed that the whole situation is getting old,boring…and fast.Now the stores and people “abandoning” her are perfect,angels and never said wrong things in their lives.They just want to save their reputations.Nobody is perfect…not even her.

      Btw,Stacey Dash isn’t B-List,she’s Z-List.She’s barely a real celebrity…

    • WhatLolaWants says

      I guess the part about wanting the Plantation themed wedding didn’t help either, but people seem to forget about that part.

      • coco says

        …and parading a gentleman on stage during a talk show for the express purpose of comparing her ‘black friend’ to the black background as a big joke. Or after 5 years of harassment, when Ms. Jackson had repeatedly gone to Paula for help or intecession with Paula’s brother who harassed her and others, Paula deliberately washed her hands of it and walked away–repeatedly.
        Or telling underage kids that they HAD to work extra after-hours jobs catering, wouldn’t get any extra money for it, but Paula would pay them in alcohol….etc…

        So far, most of the companies have told her basically to let things mellow out, and they’ll talk later on. She’ll be fine.
        I don’t think she’s evil as much as I think she’s never had her entitlements or her insults called out to her face and the shock of it all, I really hope, will make a difference. She’s gonna just fine; she just happens to be a small fish in a big pond, who thought she was a big fish in a small pond.

      • nolabelle says

        WhatLolaWants- not ALL southerners are racists. Not ALL plantations had slaves! Many plantations employed free men and free families of color, with a medical and education benefits too. You are implying anything plantation is racist. It is you who is spreading the falsehood. Please research history before you throw southerners and their plantations and their way of life under the bus. Oh and btw, the civil war wasn’t over slavery as many liberals want to brainwash you with. It was over economics, poor north wanting what the richer south had.

      • YankeeGirl226 says

        Right. She did not just say something racist. She did a lot of racist crap. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. She’s trying to play dumb but her idiocy is well documented.

      • WhatLolaWants says

        @nolabelle: Um….WHERE did I say all Southerners are racist, and where did I imply “ANYTHING” plantation is racist, and WHERE did I even mention the Civil War? Please show me. You sound quite defensive right about now, and if YOU hadn’t jumped to conclusions, you would know I am from the South. Please don’t tell me to research anything when, A: You don’t even know me, and B: You have NO CLUE what I do or do not know. Have a nice day.

      • jmol says

        Her deposition was that she wanted a “very southern style wedding” for her brother modeled after a restaurant where the “whole entire wait staff was middle-aged black men” clad in white jackets and black bow ties. It’s the implication that hurts her. We haven’t recovered from slavery as a blight on our country. I’m not from the south and don’t really understand the mindset but it is troubling. She would have been better to say that she wanted a Playboy wedding for her brother with the entire wait staff 20 something breast enhanced blondes in bikinis. She would have been endowed with contracts from companies.

      • ToadKisser says

        Nolabelle, Deen ADMITTED she wanted to dress up the waiters as slaves for a wedding. Clearly you aren’t informed about the case. Obviously these companies wouldn’t all be dropping her over a single mention of word 30 years ago. It kills me when people have such a strong opinion and are SO quick to argue, but their knowledge of the facts doesn’t go any deeper than headlines and sound bites.

      • nolabelle says

        Toad-she did not describe the waiters as slaves. I did not see that in a deposition. Your post is an example of how implications are drawn that may or may not be true.

      • nolabelle says

        Whatlolawants -wow , it sounds like you are the defense. I replied to your stereotyping statement that wanting “plantation style weddings” contributed to her racist reputatiion and ublc criticism.

      • WhatLolaWants says

        nolabelle: No…that’s still you. I mentioned the plantation themed wedding and you went off on a tangent…

    • lala04 says

      I read the complaint and her actions and those of her brother are very offensive and hateful. There’s more to it than the uttering a derogatory word.

  6. Booboo1068 says

    Agree with Howard Stern

    Chefs Michael Symon and Mario Batalli from The Chew are always defending her. The last episode she was on Mario had to basically take over the spot because she wasn’t able to focus at all.

  7. Me Talk Pretty says

    One of the more annoying things about the whole Paula Deen thing is the persistent idea that it is all about her saying a word 20 years ago. Doesn’t anyone read long articles anymore? All the court stuff is online too! That woman ran a crazy place of business. SMH.

    I going to say Stacey Dash. That woman hasn’t had thisuch attention from white people for years. She’ll do what she has too to nurture her new audience. I guess she’s tired of King Magazine spreads. LOL

  8. caela94 says

    I would not include Stacey as a B lister.
    Rev jackson, Sharpton and other Black Chefs have come to her defense.

  9. wfreshie says

    it is not just about paula saying the N-word, read the complaint…

    Ms. Jackson was subjected to violent behavior by Bubba Hiers, violent behavior that included sexual harassment of Ms. Jackson and other female employees and assault and battery of Ms. Jackson. Mr. Hiers‘ violent behavior also included racial harassment, assault, battery and other humiliating conduct practiced upon the employees managed by Ms. Jackson. The conduct described herein is no mere offensive utterance; the conduct was threatening, even physically threatening, and universally humiliating. The staff of Uncle Bubba‘s Seafood and Oyster House, Inc. (“Uncle Bubba’s restaurant”) lived in fear of Bubba Hiers.

    For over five (5) years, Ms. Jackson made numerous and frequent complaints of racial and sexual harassment and abusive treatment to the highest levels of corporate management and ownership, including: Defendants Paula Deen and Bubba Hiers; Paula Deen Enterprises Chief Operation Officer (CO0) and Director of Operations Theresa Fueger; the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for the Paula Deen Family of Companies, Karl Schumacher; and to the attorney for Defendants, James P. Gerard. The conduct was universally known and tolerated within the ownership and management levels of the corporate enterprise, and by corporate
    counsel and no remedy was offered.

    • wendy hood says

      The public outcry has been about just the use of the word. It is way out of hand.

      • WhatLolaWants says

        That’s because the use of the n-word has a long history behind it, and the media will push to only focus on ONE thing instead of calling all of Paula’s B.S. out, but I do agree. I am tired of this “story”. Time to move on.

      • ToadKisser says

        If you mean the public outcry from her supporters, then yes. I’m sure companies that have dropped her know all the details, and as Me Talk Pretty suggests, the segment of the public that do NOT support her is largely made up of people who actually read articles, not just headlines, and know all of the charges and allegations against her. I guarantee you that the number of corporations dropping her would not be so high if they did not believe there was very real, sufficient evidence to turn public opinion against her en masse. They are interested in their bottom line, and no way would a 30 year old mention of the n-word be enough to destroy a financial empire.

      • stolidog says

        You know Wendy, I can tell you’re smart, but you are a liar, liar, liar. You must be a publicist…or a pit viper.
        Nobody cares what Paula Dean said 30 years ago, everybody cares that less than five years ago she said she wanted a slave themed wedding and that she paid her African American staff in beer for occasions at her plantation.

      • nolabelle says

        Toad-it was considered enough by leftists to destroy someone else’s career and get them fired, lose endorsements etc., ……..actually more than one example comes to mind.

  10. FiyahHotFlashy says

    Cosigning with Me Talk Pretty…I was a Paula Deen fan until that mess when she cashed in on her diabetes. My beef with her is not the use of the N word but the “plantation” wedding and the allegations of abuse of the workers at her and her brothers restaurants. Paula’s only concern is her income. Her lame apologizes made things worse…Calling Judy Smith/Olivia Pope.As for Stacy Dash and all the others defending her, they are entitled to have an opinion. However Stacy needs attention and a career. All the others are acting like attention starved celebs.

    • nolabelle says

      Fiyah – there was no mess about the diabetes revelation and she definitely did not cash in. Her son did by doing a new show called ” not my Mama’s meals”. Again please reference my comment above about a “plantation” style wedding. While yes for many that word implies horrors because of their ancestors but it does not apply to ALL. There were many plantations that did have any slaves, took care of their employees and their families, including medical and education. That is why you will be stunned to learn ( I guess) that many blacks who had ancestors thusly treated dont have a problem with a “plantation” style wedding. Pls learn real history and not what the lib brainwashing has shoved down the throats of many Americans. Again, this truth does not diminish other horrors that did take place on other plantations but please stop diminishing those who did the right thing on their plantations.

      • MailOrderBride says

        There is no need to continually refer to every objectionable action as “liberal”. Most people don’t divide by stereotype.

        As to your plantation perception, the nature of slave implies that an individual has no real liberty. They may have gotten medical and, sometimes, education, but would they have been able to freely leave their job? Stay with their families? The slaves were often sold and separated from their families. I’m not sure what part of plantation living was so redeemable and rewarding for slaves, although it sure must have been swell for the owners.

        As to the diabetes revelation, Paula Deen *did* cash in. She only admitted to the disease after she nabbed a sponsor.

        Finally, please bear in mind that Deen’s admission was part of a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment and racism. Read the lawsuit.

      • LooLoo says

        Nolabells said “employees,” not slaves. It’s a misnomer to think that every Southern person has slaves and even that every plantation had them. There were plenty that had paid employees. There were a huge number of free blacks in the South that had jobs just like everyone else. Her idea for a wedding is not racist unless she was specifically trying to pretend that her waitstaff were slaves, and I don’t think that’s the case.

    • nolabelle says

      Glitter:nothing has happened to baldwin for years even though his abuse to his child,etc has been legendary and quite public because he is a sacred cow for the libs and the lib elite circle , they protect their own kind no matter what egregious thing they do,no matter what, they will always be protected, celebrated, rewarded and further enabled to be bad.

      • LooLoo says

        Sadly, this is true. He won’t face any end to his career the way Paula Deen has.

      • Catharsis says

        Nolabelle, your “lib” obsession has become quite tiresome. To quote MailOrderBride, “There is no need to continually refer to every objectionable action as “liberal”. Most people don’t divide by stereotype.” You claim to not be a Republican or a Democrat, but your posts are extremely biased. Another shining example of many: “…he is a sacred cow for the libs and the lib elite circle , they protect their own kind no matter what egregious thing they do,no matter what, they will always be protected, celebrated, rewarded and further enabled to be bad.” It seems that you are incapable of writing a post that does not include “lib” bashing of some kind. Why is that?

  11. KatarinaJ says

    B lister would have to be Howard Stern not Z lister Dash, but it doesn’t fit in that Stern doesn’t need publicity AND he just renegged on supporting her because it was obvious when he first did that he had no read trancripts or info. He dumbly talked about what he thought he understood about it. B lister…. Michael Symon? Mario Batali? Who supported her on THE CHEW. ?

  12. What - the curtains? says

    Agree with Me Talk Pretty, wfreshie, FiyahHotFlashy – go to the source and form your own opinion. I literally cringed reading the court docs and then audibly gasped when I read what she said. It wasn’t 20 years ago – we’re talking 2007. If the court docs are correct, she admitted she couldn’t say certain things or she’d lose her sponsors. Of course she will survive this – people love a comeback. But still, what she said was pretty bad.

    • nolabelle says

      She may not make a comeback or a strong one since her career was already declining after her health diagnosis curbed her food show promoting high fat and high sugar and high calories. Also libs love to crush and annihilate a white southerner that they think is a racist, or a hypocrite or a conservative, or a devout christian, or traditionalist, etc. besides drugs and alcohol, I think it is probably the only way they can get a dopamine pleasure surge in their dehydrated systems.

      • stolidog says

        Please, we get it. You’re a publicist. Please stop talking now. Plantations did have slaves. Southern white people of Paula’s age are generally racist, and your dogmatic and tired attack on democrats was worn out 20 years ago.

      • Catharsis says

        Wow, if your posts are anything to go by, you are an extremely bitter, hateful human being. How sad.

  13. goldieb says

    Paula Deen seems incapable of understanding the “Stepin Fetchit” survival techniques learned by slaves, ex-slaves, and their descendants (to this day). That accommodating Black “friend” she called up to stand in front of a blackboard? A penny for HIS thoughts. All those nattily-dressed black men in tails and ties serving Whites at a popular restaurant? It’s called “taking a job when you can,” Paula, not a career goal.

    Southern slavery is a foul blot on our history, a stain we will yet need decades to eradicate.

    • nolabelle says

      Gold lien- in your post it seems it is you who can not separate slaves from free people of color employed as waiters in formal attire. One does automatically equate to the other. These roles did exist during the plantation era and were mutually exclusive, yet you seem to not get that or acknowledge it. .

  14. H321 says

    Paula Deen reminds me of ‘Mama’ from Futurama. And people need to read the deposition! This goes WAY beyond using the N word (not once, but multiple times) she is guilty of some serious hate-filled things and crying butter tears and having Z-list barnacles like Dionne from Clueless won’t help her.

  15. nolabelle says

    MailOrderBride-in your post you merge the notion that these roles could not be mutually exclusive in the plantation era. First in response to your first criticism, yes, slaves did not have their own individual liberty, even though some also received medical and perhaps even education “benefits “. They still were legally considered “property” and could not freely leave their owner or transfer to another plantation without the owners permission, sale agreement. Horrendous treatment – yes we all agree. Next, free men means exactly that , they were NOT legally the property if any other human being but were an equal human being in that they could choose to leave their employ or ” job ” and go get a different job somewhere else at their own discretion. They employers often assisted them in funds to pay other owners so as to ” buy ” their family members freedom had they been unforgunately separated. If they had the money themselves from their own entrepreneurial enterprise, they also could freely buy their friends and family members freedom. Lastly, their freedom also allowed them to travel about, become wealthy and some did, etc. later some were elected members to congress long before you think there could have been any such leaders of society, especially in the south. There is a very rich and deep history of such freemen of color and their free family members, friends. That is the difference I was referring to. Yes, some of these free people actually chose the plantation where they wanted to work. Again, one role & situation does not diminish the other, ie. slave vs free role and vice versa.

  16. nolabelle says

    Stolidly- whoa, you are calling for censorship of those you disagree with. That is not the American way. Your declarative statements about older southerners is patently, completely false and is insulting and offensive. It smacks of bigotry against an entire region of our great country, against age and lifestyles by generalizing and stereotyping. Your personal opinion is scary to me since I worry how many other Americans think like that. You are being patronizing and condescending too to tell someone to shut it because you are “fired ” of it. Again, your statements are disinformation- not all plantations had slaves, many had none and employed free people. Not all southern older people are racists – oh yeah and not all white southern older people are racist. Did you know that while Ted Kennedy was bellowing in congress to force school integrations and school bussings to make it happen in the 1960s , he was quietly resisting it for his own district in Massachusetts which the feds in congress stopped looming the other way and finally overruled Ted and forced it in his own backyard a whole decade later. Yeah – democrat hypocrisy at work. The criticism of libs and Dems is legal and deserving. Libs control the three major networks and major newspapers in the entire country yet decry that there is ONE network out there they don’t like want to go away- and then your totalitarian state would be complete when the entire media is nothing but the propaganda arm if the fed govt, the people will never hear objective reporting and will no longer think for themselves. The lazy way out is to just believe whatever you are told- what the media-tyrannists want you to know and believe. Then books get censored, and on and on. You should welcome opposition because if Bush and the right controlled the major media , you would want (my guess) a legal system that allows you to criticize, and fight back

  17. Catharsis says

    Nolabelle, thank you so much for writing what so many of us on this site are surely thinking.

    Your argument is wonderful, but let me substitute a few words…”Your declarative statements about Democrats/liberals is patently, completely false and is insulting and offensive. It smacks of bigotry against an entire aggregation of people of our great country, against age and lifestyles by generalizing and stereotyping. Your personal opinion is scary to me since I worry how many other Americans think like that. You are being patronizing and condescending…” See what I did there?

    Oh, and as for all of your repetitive bellyaching about “libs” controlling all of the media in the U.S. – if you don’t like it, move somewhere else. But not to Canada, please. We don’t want you here, either.

  18. nolabelle says

    Catharsis-aww…. Comeon now… Surely I as one can read and comprehend it. I don’t think you did
    though. So lets recap on that last point you made…. So you think it is ok to have a partisan and one party controlled media dominating another country, so long as you agree with their viewpoints. And as an outsider , non- citizen of the USA apparently, you feel righteous to tell a citizen there to leave if they don’t like the corruption of the national licensed airwaves. Coming from a socialist country, that is expected I guess. After all, the USA’s decline into the socialist model so many other countries adulate is what your ilk desire. Tall poppies are rarely respected in such nations. I am so glad to live in a free republic( for now ) where anyone’s opinion is constitutionally protected, but of course not wholly protected from the venomous vitriol of the intolerant.

  19. Catharsis says

    This “outsider” feels sorry for you, nolabelle. I really do. Your post speaks volumes about you, and I’m not referring to what you wrote. I can agree with you on one thing – Canada is a socially liberal country. I am grateful to live in a country with an amazing health care system that “leaves no one behind”, where same-sex marriage is legal nationwide (and has been for nearly a decade), and that has a prime minister that doesn’t appear to have an interest in trying to control the decisions I make about my body. My ilk and I love that we are so fortunate! Have a lovely day! 😀