He’s Not That Gifted Down There

[Naughty But Nice Rob] “Every grouping of people has at least one stereotype. Some can be good, while others…not so good.”

During a recent interview, a certain black comedian accidentally let slip that he doesn’t fit the stereotype for black men, saying, ‘The one good stereotype is the one I don’t have!’

Awww. Just remember… it’s not the size of the boat, but the amount of laughs you get on stage.


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  1. mocha2009 says

    First off – Holy Moly Guacamole! That picture is HOT!

    Comedian: Perhaps its Little Man Kevin Hart.

  2. slantrhyme says

    I don’t know, but damn, that picture.

    Ok…I will guess Chris Rock just because I love him.

  3. iheartthisstuff says

    I don’t think it’s Chris Rock because he just said in a Howard Stern interview that he was 7″, which isn’t too shabby. Not sure, but I’ll go with Tracy Morgan.

    • iheartthisstuff says

      Actually, I think based on the pic, I’m gonna join the Kevin Hart group.

  4. jonesing says

    I’ll guess Kevin Hart. I’m sure he knows that when you make a woman laugh, you’re half way there. …and don’t gang up on me for that-I’m a woman.

    • jamiejo says

      100% agree that laughing gets you half way. A good cologne will also open the door. There is still a way to go but two guarantees to at least get your foot in the door.

  5. tkartk says

    Not sure why, but I’m going with Eddie Murphy.

    @joesing…. you nearly made me spit out my coffee! Thanks for the laugh!!

  6. Brownie says

    Eddie has too many children with beautiful women. We aura heard long time ago. Gotta be Kevin. He’d tip over if he was gifted.