Casting Call With A Hollywood Hunk

wine 2[Celebzter] It’s long been speculated that this leading man prefers the company of men in the bedroom as opposed to women. No wonder no woman can tame him.

But what isn’t known is how he selects those he secretly wants to date.

A very reliable source informs us that the actor in question scours modeling agencies for his newest male conquests.

Our source reveals: “One day my friend got a call saying that he was up for a big job. He turned up for what he thought was a casting at a restaurant and it turned out to be a dinner date with a big star.”

“They dated for a bit, but it’s the best job he ever got — the actor takes care of him financially in return for his silence about their brief romance.”

For legal purposes the name of the agency has been withheld, but feel free to throw your guesses into the ring about which Hollywood hunk this blind item may pertain to.


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