Casting Call With A Hollywood Hunk

wine 2[Celebzter] It’s long been speculated that this leading man prefers the company of men in the bedroom as opposed to women. No wonder no woman can tame him.

But what isn’t known is how he selects those he secretly wants to date.

A very reliable source informs us that the actor in question scours modeling agencies for his newest male conquests.

Our source reveals: “One day my friend got a call saying that he was up for a big job. He turned up for what he thought was a casting at a restaurant and it turned out to be a dinner date with a big star.”

“They dated for a bit, but it’s the best job he ever got — the actor takes care of him financially in return for his silence about their brief romance.”

For legal purposes the name of the agency has been withheld, but feel free to throw your guesses into the ring about which Hollywood hunk this blind item may pertain to.


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    • KWDragon says

      This whole “casting call” concept feels Scientology-ey. Plus you can imagine that thinking you had a dinner interview with Tom Cruise would give you a sense that you were going to get into one of his many movies (as he has star power). I think you may have it.

    • ILoveLucy says

      Yea, I have to totally agree. My 1st thought was him. He only dates female models as well. Lol. He certainly has a type.

      • PinkSlip says

        I think its Leonardo DiCaprio. Reason its not George is the long-known fact that his long-term man friend is Cindy Crawford’s husband Randy, and George’s current “girlfriend” at any given time is not *his* girlfriend at all, but the girl-loving Cindy’s. Great set up for all. But George and Randy are totally exclusive.

    • BRUSHFIRE97 says

      Peter Dinklage is gay. I don’t and won’t believe it!!! Not my Tyrion Lannister LOL!!!

      • nolabelle says

        I haven’t heard that he came out public ally. In fact, his public persona still perpetuates the ridiculous bearding game.

  1. lily is my puppy says

    Well, I gotta go with Leonardo DiCaprio, as perhaps the “taming” is a clue and he being Leo (the lion) and all….

    • LiamForeman says

      Yep! Tame was the clue, and I thought “Tame, you tame a lion, you tame a tiger, a beast..” Then I went through the few names, and Leo was one. I bet it’s him.

    • ShockingBlue says

      I think this is the answer. Matches the lion taming references and Leo’s a notorious serial dater, never been married.

    • luvprue1 says

      I agree with the Leonardo guess. The clue being “Taming”, like in taming a lion. Plus he is known to be really into models , so he would use a Modeling agency .

    • guiltywhispers says

      I know this is old; but I remembered this thread of conversation when that article about Harry Styles being invited over to Leo Decaprio’s for a long weekend was in the Sun. (It also said that Bradley Cooper would come around.)

  2. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Not sure but something to do with a guy in a “circus” movie… clues – no woman can “tame” him, throw your guesses into the “ring.” I’m drawing a big blank here so looking forward to seeing everyone’s answer.

  3. clarkster says

    Dwayne ‘The ROCK’ Johnson, clue being “guesses into the ring” WWE reference.

    • ILoveLucy says

      Nah, he was married for a long time, hit it big and is now divorced. His ex wife was a big shot on Wall Street. And it does say no woman can ever tame him…thinking of taming a lion…Leo.

  4. ShockingBlue says

    My guesses are Tom Cruise or Jake G. But there are clear lion taming or circus references here as clues. Which Hollywood hunk, long rumored gay, has recently shot or is shooting something that would reference this?

  5. nolabelle says

    Clooney, spacey, dicaprio, gyllenhal, carrey , hemsworth, somerhalder, butler, ? Could go on …. So many to choose from… So little time.

  6. jacksonian says

    I’m guessing George Clooney. (Still don’t see why women think he’s so attractive.)

    • waysouthofheaven says

      he does nothing for me. Since way back in his E.R. days, I’ve alwaysthought he looked way older than he his real age.

  7. PinkCrayon says

    “It’s long been speculated that this leading man prefers the company of men in the bedroom as opposed to women. No wonder no woman can tame him.”

    This makes me think it’s probably George Clooney.

  8. fromatoznyc says

    Sounds like Clooney, but the “ring” clue makes me think Joaquin “Ring of Fire” Phoenix. Besides, why would George ever go to a public place like a restaurant with a potential male lover?

    • nolabelle says

      It was likely his flavin west Hollywood, is protected there,and also initial meeting is just taking a meeting or business,….

  9. rosierattle says

    Morning Ace. I am going back and forth between Bradley Cooper and George Clooney. So the agency just tells the actor which models are gay?

  10. robirob052 says

    At first this mays sound easy leading to a guy like George Clooney, Vin Diesel, or Brad Pitt, but then it could also include Leonardo DiCaprio (if you stretch the defintion of ‘hunk’ a bit).

    • ILoveLucy says

      Lol. Yea, he was never a hunk. Heartthrob maybe, back in Titanic days. But I think it’s him because of the taming thing, tame a lion=Leo.

  11. real313 says

    Only person that make sense is jake. This blind is so ambigous basically just enter an actor you THINK (not know) is gay.

  12. JenJenJen says

    My first guess would have been Tom Cruise just because it’s rumoured he holds “castings” when trying to find a wife or girlfriend so why not for a boyfriend. However, the “no woman can tame him” makes me think of Clooney as he goes from woman to woman.

  13. chandler02 says

    There are so many circus references: tame, big job/big top, throw into the ring…

    Could it be Robert Pattinson? Water for Elephants reference? I notice they don’t mention how old they are, whether they have produced anything, how long their careeer is. I agree that The Rock is a good guess too (wrestling ring).

    Other guesses would be my first, but the clues don’t seem to line up for him. I don’t get the clue about not naming the “agency”???

  14. stolidog says

    Hmm. Tom Hardy? Tom Cruise? Clooney? Leo? Will Smith? Jeremy Renner? Jakie G.? Keanu Reives? Duane Johnson? Jude Law?

    Sooooooo many choices.

    • stolidog says

      PS, I’m going to say that I think “No Wonder No Woman” is a reference to the failed TV Pilot Wonder Woman, so the leading man is somehow connected to Adrianne Palicki.

      Although I also like “tame him” for Leo the Lion

  15. jennlynn says

    Robert Pattinson “tame” and “ring” if where going the circus route… Water for Elephants

  16. KatarinaJ says

    I agree the no woman can take him has to nod at Leo or Clooney. Still, the ring/tame as in circus animal clues are confusing. Is LEO a lion thing? I don’t see any ring master or similar reference pertaining to Clooney.

    For those of you wondering about how/why any big star would meet someone at a restaurant (meaning NOT Clooney or similar) well these places have private rooms. It could be something like this. I doubt anyone huge eats on a date with the same sex in the general population of any eatery.

  17. Nomad says

    I don’t think it’s Tom Cruise, because his scientologist representatives would be interviewing any “candidate” before they met with Cruise.

    I don’t think it’s Pattinson, because the whole process, as described, feels like something a power player would do. Pattinson is popular, not powerful.

    It could be DiCaprio, but my gut says its Clooney, with hints at his serial, highly publicized relationships which feel, to me, like so much window dressing.

  18. tkartk says

    I, myself, wouldn’t find Leo nor Rob Pattinson “hunky”! I think this is about Tom Cruise as he’s longggg been rumored to be gay!

  19. sherlock says

    If he’s dated several men then why has nobody ever noticed anything(phone pics etc).Hunk suggests someone youngish like Pattinson or Leo and he must be bisexual really and a bachelor of course.

  20. echooscar says

    A synonym for “big” is “titanic”… Never knew rumours about Leo but the use of word tame also suggests him. First time posting.

  21. BeMee says

    I’ll go with the DiCaprio guess. I have a very handsome male coworker/friend who says he hooked up with Leo in the E Village of NYC in the 90s. Apparently it was just before Titanic came out, so he wasn’t quite a megastar. They had plans to see each other again and Leo took my friend’s number but never called.
    Based on what I know about this coworker and our friendship, I believe that he is telling me the truth.

  22. KatarinaJ says

    PS. I am also thinking that the BLOOD RED wine glasses might be a vampire nod to Pattinson. Good catch on the Circus movie. But my only concern is, is Pattinson really known for ‘never being tamed yet’ ? He only had one high profile relationship, with Kristen Stewart, that a million and one blinds nod to being a big PR set up.

  23. danneka says

    hard to imagine any major actor doing that. maybe travolta? leo or george doesn’t seem like their style although leo seems to scour model catalogs for his “gf’s”.

  24. rudy says

    Leo? He certainly knows models. I think Clooney actually dates guys and wouldn’t use a modeling agency to get laid.

  25. TheOtherIan says

    could be any of the actors mentioned, but I what I wanna know is; is the modeling agency a front for a prostitution ring with some legit modeling thrown in, or maybe the reverse, mostly modeling with some hooking? Does the agency get a cut of the models fees for hooking? Are all models expected to put out? even the straight ones? Does this occur with both male and female models?

    • sugarbread says

      prob just a favor for major star. keep him happy and look the other way.. act like u didn’t know what the meeting was 4. everyone stays happy.. this is Hollywood. not land of morals. color of money

  26. minorkey says

    Clooney. Isn’t his girlfriend an ex-wrestler? Hence the “ring” reference!

  27. MademoiselleRose says

    My first thought was George Clooney, but then I thought of Tom Cruise and then Leo Di Caprio.

    I don’t think it will be Cruise as he is more for actresses, and George is a bit of both.

    Leo mostly goes for models (although his list of actresses is pretty impressive), and he has a high turnover, so he must need a system to find more all the time.

    So I think it’s Leo!