Waiting To Inhale

waiting to exhale cast[Hollywood Street King] This songstress was featured on the ‘Waiting To Exhale’ soundtrack, back in 1995. Now, it’s being suspected that she was probably really waiting to inhale while in the recording studio with Whitney.

Don’t believe me.. Just ask our blind item’s baby daddy, Kadeem Hardison — who sources say is fighting for joint custody of the daughter he shares with our mystery woman, over her reported c*caine and sex add*ctions.

She’s said to hate both of her baby daddys — Kadeem Hardison for his verbal and physical abuse, and Kenny Lattimore for his cheating. Those are the grounds which sources say turned her to a ‘bitter woman’ who’s lost faith in men — leaving her to turn to females for comfort. Don’t believe me.. Ask Jada Pinkett Smith or Queen Latifah.

When she married Kenny Lattimore, Hollywood was obscenely amused. That’s because Kenny Lattimore is known best as ‘the gay man who cheated on Star Jones, with other men’. Sources say she didn’t care, because she ponied-up with Lattimore to revive her music career — before she quickly divorced Lattimore after finding him with his male lover.

Our blind item recently landed a spot on ‘R&B Diva’s L.A.’, which she reportedly took for both money and a jump-start to her career. Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


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    • ivyleaguer says

      she divorced him after finding him with his male lover. so what she could be bisexual and he couldn’t??!!! what a double standard.

  1. rorythedragon says

    Chante Moore…but don’t know what HSK is saying beyond that…maybe just wanting to out her…and Jada and Queen!

    • Booboo1068 says

      Agreed. Turning to females for comfort doesn’t have to mean sexual relations BUT it does seem to out Jada and Queen and would that be a surprise really?

  2. Lola Mac says

    Google tells me this is Chante Moore, had a duets album with Kenny Lattimore & on R&B Divas show.

    Never heard of her!

  3. grosserthangross says

    Chanté Moore
    By the way, didn’t know that Kadeem Hardison was Dwayne Wayne!

  4. ILoveLucy says

    I just want to say, Gawd, I love the women in this photo. Such great ladies. I love this movie and Stella. SO much. Jumping The Broom reunited 2 of them. Another good movie. Just wanted to add that. I wish they made more movies like this.

    • Booboo1068 says

      I know. Independent of their private lives this was a classic movie for me, and no not just a chick flick but a really great story about women finding their power. This and how Stella Got Her Groove Back and Under The Tuscan Sun. Very few movies I’d watch period never mind more than once and I would with all of these.

      Go girl power in Hollywood!

  5. Ginger KyD says

    Hi Ace!!! Long time lurker, first timer poster.
    You rule; I appreciate you and this site.
    And I can, in fact, guess who you’re talking about…
    Chante′ Moore.
    So bitter, she has a track called “Bitter” and an album called “Love the Woman” because maybe Kenny just really loved all the men instead? Or maybe because she herself just really loves the woman (women)?
    And she’s part of all the “R&B Diva’s L.A” shenanigans.

  6. RedScience says

    Chante Moore. Solved. In other news I didn’t know she was an addict nor did I know that Kenny Lattmore was gay, but I guess it makes sense. Cheers to all!

  7. funkyhomosapien says

    This is clearly about Chanté Moore. But where is HSK going with this.. ? Did Whitney and her have an affair or something?