1. Virgo826 says

    I’m going to say that this is the new face of Dior, Robert Pattinson. Think i saw a new pic where his hair was cut super short…

    • Lou12 says

      Pattinson doesn’t fit the clues. He hasn’t done any modeling gigs in Paris. The only modeling he’s done was for the Dior shoot, and that was in New York.

      It’s more likely to be one of the celebs who visits Paris Fashion Week, or one that lives in Europe and would shoot over there.

    • senseandsarcasm says

      Makes no sense. He hasn’t been to Paris. The modeling he’s done for Dior was done in NYC and completed back in December.

  2. ILoveLucy says

    Robert Pattinson. He just did a modeling gig for something . This is disgusting. But has to be him. Ewwww!! U better do a reveal.

    • Kekskuchen says

      how is having lice disgusting? you don’t get them from being dirty, you get them from being too close to someone who has them. Kids often get them at school. and before they spawn, you usually don’t notice. I mean the lice not the kids.

      • ILoveLucy says

        Well, hey, they DID send him packing. Doesn’t sound like they were too thrilled either. That stuff jumps onto others who share seating, clothing(photo shoot), stand very near each other, share pillows etc. It’s disgusting that he he has to know and yet exposed others to it. And clearly he IS a dirty bird. I know kids get it at school etc. But he’s a knowing adult. & that, to me IS disgusting. His hygeine is the worst. His B.O. is legend.

    • senseandsarcasm says

      He did a gig for Dior in NYC back in December. He hasn’t been to Paris lately. Sorry, this isn’t him.

  3. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    Robert Pattinson. He’s a really dirty smelly guy. Cute though. I thought of Joachim Phoenix at first but the blind is too British.

  4. lobsterbabe says

    Robert Pattinson?
    He just became the new face for Dior and he has be known to be dirty

  5. kbd61186 says

    I’ll guess Robert Pattinson since he’s British and seems dirty and has been doing modeling lately.

  6. dannygirl says

    It’s Pattinson. The guy in the pic is wearing Gryffindor colors and that was the house that he belonged to in the Harry Potter movie.

  7. kisstew says

    You have to be clean to have lice they won’t go in dirty hair so who ever is saying its a dirty person is wrong it’s some one who has clean hair. But as for a guess no clue but grossed out that wrong

      • bamazalea says

        Lice do not like dirty hair. When there is an outbreak at school, we don’t wash the kids hair, we mousse it and gel it and braid it every morning to keep the little critters at bay.

  8. LeahLynn28 says

    Must be Robert Pattinson.I heard he’s not exactly clean,doesn’t like to bath and stinks very bad sometimes.He’s a cute guy,but has bad hygiene.And that’s sad.
    But lice…?One word…ewww!

  9. VodkaSoaked says

    Ian Somerholder was seen in Paris recently. And he does come off as a bit scruffy, IMO.

  10. slantrhyme says

    If it’s about a filthy celeb, people will guess Johnny Depp but I am quite sure he smells like lollipops and rainbows and roses and moonbeams. In my dreams.

    I will say Russell Brand because just looking at a picture of him I feel like I’m crawling with lice.

  11. january says

    News for you folks. Dirty unwashed hair does not equal lice. Trust me. I am a hairdresser and I’ve had prissy people dressed to the nines arriving in their fancy car sit in my chair. I had to send more then one ( privately) on their way to take care of their problem before doing their hair. That being said. I would guess Johnny Depp. Sounds like him.

    • MademoiselleRose says

      January is right – lice like clean hair. I’ve never had it, but I know a lot of people who have – it quite often comes to poor unsuspecting people via their kids at school.

      You are all barking up the wrong tree by picking actors you perceive as dirty.

  12. flower says

    Daniel Radcliffe. Any celebrity can model for anything, and the photo reminds me of him. He has a history of addiction issues, maybe he was in a rough place at the time?

  13. lily is my puppy says

    A lot of times people get lice because their kids get it from another kid at school. That happened with friends of mine. So perhaps whoever this is about has kids…. if that narrows things down any.

  14. FairyMay9 says

    I love how it’s the Harry Potter talk that gets all the play. I’m not sure who, but the clue is fun, cuz a nit is a single lice egg. Dirty or clean, doesn’t matter. I’d never have guessed rPatz, but whomever now has the shortest hair, it’s him. Easier to cut it way off than to deal with the long stuff and get the nits out.

    FTR, he was Cedric Diggory, Hufflepuff, black & yellow, kudos to Cindy Louhoo

  15. apeygirl says

    Michael Pitt is the “face” of Prada menswear. Could be him and nitty-gritty could be referring to Boardwalk Empire and all the grittiness of that show.

  16. JennyJustice says

    Leo. Perhaps has was at a modeling agency to pick up his latest or just to scope, but he’s known to advocate a lack of hygiene.

  17. UKGoss says

    Pete Doherty? He lives in Paris these days doesn’t he? Modelling, acting in films, writing scrips and making music apparently (according to a recent interview). And he always looks like he needs a good wash.

  18. Sarah_Says says

    After a bit of research I discovered that;

    – Ian Somerhalder

    was in Paris recently! So – I will go with the sexy Vampire Diaries guy!