Why This NBA Superstar Is Distracted

nba championship 2013SOLVED!

[Downfront 2] The NBA Finals had to go to all the way to a Game 7. Is that because a Superstar is distracted? Word is, despite his seemingly happy home, a side jawn’s revelation or special delivery threatens to blow that all away.



Girlfriend or Wife (may or may not be famous):

Side Jawn’s Revelation or Special Delivery:

dwayne wade gabrielle unionSOLVED!

Athlete: Dwayne Wade

Team: Miami Heat

Girlfriend or Wife (may or may not be famous): Gabrielle Union

Side Jawn’s Revelation or Special Delivery: A new baby boy

NBA star Dwayne Wade and actress Gabrielle Union recently announced their engagement… with a side of baby mama drama!

Wade claims that his new son – who was born in November – was conceived while he and Union were “on a break”.

The New York Daily News had a good summary of the various TMZ articles:

Dwyane Wade confirms

he fathered newborn son outside relationship with

fiancée Gabrielle Union

The mother of Wade’s one-month-old baby boy has been identified as 30-year -old Aja Metoyer. The NBA star called the child ‘a blessing to the Wade bloodline.’

Was Dwayne Wade on a break when he fathered a child with a woman who isn’t his now-fiancée Gabrielle Union?

During a press conference Monday, the 31-year-old NBA player spoke out about his newborn baby boy.

“I had a time, a part in our break, in our pain and our hurt, a blessing came out of it in my life, having a son that was born healthy,” he said, according to a Sun Sentinel report.

“So I’m moving on.”

According to the birth certificate obtained by TMZ, his son, Xavier Zechariah Wade, was born in Los Angeles on Nov. 10 to a 30-year-old woman named Aja Metoyer.

The date of his son’s bith puts the conception of the child roughly in early February, when he claims he was on a break from the relationship. But TMZ points out several Instgram photos Union posted of the two as a couple around the same time.

On February 5, Union posted a cozy photo of Wade snuggling with a dog with the caption, “Sasha don’t play when it comes to her man… ‘Down to ride ’til the very end, it’s me and my boyfriend.'”

Union posted another photo of the two together on Valentine’s Day.

Wade has dated Union since 2009 and “Entertainment Tonight,” which first reported the baby news, said the bride-to-be actress was aware of the child before Wade proposed Dec. 21.

The longtime couple allegedly “worked through the issue privately as a couple.”

“Like I said, this is something, obviously, private for my family that we will continue to deal with as a family,” he added Monday.

“But we have a blessing to the bloodline, to the Wade bloodline.”

Wade has reportedly known his baby mama “for many years, and according to TMZ he has made “serious effort” to see their child.

Sources told the gossip site that Wade has visited Xavier several times since the birth and even saw him on Christmas Day when he was in Los Angeles playing the Lakers.

Metoyer is a mother to two other chidlren and further details of her relationship with Wade are unknown.

The Miami Heat star is also father to two kids, Zaire and Zion, from his previous marriage with Siohvaughn Funches.

After a three-year battle in court, Wade was awarded custody of both of them.

The athlete went on to write a book, “A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger than Basketball,” and he is currently raising his nephew as well.

Rachel Green and the calendar don’t buy the “We were on a break” story.

So, yes, there were some distractions going on during the NBA finals (which did stretch out to seven games). But it all worked out in the end. Union has a big rock, Wade has an NBA championship, four kids have a rich daddy, and the side piece has eighteen years of child support payments coming. Everybody wins!

Congrats to Sneezy, who was first with the correct guess!

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  1. insecurelyfastened says

    Athlete: Dwyane Wade
    Team: Heat
    Girlfriend: Gabrielle Union
    Special Delivery: He got his mistress preggers!

  2. leesa30 says

    Athlete: Dwayne Wade
    Team: Heat
    G/F: Gabrielle Union
    Jawn Revelation: This would be the new addition to his family.

    • RedScience says

      Yep. ‘Happy’ being a clue that is a nod to the foolishness Gabrielle Union recently airbrushed over Dwayne’s ex wife’s mention on a magazine cover that she tweeted. Smh.

  3. caela94 says

    athlete: D Wade

    Team: Heat

    Girlfriend or Wife (may or may not be famous): Gabby Union

    Side Jawn’s Revelation or Special Delivery: rumor jump off is prego

  4. MrsNoodles says

    Dwyane Wade

    Miami Heat

    Gabrielle Union

    Rumor is that he got his side piece pregnant.

  5. Blaccorchid says

    Hey, Ace!! Long time lurker, first time poster! I’m going to go with D.w. Wade of the Miami Heat.. Girlfriend is Gabrielle Union and his side joint says she’s pregnant.

  6. NCShoeStalker says

    Athlete: Dwayne Wade
    Team: Miami Heat
    Girlfriend or Wife: Gabrielle “Break A” Union (Nicknamed for breaking up the marriage between Dwayne Wade and Siohvaughn Funches)
    Side Jawn’s Revelation or Special Delivery: She is knocked up!!!

  7. greygoose125 says

    Dwayne Wade

    Miami Heat

    Gabrielle Union

    Special Delivery: another woman is pregnant with his child.

  8. Scorpio13 says

    Athlete: Dwayne Wade

    Team: Miami Heat

    Girlfriend or Wife (may or may not be famous): Gabby Union

    Side Jawn’s Revelation or Special Delivery: Jump off is Pregnant

  9. NoseyNana2008 says

    Athlete: LeBron James
    Team: Miami Heat
    Girlfriend or Wife (may or may not be famous): Savannah Brinson
    Side Jawn’s Revelation or Special Delivery: He would postpone the wedding if the Heat lost the Championship.

  10. Kreuzberg says

    This could be about Tim Duncan’s divorce. It was suspended until the end of the NBA finals. His wife allegedly cheated on him.

  11. OG LOC says



    Girlfriend or Wife (may or may not be famous):Adrienne Williams, Lil Wayne calimed have slept with her before Bosh.

    Side Jawn’s Revelation or Special Delivery:Baby on the way from Bosh lol

  12. Lisa says

    Athlete: Dwayne Wade
    Team: Heat
    G/F: Gabrielle Union
    Jawn Revelation: This would be the new addition to his family.

  13. annasophie says

    when oh when oh when will these men learn??? jump offs/jawns LIVE FOR THE PREGNANCY HOOK!! just zip it or lose the gf and you stay away from the drama. dwayne wade, i have no sympathy.

  14. tonysgirl69 says

    I think it’s D. Wade and Gabby with a preggers jumpoff. She recently sent a pics of her and Wade in the mist of this scandel. But if it’s true then Gabby has it coming. Karma is a b*tch.

  15. LeahLynn28 says

    I read this story on TMZ few days ago(i’m still wondering why…),although i never heard of these people before.And my opinion is…so what?Most athletes cheat and have babies outside relationships,that’s not even news anymore.And if it’s true that they solved the situation privately,why should i care?They are adults…and TMZ is an annoying site,they stalk celebrities and “celebrities” when they don’t have what to post on their site.I don’t care if they were on a break or not when the baby was made,being seen together in public nowadays doesn’t mean there is a relationship going on…

  16. seattlegirl says

    What is it with these guys cheating on their wives/girlfriends and not using condoms? Is it that they just don’t mind contracting STDs and having unplanned pregnancies? Seems really stupid to me. I’d dump him not because he cheated but because he’s dumb.

  17. What Had Happened Was ... says

    I had to reread the story. Who is Rachel Green? And why does it say four kids have a rich daddy? Does Wade have another child, in addition to this new baby and the two boys with his ex-wife? That would make only three kids with a “rich daddy”.