The Real Reason She Is So Thin

girl thin 4[Blind Gossip] This Girl is young. She cannot even legally buy beer in many states. She has a big and busy career, though! She has it all: a TV series, a singing career, and a new movie coming out this year.

But… something has been happening with her body. She used to be of normal weight, but she has gotten thinner and thinner over the past year. She now weighs barely 100 pounds. Her fans are worried. Has she developed an eating disorder?

After lots of rumors and speculation, she finally responded to the gossip. She admitted that she has lost weight but…but…but… it’s because she’s exercising! And because she is eating healthier! Yes, that’s it! She has declared victory over her former bad habits!

That is complete and utter bullsh*t. We know the real reason she is so thin. It is because she has turned into a huge c*ke add*ct over the past year!  A music collaborator got her hooked. Now it’s every day, multiple times a day. Why eat when you can bump?

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    • PatsUp says

      For sure this is Miley. I read just the other day her saying how much healthier she eats now.

  1. watercoolergoss says

    Ariana Grande
    music collaborator: Mac Miller
    recently said she lost weight because she’s healthier now -working out and not eating junk food.

  2. 15milliondollarbunny says

    Oh God, I saw a quick blurb earlier this week about a young actress who says she dropped weight due to eating healthier,but I can’t remember where I saw it.

  3. FatiimaFace_ says

    Ariana Grande
    Because there have been rumors about her having an eating disorder, also it said “She has declared victory over her former bad habits!” she was on the show victorious.

    • Booboo1068 says

      Bad habits to the entertainment industry but to the rest of just healthy and normal. So sad and frustrating.

  4. GossipSauce says

    Ariana Grande. Sad that a Google search reveals lots of girls looking for how to get skinny fast, just like her. BTW, First time poster!

  5. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    Selina Gomez. She’s starting to look like a coke-head. I never thought she’d age well. It looks like she’s going to prove me right.

    • redstilettos says

      She has an amazing singing voice and good comedic timing. Too bad if this is her. :(

  6. Lizzard1012 says

    Ariana Grande

    Clue being victory- she was in Victorious and will now be starring in her spin off of the show.

    Also, This links to E! Online’s recent article to her explaining away her “healthy” weight loss.

    Granted, I have no idea who this chick is and what she looked like before or now, but this is my guess and I am sticking to it…

  7. pwnyprincess says

    Ariana Grande. Went on twitter saying she stopped eating junk food. Collaborator – Mac Miller

  8. Beatrixie says

    Victoria Justice.
    Clues: “The Girl is young.”- She made her big break appearing on an episode of Gilmore Girls, and she is 20 (too young to buy alcohol)
    She has a tv series (Victorious), a singing career … but I do not see that she has a movie coming out.

    “Has declared victory” – Victoria/Victorious

  9. iPanderr says

    Ariana Grande. She made a huge blog post clearing up eating disorders and said she’s eating healthy foods and exercising when she can.

  10. foraccts says

    Ariana Grande. Speculation about her weight loss is all over the Internet. She has a nik show and sings.

  11. Bromance1979 says

    Not that I know anything about tweens, but Victoria Justice? “Victory” could be a reference to her show, Victorious? She’s pretty thin and is 20, so can’t buy beer in the US. She doesn’t appear to have a film coming out this year, though, so I could be wrong.

  12. iPanderr says

    “victory” is a clue for Victorious. I think the collaborator is Mac Miller…because let’s be real, his eyes never seem to be open.

  13. Foo4Life says

    I know this one! Ariana Grande. Yes, she is looking rather frail lately. Are people still doing the white lines?

    First time poster. Yay!

  14. desertdisco says

    Ariana Grande, she recently wrote a tumblr post explaining how she lost a lot of weight.

  15. hereiam says

    Does Bella Thorne sing? I was thinking it could be her…I was going to say Selena Gomez but she doesn’t have a TV show any more

    • ScruffyPinkConverse says

      Plus, she’s starring in the film Swindle, out this year, and she has a single out, which I don’t know the name of as I’m not interested in these silly, drugged-up teens. haha

  16. MrsGosling says


    She was on Nickelodeon’s “Victorious” and had a hit with her single “This Way”. She is only 19 years old. Rumors have been circulating about her drastic weight loss and she went on her Tumblr page to address them. She attributes her weight loss to changing her diet from junk food to healthier food.

    Huffington Post just wrote a story about Ariana addressing the eating disorder rumors:

    • iPanderr says

      Miley’s always had a consistent figure. I’ve never seen her gain or lose weight.

  17. JeanneMillais says

    Definitely Ariana Grande. Everyone is talking about how much weight she lost this year.

  18. WhoSays says

    Ariana Grande.
    She posted on her tumblr a couple of days ago the reason why she’s lost so much weight is because she’s been eating “healthier”
    victory: victorious
    tv series: Sam & Cat
    Movie: swindle?
    Guessing the music collab would be with Mac Miller
    Wow this is so sad, I hope she gets the help she needs.

    • PandoraWolf says

      I looked this chick up and saw she is on that AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL HORRIBLE HORRIBLE show on Nick. I know I’m “old” now (38) but the character she plays on that show seems like such a pathologically pathetic idiot, that I HATE having my 7 yr old stepdaughter watch it: having a girl that seems that stupid on a show for kids/tweens seems like a ridiculously bad marketing decision.

      That said, lay off the coke, honey.

  19. Megan says

    Ariana Grande? This would be sad if it was her. She’s got a movie coming out this year, Swindle.

  20. pattyc24 says

    Ariana Grande. Just came out saying she lost weight because she’s “eating clean”

  21. Lemonylimes says

    Ariana Grande!

    19 years old
    Nickelodeon tv show
    New song is out
    And just responded to comments about weight less than 24 hours ago!

    • iPanderr says

      The guy can’t even hold his eyes open it seems. It wouldn’t surprise me if he did.

  22. McKenna says

    All I can think of is Ariana Grande, and that makes me sad. Sam & Cat TV show, her single The Way is doing well, and if I remember correctly she has a movie coming out called Swindle later this year. She made a post on her Tumblr about losing weight over the past year and how she did it.
    The music collaborator would probably be Mac Miller, whom was in her song.
    “Declared victory” is a hint…she used to be on Victorious.

  23. VodkaSoaked says

    Wasn’t this Blind released a few months ago? Don’t remember.

    Um, I’ll say Miranda Cosgrove.

  24. travoltasbeard says

    Ariana Grande

    but, but, but Mac Miller has said he does not do coke! Only sizzirup, weed, and other stuff…but not coke…he would never tell a lie!

  25. audreyyy says

    ariana grande definitely, there was a side by side comparison of her during the beginning of her career in victorious and a current picture and it as shocking how thin she was

  26. Harry says

    Ariana Grande
    Victory – Victorious

    Also she wrote on her tumblr about healthy weight loss and cutting the junk…

  27. cyberbrownie says

    This is totally ariana grande, shes going to be in the movie “swindle” playing a character named amanda, but its post production. victory- victorious, the show she was on, and she just had that song, the way with mac miller. and shes on sam & cat on nickledeon.