Her Guests Have To Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements

non disclosure agreement[The Morton Report]  This woman is well known in the UK, although her fame has spread beyond its shores.

Shy and retiring she is not. Forests have been felled so that she can be featured on countless pages of newspapers and magazines. None of this happens by chance: her type of publicity is a money-generating machine, ruthlessly controlled by her.

Staff and even guests at her home have to sign confidentiality contracts. If you were unfortunate enough to be asked to one of her tacky parties or dinners you would have to sign a legally binding non-disclosure document before you entered the door. No wonder little of what her home life is really like gets out.


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    • Bromance1979 says

      Definitely! Considering the use of the word “tacky”, it must be her. She epitomises tackiness.

      She’s sued people for trying to expose her true colours before, so it makes sense. Also since they say “what her home life is REALLY like”, it points to a façade of her home life being out there and she always seems very fake on her reality show (the few clips of it I’ve seen).

    • YoGo8c says

      Yes, imo.

      Victoria Beckham, nobody knows about her private life, she’s very lowkey. Those guessing her are just pulling her out of the hat as a standard answer. She’s not tacky either, far from it.

      Katie Price/Jordan much better fits this if you watch how she leads her life in the glare of cameras and intrusive documentaries following her around. And annoyingly she is still everywhere. She also did ‘Celebrity Jungle’ for the ‘beyond our shores’ bit and is a ruthless businesswoman (very clever at self-management so the stories go).

      But it could also be someone from ‘Geordie Shore’ who were in Australia recently.

  1. robirob052 says

    Her Majesty the Queen of England? ‘her type of publicity is a money generating machine’ sounds like the tourist attraction she is.

  2. Heyitsk_stew says

    First time poster but my guess is Jessie J because we barely know anything about her.

  3. rodieb123 says

    Who is this? Could it be Katie Price? Aka Jordan? She’s not that famous though….is she? Or one of the royal family? I dunno…

  4. LeahLynn28 says

    The “Queen” of England?
    She’s apparently shy,and she needs the media to promote herself,her boring family and their staged photo ops.Every month there are rumors about her retirement;she controls the media in England(they are afraid of her) and i believe she uses confidentiality contracts to avoid gossips about her parties,dinners and her private life.And that family is basically THE tourist attraction there…bringing money to England.
    Or Katie Price…who knows.

    • the great chrysanthemum says

      The Queen will never retire, there is no such thing in the British Monarchy, you either abdicate or die in office, abdication is a very dirty word in the Royal Family akin to being a traitor, it would never happen. f she become to ill to do her royal duties Charles would step in and become Regent but he wouldn’t become King until she died. If you got the rest of your gossip from the same source then sorry, but it’s total BS

  5. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    Tamara Ecclestone. Tacky, orange, publicity seeking. The blind doesn’t say “actress, singer, star”. It could be her equally talentless yet filthy rich, tacky, orange sister Petra Ecclestone.

  6. SickOfAnts says

    Oh, gotta be Trudie (or as they call her in the UK, ‘Turdie’) Styler, the future ex-Mrs. Sting.

  7. Bheasa says

    It’s definitely Katie Price, because of all the subtle horse-related terms, which I think might be: felled, shy and tack(y). See, I think “tacky” is definitely giving a massive horsey clue in the word “tack”, rather than just suggesting the person herself is tacky.