Undignified And Insecure

walking on eggshells 2[Hollywood Street King] Her French name may translate to ‘dignified’, but that’s not exactly how she’s seen by those in her circle. Don’t believe me.. Ask her boo, Alan Ferguson — who sources say preps his family on what not to say when she comes to dinner.

That’s because this “Losing You” singer is said to be so insecure, she leaves those in her presence walking on eggshells. It’s the reason why we’re told her current relationship could be on the rocks, with dude often opting to stay with his mother rather than our blind item. Just ask his brother, Mark.

She’s the younger sister of one reigning pop princess. The sibling pair are said to share the same insecure gene. Why else do you think our blind item’s big sis often stumbles on her own words during interviews?

Now, can you guess which Houston native I’m talking about?


Her Sister:

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