Sensational Love Affair Rocks UK

david cameron 1SOLVED!

[Daily Mail] David Cameron has held crisis talks at Downing Street after being told of allegations of a sensational love affair which has potentially significant political implications for him.

For legal reasons, The Mail on Sunday cannot disclose the identities of the people involved or any details of the relationship – even its duration – other than that they are middle-aged figures. The affair has now concluded.

But this newspaper can report that when aides told Mr Cameron the identities of the alleged lovers he was ‘stunned’, and, according to sources, ‘immediately realised the importance of the story’.

The Prime Minister and his aides also discussed the possible fallout should details of the affair become public – and how such disclosure could ‘blow out of the water’ any major political set pieces planned by No 10.

One senior source told this newspaper last night: ‘This revelation is dynamite. None of us could believe it when we first heard it. Then we just thought, “What a complete mess”.’

The source added that, apart from the political implications, the revelation had caused ‘great personal distress to innocent parties’.

It is understood that the Prime Minister was told of the relationship – which does not involve anyone serving in the Cabinet – within the past few weeks.

If details of the affair do emerge, it could place a further strain on Mr Cameron’s leadership, which is already being tested by backbench revolts over issues such as Europe and gay marriage and rumours of plots being hatched to overthrow him.

On Friday, he faced a further blow when one of his MPs, Patrick Mercer, resigned the party whip after being caught in a cash-for-questions ‘sting’ operation.

If the affair is revealed, it is likely to cause as much public surprise as the disclosure of the relationship between John Major and Edwina Currie, which was kept secret for nearly two decades until 2002.

When asked about the affair last night, a Downing Street source said: ‘This is not something we can talk about.’

Party 1:

Party 2:

Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks arrive at the Old BaileySOLVED!

Party 1: Rebekah Brooks

Party 2: Andy Coulson

Wow! This UK tabloid scandal is is getting good!

Very brief summary: There is currently a big trial going on the UK regarding the criminal celebrity phone hacking activities of Rupert Murdoch’s staff at News of The World.

Today, the jury learned that Rebekah Brooks (the former editor) and Andy Coulson (her successor) had a six-year affair.

It’s a big deal because Rebekah reported directly to Rupert Murdoch, and Andy worked for David Cameron, the Prime Minster of England. Plus, they are both married to other people. So, this certainly explains why the folks at 10 Downing Street were freaking out over the affair back in June. They knew that this fiasco was going to be front-page news once the trial began!

If you are from the U.S. and aren’t that familiar with the players, this would be like finding out that Condoleezza Rice and Rupert Murdoch had a long-term top-secret affair and together hatched a successful plan to hack Barack Obama and Jennifer Aniston’s phones to listen in on the details of their forbidden love affair with each other!  OK, not exactly. But you get the gist. Scandalosa!

The shocking news of the affair was first Tweeted by Caroline Davies of The Guardian.

caroline daviesIf you want to read all the salacious details, here’s a link to a long article at The Daily Mail. For those of you who just want a summary, here is one from The Huffington Post:

Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson, the two biggest names in the ongoing trial over phone hacking, had an affair for at least six years, the jury in the trial was told on Thursday.

The Guardian’s Caroline Davies tweeted news of the shocking revelation. The affair reportedly spanned from 1998 to 2004, starting before and ending after Brooks’ tenure as editor of News of the World. Rumors of the relationship have been running rampant for months, but nothing had been confirmed until Thursday.

Brooks and Coulson—who preceded Brooks as editor in 2003 and later became the communications chief at Downing Street—are on trial for charges related to phone hacking and illegal payments to public officials. The BBC reported that prosecutor Andrew Edis told jurors , “What Mr. Coulson knew, Mrs. Brooks knew too.” He added that he was disclosing details of the affair because both Brooks and Coulson have been charged with participating in a conspiracy to hack phones.

“When people are charged with conspiracy, the first question a jury has to answer is how well did they know each other?” he said. “How much did they trust each other? And the fact that they were in this relationship which was a secret means that they trusted each other quite a lot with at least that secret and that’s why we are telling you about it.”

Investigators apparently learned of the affair from a letter Brooks sent to Coulson in 2004, after he had seemingly tried to end their secret relationship.

“The fact is you are my best my friend,” the letter read in part. “I tell you everything, I confide in you, I seek your advice, I love you, care about you, worry about you. We laugh and cry together. In fact, without our relationship in my life I’m really not sure I will cope.”

At the time, both Brooks and Coulson were married to other people. Brooks has since remarried; her current husband, Charlie, is on trial with her for allegedly attempting to impede the investigation into her role in the phone hacking scandal.

And here is a pic of the couple out to dinner in 2009… with their spouses! From the left, that’s Eloise Coulson, Rebekah Brooks, Charlie Brooks, and Andy Coulson. Do you think they’re all still friends?

rebekah brooks andy coulson and spouses

Congratulations to Savvy Geek, who was first with the correct answer!

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  1. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    Party 1: Tony Blair
    Party 2: Wendi Ding (Rupert Murdock’s soon-to-be 3rd ex-wife)
    Cheri Blair publicly denied the rumors, which just confirms them.

    • a Card says

      How about Wendi Deng and Samantha Cameron? Wendi is 44, Samantha 42 (middle age) the blind says that it is Not someone from the cabinet but that if the affair became public it would affect David Cameron’s leadership. If its not someone in the cabinet then who else’s involvement would cause such ripples!!

  2. klo says

    Pretty sure this is about rumours circulating of an affair between Tony Blair and Wendi Deng, the soon to be ex Mrs Rupert Murdoch.

  3. savvy_geek says

    Andy Coulson, Cameron’s former press secretary, and the infamous Rebekeh Brooks of NewsCorp….

  4. sarilou says

    This is Blair and Wendi Deng.

    Our UK government and media seem to think we’re all incapable of using a search engine. Sigh…

  5. iwenrfoqifn says

    rebekah brooks and andy coulson!!!!!!! Everybody in the UK knows….. plus… Im not a 100% sure the blair/ murdoch affair isnt true!

  6. slantrhyme says

    It sounds like a same-sex relationship, since I didn’t notice any mention of gender…

    • creeping_thistle says

      Why this is impossible: Samantha Cameron is a rather pretty woman, actually. And we all know, one divorce and a death after, that Charles doesn’t do pretty.

  7. KathyP says

    Party 1: David Cameron himself
    Party 2: Barack Obama
    trysts at the White House when he visited. Note the reference to gay marriage. I can’t imagine a bigger bombshell than this.

    • nolabelle says

      The blind reads it did not reference his own in delicacies but some one else that is problematic for him.

    • YoGo8c says

      “the Prime Minister was told of the relationship – which does not involve anyone serving in the Cabinet”.

      David Cameron serves IN the Cabinet. This BI cannot him.

    • AuntieMama says

      Wow now this is good & juicy but with that “middle aged” clue, you can rule out the Prince since longevity runs in that family & is practically a kid compared to the elders in the family.

      For a different direction: Samantha Cameron and Boris Johnson (Mayor of London). More direct implications politicially for the PM

  8. PinkFlamingo says

    The most sensational British affair Involving government types that I could imagine would be Tony Blair and Princess Diana. If it did not say “middle age”, I would guess The Queen and Margaret Thatcher! Talk about ESCANDALOSO!!!!!

  9. KWDragon says

    This sounds like Wendi Deng (the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Rupert Murdoch) and former PM Tony Blair. He is apparently the godfather to Mr. and Mrs. R’s two daughters, and it happened while he was in office.

    10 Downing Street is happenin’!

    • YoGo8c says

      What I don’t understand is how an affair between an EX-Cabinet leader, and a Labour one at that (Cameron is Conservative, though pretty liberal, he’s for gay marriage) can be problematical for him? It obviously happened ages ago and the people involved are supposedly no longer even in the limelight.

      So though Blair and Deng are the names going round I wonder if it’s someone else because it should have no real effect on David Cameron in theory unless it would reveal closer political links than they are all letting on about?

      • gaelgirl says

        YoGo, I think I may have sussed out a thread of logic about how a Blair-Deng affair could affect Cameron. It’s sort of a stretch though: just the publicity from it would take people’s attention away from the issues Cameron wants to address.

        The blind said it would “blow out of the water” whatever he’s planning, which could just mean divert attention away from said political maneuvers. It later said it could “cause a strain” on his leadership, which again could just be that he’s losing his grip and a huge scandal like this just adds to the stress of the job.

        If it were to break, you know the UK press would be relentless, and Cameron would likely be called upon to say SOMETHING about it. It would just be a mess and people wouldn’t be focused on what he wants to do — giving opponents an opportunity to ignore it, too.

      • YoGo8c says

        gaelgirl, well it seems to make sense a lot more now after the reveal. That those with more blue links to David Cameron would be the ones making him sweat, though not directly. I just didn’t think the connection with Labour/Deng/Blair would be enough of a problem for him.

        So it was Randy all along. And the only other thing I can add is how convenient that the Daily Mail sits on this kind of info, that it knows who is doing what and where/when, but keeps quiet, only hints or prints what it’s told. But then throws other people under the bus when it suits. Kind of says it all.

    • nolabelle says

      I don’t know about this guy but I do think it reads like Cameron’s wife and someone else that would hurt the PM politically.

    • Lola Mac says

      No 10 refers to the Prime Minister’s residence in Downing Street, with the Chancellor next door at No11.

      My guess for the affair is Sam Cameron and London Mayor, Boris Johnson.

  10. Love says

    Cameron would love the ‘Tony Blair-Wendy Deng’ as opposite party, thing, so doubt that one

  11. catherine2255 says

    its rebekah brooks and andy coulson definitely, Cameron would not want this out, but it already is all over the net even after he gagged the press.
    Cameron would have no reason to shield Tony Blair.

    • YoGo8c says

      My thoughts too. Unless he is super pals with Blair, they are completely different political parties and what Blair does should not impact on a Conservative leader.

      The only possibility for me is if this jeopardises Blair’s middle eastern ‘peace envoy’ or whatever it is role (AKA, money spinning lecture tours) that would rebound on the current government in terms of simple bad timing and how it LOOKS. Because unless there’s more than meets the eye here Cameron has no major reason to worry/shield Tony Blair over some private affair btwn a Labour leader and a bigshot’s wife. It makes no sense to me. But maybe there’s more going on here than we realise?

  12. isis00 says

    A different and less obvious guess: Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmilla. The divorce is rumored to be due to Putin’s wandering pecker, but after 30 years, I doubt his wife would suddenly walk away, so I’m wondering if Putin’s recent visit to the UK regarding the Syria crisis led to the discovery of his affair with someone close to Cameron in No 10.

  13. jonsmommy408 says

    Can somebody who follows UK politics explain briefly how a Deng/Murdoch affair would have political implications for Cameron? I don’t follow UK politics closely enough I guess.

    • sherlock says

      Murdoch supported Tony Blair.Murdoch owns the Sun newspaper which has a huge influence on how the British public vote in an election.The two who had this affair will be deemed to havehad their hands on government levers as i see it.High profile conservative/labour people maybe.Yhe blind says “not in cabinet within the last few weeks”Is that a big clue?

    • gammyjill says

      I’m not sure, either. Cameron’s government is a joint Tory-Lib Dem coalition and since Labour’s on the outs at this point, any gossip about them (Tony and Wendi) would be superfluous to Cameron’s hold on power. However, I did guess Tony and Wendi up-thread, but had my doubts even then.

      The thing is that Tony and Wendi are much better known than Andy Coulson and Rebecca Brooks. I don’t know why anyone would care if Coulson and Brooks are a two-some. This “blind” is about two (or four) “knock-outs”, which I suppose does give credence to the Tony-Wendi scenario.

      • savvy_geek says

        The Coulson/Brooks affair would be very damaging to Cameron – there was already enough controversy about the Cameron government going soft/having connections with Murdoch and NewsCorp. during the phone-hacking scandal. To have evidence that Coulson and Brooks were actually a couple would be even worse.

  14. sherlock says

    To me this sounds like an affair between two married high profile cross-party MP’S.They would have to be well known names and by the sounds of it most would say unlikely,but that’s sexual attraction for you,common sense goes out the window.These mp’s would have to be involved in government decisions and policies.I’m doing research.

  15. zicca1 says

    To those who have asked about the Deng-Blair implications. Firstly, the ongoing Leveson inquiry which, essentially, is concerned with the cozy relationship between Downing Street (government) & Fleet Street (news media). Secondly, interesting revelation in yesterday’s Guardian about the UK’s NSA equivalent (GSHQ) wiretapping foreign delegates at the G20 (I believe), which just happened to break the day before they were to host the G8. The fact is that Murdoch has been far too cozy with the last few administrations, and Deng, golddigger extraordinaire, and properly intelligent & fearless, threatens to derail a whole lotta lotta — Blair, Brown, Cameron, she can probably destroy them all.

    • sherlock says

      Well the two high profile lawyers on opposite sides of the Leveson enquiry were exposed as having an affair during the court enquiry.Leveson said there was no conflict of interest in this and dismissed it.What planet is this man living on?Of course it is relevant.Lawyers for the defence and prosecution swapping info whilst sha**ing one another.This makes a joke of British justice.

      • zicca1 says

        True. And the British justice system is doing a damn good job of making itself a laughing stock in many ways this year. The way I (& my vote) see it, they’re about to effectively get rid of legal aid (public defenders), they can’t be seen as a real justice system.

  16. timesink says

    Wow, a woman would want to sleep with Tony Blair? but not sure how this impacts Cameron, except making him look better. The other one (Brooks and Coulson) looks more damaging.

  17. Stars In My Eyes says

    So glad you posted this
    I found out about it when the Mail originally published it
    Most likely Tony Blair and Wendi Deng. What an idiot, screwing Citizen Kane’s wife. This would have serious consequences for Cameron because Blair represents the Quartet in the Mideast peace talks and could make the British look…well, like a bunch of sex maniacs to the Arabs and Israelis. I love this blind, and hope its solved soon.
    I also love the David Cameron/Obama and Hague/Jolie guesses. I enjoy blinds like this that let vulgar imaginations run free. :-)

    • YoGo8c says

      “the Prime Minister was told of the relationship – which does not involve anyone serving in the Cabinet”

      Again, rule out Hague and Cameron, and anyone SERVING (present tense) in the Cabinet.

      It suggests someone who did, or someone outside the Cabinet, but close to politics.

    • VodkaSoaked says

      Been to the Middle East. Believe me the Arabs are just as sex crazed as the rest of the world.

  18. MissDisgrace says

    I’ve heard from a source that Boris Johnson and Samantha Cameron had a past affair. Whether or not this is who this referring to I don’t know but thought I’d throw it out there.

    • VodkaSoaked says

      Wow, that would explain why Nigella’s husband (alledgedly) tried to strangle her in the middle of a crowded restaurant.

  19. sherlock says

    What did Wendi see in that old geriatric multi millionaire anyway?I wonder what the reason for the divorce will be?maybe it’ll be hush hush.I can’t see this as being Blair as he has no influence on government policy unless he’s having secret talks with Cameron.Everyone knows Cameron admires Tony Blair and is probably trying to model his policies with those of the Blair government.Everyone was surprised and shocked it’s said that these two were lovers.It has to be someone who was looked at as a stalwart in the government at the time with an equal stalwart from the opposite benches with families.That is my opinion.In the last government,the armed protection officer assigned to Alan Johnson a cabinet minister was having an affair with his wife.They consequently split.

  20. kittyconfidential says

    I’m wondering, maybe it’s not the actual affair but the implications of revealing the affair that would be damaging. I have a rather complicated and sinister theory – Wendi Deng and Vladimir Putin are the ones having an affair.

    1. Deng is the soon-to-be-ex-wife of Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch’s UK newspapers were proven to be systemmatically wiretapping private citizens for news stories.

    2. The NSA whistleblower provided evidence that world leaders attending the G20 in London in 2009 had email and phone calls intercepted under the authority of the British PM. Russia was one of the countries targeted.

    3. Murdoch has had a very close relationship with the British government for many, many years. Perhaps this close relationship includes the sharing of their wiretapping technology and intel, including the discovery of the Deng/Putin affair.

  21. lizzie says

    It is def. Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson. Andy Coulson was an adviser to Cameron and Brooks (who is involved in the hacking row) is great friends with Cameron. Even if there was an affair between Blair and Mrs Murdoch (which I doubt), that wouldn’t make any difference to Cameron. Don’t forget the affair between John Major and Edwina Currie came out sometime after he left office, and that made no difference to the government of the time. I think a lot of posters just like to think the worst of Tony Blair.

  22. VodkaSoaked says

    With Murdoch filing for divorce amid rumors of Deng and Tony Blair having an affair I’ll say it’s them. Which is extra seedy since Blair is the godfather of Murdoch and Deng’s two girls.

    • VodkaSoaked says

      Although my answer was the obvious one, for some reason the wording of this blind makes me think this a same-sex affair.

  23. lizt says

    Has to be Coulson and Brooks.Colson ran the PM”s press office when Brooks was editor of a major newspaper. This has much wider implications for the current PM than Tony Blair’s alleged indiscretion.

  24. xelarose says

    This one is an interesting one. Whilst I’ve no doubt the rumours about Blair and Deng are true, I don’t think this blind relates to them. For starters, Blair was under the Labour party, so his affair with the moguls wife would have no political implication on Cameron, who is a Tory. If anything, it would benefit the Tory party to have a little dirt on Labour, particularly relating to Murdoch and his own recent scandal.

    I’m saying Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson. With the recent scandal about the Tory party schmoozing it up with the Murdoch empire, it would be a near perfect story for the papers to sell. Sadly they can’t, but I doubt the ones ran by Murdoch’s press would want to anyways.

  25. brat365 says

    everybody knows that women like wendy deng are no good gold diggin H***s. They dont even pay much attention to their kids either. They just cra#p them out for financial security. When will men learn that these women are no good. Even my mother in law calls these women “the great pretenders” lol.

  26. JenJenJen says

    I can’t believe that the divorce of Murdoch and Deng is mere coincidence so I’m going with the majority and saying it’s her and Tony Blair. Ew.

  27. La Llorona says

    I heard Ross Kemp is gay and that Rebekah walked in on him with another man, and started hitting him. And that basically in general, she’s an abusive asshole. Even if the rumor is false, Rebekah earned her douchebag stripes long ago.

  28. Chosen says

    No offence, but the UK government wouldn’t care about this affair. Nobody in UK cares about it so I doubt David Cameron would be getting himself in a spin about it.