Funny Guy Is Cheating On His Wife

bill maher[Hollywood Street King] Today’s blind item may be a comedian, but many didn’t find this brother to be a funny man when he said, “Black women are angry just in general, all the time”, last year.

Sources now reveal our 50-year-old mystery man recently arranged to indulge in “some good weed” — while plotting to cheat on his wife, with “hot chicks”.

That’s after we’re told our blind item reached out to his Sin City street scout connection — setting up his secret shenanigans, after he wraps his stand-up show at Las Vegas’ Orleans Hotel and Casino.

He was the first token black comedian to be hired by CNN back in 2008. While he’s on the road, covering stories for the network, he’s known to often cheat on his wife of 27-years. Don’t believe me.. Ask Bill Maher.

Now, can you guess which house Negro that I’m talking about?


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