We Believe This Teen Star Is Going To Freak Out

princess 3This is a BlindGossip.com exclusive story. We ask media outlets and bloggers to clearly and properly credit and link to BlindGossip.com when discussing this story. Thank you for your professional cooperation!

[Blind Gossip] Our Princess is a beautiful and talented triple threat. She sings, acts, and has even appeared on a dance competition show.

She has been dating a Popular Teen Staron and off for a while. It was supposed to be just a publicity setup, but he really fell for her. So he is going to be royally pissed off when he finds out who she is sleeping with now!

Her New Beau is an up-and-comer on the music scene… and is one of The Teen Star’s closest friends! Of course, that friendship is going to be over as soon as he finds out that The Princess and his friend betrayed him.

And that’s not even the worst of it!

The Teen Star is really going to go ballistic when he finds out that a lot of private activity that occurred behind the castle walls… was surreptitiously captured on film! Yes, we have seen it. Yes, we can confirm that it is 100% real. And there are about 40 million reasons why The Teen Star should be feeling very betrayed and very paranoid right now.


Popular Teen Star:

New Beau:

This is a BlindGossip.com exclusive story. We ask media outlets and bloggers to clearly and properly credit and link to BlindGossip.com when discussing this story. Thank you for your professional cooperation!


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    • Padackles says

      clues: 40 million reasons (Bieber reached 40 million Twitter followers a few days ago)
      -Princess (Gomez: Princess Proection Program)
      -the word ”believe” was italic in the last post (Beliebers)
      By the way, I apologize for my bad English (it’s not my native language…)

      • Stackhouse says

        You don’t have to apologize for your English, you did great. I also think you’re right.

      • intherain says

        I agree, the clues fit. BTW your grammar/English was just fine, don’t apologize. Never would have known it was your second language.

      • Chile_Pleeze says

        your written english is better than these natives I have to endure day in and day out…..

      • MissMafiosi says

        also she appeared on dancing with the stars, and Justin was newly crowned the prince of pop, hint to the word royally in italics.

    • NoStalkersAllowed says

      im hearing rumors of her and ed sheeran dating but he isnt one of justin friends

  1. keyakxx says

    Princess – Selena
    Teen Star – Beiber

    Not sure about the new beau

    40 million reasons = Justin’s 40 million twitter followers he just achieved

    • shampagne says

      That is just disgusting if it is true. A 20 year old woman with a 14 year old boy. Come on now she should have better sense than that! I wouldn’t be surprised though!

    • Stackhouse says

      Jaden? Jaden Smith is 14 years old, turning 15 this year. Selena Gomez is 21, turning 22 this year. No matter how narcissistic, arrogant and precocious that Smith kid is, he’s still very much a kid, and a 22-year-old adult having a romantic and/or sexual relationship with a 14-year-old is disturbing.

      • mrsdarcy says

        Actually pretty sure it’s not just disturbing, it’s called RAPE. No double standards here. Age of consent is pretty clear on this.

      • says

        What makes you think Jaden is so arrogant and narcissistic? He’s basically a middle schooler; I had to deal with douchebags in middle school (still do in high school now) but he comes across as none of these things.

  2. reverie says

    princess: Selena Gomez (used to be on Disney, “disney princess”)
    popular teen star: justin bieber (40 million reference to 40 million twitter followers)
    new beau: not sure who this could be.

  3. austinmocean says

    Princess: Selena Gomez
    Popular Teen Star: Justin Bieber
    New Beau: No idea.

    There are the obvious clues like We BELIEVE; and Selena being a princess refers to that princess protection movie she did with Demi Lovato, and so on. But when was she on a dance competition show? I’m 99.99% sure this is Selena & Justin, so I’m a little lost. Maybe just a performance to promote a song on like Dancing With the Stars or something?
    But 40 million reasons why he’ll feel betrayed? Referring to his 40million twitter followers, why will he feel betrayed? I know paranoid because they’ll all find out and he’ll be embarrassed, but why will he feel betrayed by the 40 million followers? Maybe I’m confused.

    And I have no idea who the new beau is.

      • ethel skinner says

        And she was a judge on a Disney Channel dance competition for kids, called “Make Your Mark: Ultimate Dance-off Shake It Up”.

  4. dallasshowgirl says

    Teen Star: The Beiber
    Pop Princess: Demi Lovato
    Friend: Jaden Smith

    Clue: 40 million reasons – He makes his party goers sign a confidentiality clause that has a penalty of 5 million…8 friends that snitch = 40 million

  5. NYCMEL says

    Princess: Selena Gomez
    Teen Star: Justin Bieber
    New Beau: King Kevi

    Justin just hit 40 million Twitter followers

  6. tiara107 says

    Princess: Selena Gomez

    Popular Teen Star: Justin Bieber

    New Beau: Don’t know, maybe lil twist? I can’t think of any up and coming music artists that is one of Justin’s closest friends that qualify (Jaden Smith and Cody Simpson are way underage).

    “princess”, “castle”, “royally” are Disney references. She was a Disney girl.
    “40 million reasons” – Justin has 40 million followers on twitter.
    “Believe” is Justin’s album title.

    • chandler02 says

      Princess: Selena Gomez

      Popular Teen Star: Justin Bieber

      New Beau: Lil twist

      Lil Twist is a rapper with Young Money Entertainment.
      Also, the mention of the star going ballistic because of video from inside the castle is probably a reference to Beiber’s newly released confidentiality agreement that needs to be signed before going to one of his parties.

  7. modelle18 says

    Princess: Selena Gomez – clue Disney princess

    Popular Teen Star: Justin Bieber – clue 40 million reasons=40 million twitter followers

    New Beau: Jaden Smith? Is he an up and comer in music? I know he’s dabbled in a few raps… or would Selena be dating Lil Twist?

  8. Quanah says

    I’m thinking:

    Princess: Selena Gomez
    Popular Teen Star: Justin Beiber
    New Beau: Lil’ Twist

    But I’m not sure if she’s been on a dancing show.

      • newsjunkie says

        A-Ha! I was thinking of the girl who got second place on DWTS this past season, but Selena did perform, so I’m going with:
        Jaden Smith

  9. cupcakes says

    I’m assuming this is about Bieber and Gomez. Don’t know who the friend is and I don’t care either.

  10. I Am PunkA says

    Selena Gomez

    Biebs (40 Million twitter followers, hence the 40M ways)

    Austin Mahone.

    Not totally buying this since Mahone is 17, and Gomez could go to jail for “relations” with a minor. Unless they were just kissing.

  11. LeahLynn28 says

    Oh my…
    Princess:Selena Gomez.
    Popular teen star:Justin Bieber.
    New beau:I don’t know…yet.
    What a scandal…the drugs really killed his brain cells.lol

  12. ardele772 says

    I’m pretty sure that this is Selena and the Biebs. She was in that Disney Channel movie called Princess Protection Program and there have been other blinds about how their thing was for publicity but then it turned into something more real.

    Plus Justin has 40 million followers on Twitter, which lines up with the “40 million reasons why”

    I don’t really know who the friend is… I know there were pictures of her with Jaden Smith but he’s like 14 so that seems unlikely. I mean he’s the son of the “fresh prince” will smith, which ties into the royal theme but I REALLY hope a 20 year old girl as pretty as her could find someone more her own age to sleep around with.

    that being said, my only other very general guess for the friend would be maybe someone that works with him? someone in his entourage or something. IDK. I don’t know much about who Bieber hangs out with.

    • ardele772 says

      oh wait, it’s an “up and comer” on the music scene. welll IDK then. besides the Smith kid, I’ve got nothin’

  13. tiara107 says

    Or the New Beau is probably King Kevi, an up an coming rapper. He lives with Justin and would have the means to take private footage in his home. King Kevi was spotted driving by Selena’s house a couple months ago claiming he was dropping something off to one of her friends.

  14. bobbi says

    I’m going to say the girl is Selena Gomez and the teen star is Justin Bieber? I don’t know who the friend is.

  15. clink1833 says

    Selena, Justin and King Kevi. I have no idea who King Kevi is but it fits some of the clues…royally and castle walls. Plus according to my google search there were rumors back on april or so about King Kevi (I feel stupid even typing that name) and Selena hooking up.

    • mrsdarcy says

      I find this guess much less disgusting and the king kevi thing does play in well royally. Hollywood life says he’s 20 and friends with the Biebs, so I cosign on this!

    • lobsterbabe says

      Oooh…I second this!
      I wonder what the video is, a sex tape, or maybe video of Beiber partying and doing drugs. Not that we all don’t already know he isn’t the clean cut kid he used to be. But if proof does come out it could ruin what’s left of his career.

  16. Mia444 says

    Bieber & Gomez. Don’t know who the up-and-coming singer is. Does this mean Gomez & the Biebs have a sex tape? Ew.

  17. herc99 says

    Selena Gomez

    Justin Bieber (40 million reasons / twitter followers)

    Gucci Mane (Spring Breakers movie)

  18. DarkSpark says

    Princess: Selena Gomez

    Popular Teen Star: Beiber

    New Beau: Jaden Smith

    Clue: 40 million reasons = JB just hit 40 million twitter followers

    2¢ = She’s 20 and he’s 14. That’s disgusting and I hope this isn’t true, maybe she was just babysitting.

    • Booboo1068 says

      Yup, that was my guess about Jaden and same rxn. Give it ten yrs and it wouldn’t matter as much but 20 to 14…um you’d think his parents would be concerned (or not?).

  19. Maria says

    I kinda want to say Justin Bieber because we all know Gomez is using him for his fame but she isn’t talented or beautiful so I’m not sure…

  20. gmaven says

    Selena Gomez – sings, acts and performed on Dancing with the Stars
    Justin Bieber – has 40 million Twitter followers
    New Beau: Jaden Smith — “royally” is clue; Dad was Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

  21. neartstarlet says

    Princess: Selena Gomez
    Popular Teen Star: Justin Beiber
    New Beau: Tyler, the Creator

  22. LuPiness says

    Princess: Selena Gomez

    Popular Teen Star: Justine Bieber

    New Beau: Jaden Smith

    I know Jaden is an actor but I saw an article of him and Selena going out eating. But I think it is not him.

  23. guiltywhispers says

    Princess: Selena Gomez (Sang on a dance competition show, but she is a good dancer)

    Popular Teen Star: Justin Bieber

    New Beau: Jaden Smith? (not sure if “Up and comer) is the best description of him. But he is one of Justin’s best friends and was recently out on a dinner date with Selena.

  24. LaPerla says

    Gomez (Princess Protection Program, Dancing w/Stars appearance)
    Bieber (40 million on twitter)
    king kevi (Several royalty reference)

    • luvprue1 says

      Ditto! I think it’s King Kevi too. He’s a up and coming rapper who is mostly known for his friendship with Justin Bieber.

    • iPanderr says

      David Henrie isn’t a musician and he’s not close friends with Bieber…maybe Selena but the blind says bieber’s friend.

  25. crazysexycool says

    Princess: Selena Gomez (appeared in DWTS recently)

    Popular Teen Star: The Biebs

    New Beau: Aspiring rapper Kevi King (hence all the royalty clues)

    • bil200 says

      This is correct! He just gave an interview about the drugs, girls, and parties at JB house. He gave a “no comment” when asked about the rumors involving him and Selena.

  26. KellBell8 says

    I’m thinking Selena and Justin.. He just hit 40 million followers on Twitter. But I have no idea who his friend is!

  27. Raccoon says

    Princess: selena Gomez
    Popular teen star: Justin bieber
    New beau: king kevi?!

    Rumoured to be sleeping with selena previously, other clue is 40 million, the biebs hit 40 million twitter followers this week.

  28. GoGoHead says

    Princess: Selena Gomez
    Teen Star: Justin Bieber
    New Beau: Niall Horan
    In another solved blind it says it was PRset up but he ended liking her. And she sings and acts and tried to get with Niall Horan.

  29. KTTBO says

    Princess: Selena Gomez
    Popular Teen Star: Justin Beiber
    New Beau: King Kevi (hence the “royally” pissed reference)

  30. Molls says

    Princess: Selena Gomez (she sings, dances and acts, but is not talented at any of those)
    Popular Teen Star: Justin Bieber
    New Beau: Gucci Mane

  31. LC_Says says

    Beiber and Selena…. not sure about the new beau though. Jaden Smith?

    Clues: Believe, 40 million reasons (the Biebs just hit 40 million Twitter followers), and the princess references could be from Selena’s movie “Princess Protection Program” and also Justin was at Disneyland yesterday.

  32. anabella says

    Princess: Selena gomez
    She was the princess in a movie called princess protection program. She’s also appeared on dancing with the stars and her album is called stars dance.
    Popular teen star: Justin bieber
    He just hit 40 million followers on twitter a few days ago
    New beau: jaden smith
    He’s one of JB’s bffs & has recently been photographed with Selena

  33. Finlands Best says

    Princess: Selena Gomez
    Popular Teen Star: Bieber
    New Beau:

    Clues: Selena was part of the Disney troupe and was in a Disney movie called Princess Protection Programme. She also performed on Dancing with the Stars. She and Bieber dated off and on and he’s rumored to have proposed. The 40 million references the number of twitter followers Biebs has reached. No idea on the New Beau.

  34. allison53 says

    Princess: Selena Gomez

    Popular Teen Star: Justin Bieber

    New Beau: hmm the only friend of jb that i know of is that alfredo flores

    • allison53 says

      clues becaue selena was in cinderella story which she danced( i think?? ) in. 40 million is how many followers justin has on twitter

  35. Naija_girl says


    Now, the only teen star I can think of, based on the clues, is Zandaya from that HORRIBLE show Shake It Up. She was on DWTS. According to Google she’s been “seeing” Trevor Coleman, another Disney kid. I’d hardly call him a popular star though…

    And I really don’t like thinking about 14/15 year olds sleeping around :'(

    • DoMeMore says

      Clues: Believe (duh), Princess (Selena’s three movies), royally (his crown tattoo?), 40 mil (number of his twtter followers?).
      Reaching maybe but plausible.

  36. vickimarie0390 says

    Princess: Selena Gomez

    Popular Teen Star: Justin Bieber

    New Beau: That kid “King Kevi” that was seen leaving her house not too long ago?

  37. snseffy says

    Princess: Selema Gomez
    Popular Teen Star: The Beebs (just got 40 million twitter followers)
    New Beau: King Kevi

  38. Dizzy says

    Princess : Selena Gomes

    Popular teen star: Justin Beiber

    But have no idea who the new beau is

  39. Booboo1068 says

    This may be a tedious guess but…

    Selena Gomez – on DWTS Apr 2013
    Jaden Smith (?) – had dinner together according to Google search (a stretch I know he’s FOURTEEN)

    • Booboo1068 says

      I’m going to guess there is video showing JB doing some serious drug like cocaine?

  40. Jester says

    Princess: Selena Gomez
    Popular Teen Star: Justin Bieber
    New Beau: Jaden Smith

  41. Breathless says

    Princess: Selena Gomez

    Popular Teen Star: Justin Bieber

    New Beau: One of his “posse” (do 19-year olds even have posses?) – King Kevi

    Clues being all of the royalty references and also didn’t Selena and Demi star in some Disney movie called, like, the Princess Patrol or something? I feel like the “…40 million reasons…” part is a hint too, but can’t figure that one out.

    • Breathless says

      Wait, has Selena Gomez appeared on a dance competition show? I don’t know if she has or not, maybe someone more familiar with the “tween” stars can fill that one in…

  42. Rooster says

    My daughter liked the Princess Protection Program is that the basis of the Princess clue–I wonder!

  43. tonyfan says

    Princess Selena Gomez
    Popular Teen Star Justin Beiber
    New Beau Austin Mahone

    Hints-Princess-Princess Protection Program Selena, 40 mil-Justin hit 40 mil twitter followers recently, supposed to be publicity and he fell-past blinds, Selena and Austin recently had dinner

  44. 15milliondollarbunny says

    Uh oh. Selena Gomez, Justin Biebs. But who is the new beau?? One of Justin’s hangers-on?

  45. robirob052 says

    Obviously Princess is Selena Gomez and Popular Teen Star is Justin Beaver … uhm, Justin Bieber.

    New beau, hmmm, tricky question. Could be anyone, even a gay one like Harry from One Direction (anyone’s better than Justin Bieber, right?).

    • Booboo1068 says

      Is Harry a close friend of Justin’s? I’m not being snarky. He could be and I wouldn’t know.

      • iPanderr says

        No, although Niall is fairly good friends because he was a huge fan of his, but with the tours and being stationed in London, I wouldn’t say they’re close. Considering Niall also turned down the PR stunt that was supposed to set him up with Selena because he was Justin’s friend, I don’t think Niall would cross that line. I think he’s afraid of Justin a little bit, so stepping between him and Selena would not be something he would do.

  46. slimfast10 says

    princess. Selena Gomez

    Pop teen star Justin B

    new beau Waka Flaka or Gucci Mane

    What a dope he is if there is some kind of sex tape..this kid needs help and guidance before he totally implodes….

  47. cmac15 says

    Selina and the Biebs….but not sure who the friend is. (Biebs just reached 40 million followers on Twitter!)

  48. VodkaSoaked says

    Dunno, but “behind the castle walls” makes me think it’s Disney stars. And TBH, their are just too many of them with dirt to name or keep track of whom they’re dating.

    That’s the reason I come to BlindGossip.

  49. Miarosa says

    Okay, this is my first time writing something. Also, my first language isn’t English, so I hope you understand what I am writing. :)

    I don’t really know why, but I think:

    Princess: Selena Gomez

    Popular Teen Star: Justin Bieber

    New Beau: Jaden Smith (maybe?)

    Hints: “40 million reasons (…)” – Justin has 40 million twitter followers; and all those royality clues could be about Jaden’s dad, the “fresh prince of bel air”?? I don’t know. Jaden seems a bit young. You would think Selena would have had enough of childish behaviour by now, but who knows?? Just had to think of Jaden because he is a close friend of Justin. I don’t know about that “Her New Beau is an up-and-comer on the music scene (…)” part, though…

    • iPanderr says

      Has Justin even met Union J? That band hasn’t even been to America yet. They’re not friends.

  50. brittanybliss223 says

    ok just want it stated that i am not 100% confident in my New Beau guess but here it goes:

    Princess: selena gomez

    teen star: justin bieber

    New Beau: jaden smith?

  51. Kelsea says

    Popular Teen Star is obviously Bieber (“40 million reasons” = his 40 million twitter followers)
    So Princess must be Selena Gomez.
    Not sure who the new beau is. Maybe one of his “Lil” friends or Niall from One Direction?

    • YoGo8c says

      I can’t see Niall (or any One D.) as being an ‘up and comer’. He’s pretty well-established on the music scene for a few years now.

      • iPanderr says

        This. He also turned down the PR stunt that was supposed to set him up with Selena because he didn’t want to cross that line with Bieber. I believe that blind was solved.

    • sherlock says

      Changed my mind.Did some research it’s King Kevi Bieber’s friend and up and coming rapper.There have been rumours of something going on but denied.

  52. rorythedragon says

    Obviously, Disney Princess Selena Gomez, Justin Beiber and the new beau….Jaden Smith?

    Were there security cameras? But why the paranoia referenced? Oh my, that’s a tangled web.

  53. cassandra007 says

    Princess: Selena Gomez (was in movie called princess protection)
    Pop Star: Justin Bieber (40 million twitter followers as of last week)
    New Beau: King Kevi? (all the royalty talk?)

  54. royal eduardo says

    I think the most popular guess is going to be Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

    But I think it’s Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, I just don’t know who the emerging star is.

  55. Molls says

    I would say David Henrie as the new beau, but he’s not “an up-and-comer on the music scene” and not a friend of Boeber. But the “private activity that occurred behind the castle walls” suggests the two were getting together while on set.

  56. Warholette says

    Princess: Selena Gomez. She performed at Dancing with the Stars.
    Popular Teen Star: Justin Bieber. Clues: he just hit 40 mil followers on Twitter, royally – as in royal purple, his favorite color, “believe”
    New Beau: Jaden Smith? Alfredo Flores?

  57. Philly Girl says

    Princess: Selena (Princess Protection movie)
    Teen Star: Bieber (just hit 40 million Twitter followers)
    New Beau: ???

  58. Tkdgypsy says

    Princess – Selena Gomez
    Teen Star – Justin Bieber (40 million twitter followers)
    New Beau – Harry Styles? Not sure

    • iPanderr says

      Harry isn’t friends with Bieber. On top of that, he’s on a world tour right now. No time for Selena.

  59. YoGo8c says

    All I’ve got for this is that Selena Gomez was at the Chateau Marmont recently. Chateau = castle/royal.

    • sherlock says

      That would explain the “castle” reference maybe.Do they have cctv installed there?She was there at the grammys with Alfredo Flores in February.