Flirting And Spraying

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[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which newly single radio/TV host was spotted flirting with a mystery blonde in LA and decided to deejay for the crowd and then sprayed champagne all over everyone?



It’s Ryan Seacrest! Source: New York Post

Well, that was fast! From The New York Post:

Newly single Ryan Seacrest parties with mystery blonde

Ryan Seacrest, who split with Julianne Hough in March, seems to be enjoying the single life.

The “American Idol” host was partying at SBE’s XIV Summer Sessions in Los Angeles, where he was overheard telling friends he was “single and loving it” before spending time with a mystery woman.

“He was with a blonde throughout the majority of the day,” says the spy. “He asked to go into the DJ booth, and brought his new arm candy with him, mixing tracks for 30 minutes.”

So the mystery blonde was definitely a woman. If Ryan Seacrest walks around in public with a blonde woman, then that means that he likes women. That’s because Ryan Seacrest is definitely heterosexual. Do you hear me? Heterosexual! She’s blonde! She’s eye candy! He’s heterosexual, dammit!!!

Ryan, we will never forgive you for foisting the Kardashians on America.

Congratulations to MelliUK, who was first with the correct answer! Actually, lots of you got this one right, although most of you have never been personally sprayed by Ryan Seacrest.

BG… out!

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    • YoGo8c says

      Man, it’s going to look embarrassing when people trail out the closet in their 40s/50s after the TV contracts have dried up. To a chorus of ‘I told you so’s’. Who even believes this stuff? It’s a waste of money even planting stuff like this in the press, they could have donated the fee to charity for a more worthwhile cause. People could just do their shows, live their lives quietly and nobody would give a hoot. Aggressive and pointless pumping like this only makes people look suspicious. It’s also an absolute non-story.

    • MaryRead says

      …will undoubtedly be the title of his People magazine cover when he finally does admit that he’s gay.

  1. suzabelle1 says

    The only radio/tv host I can think of who’s recently single would be Ryan Seacrest.

  2. zephyr66 says

    Ryan Seacrest. And I can’t help but notice the lack of gender-specific pronouns in this one, hmm…

  3. stolidog says

    Ryan Seacrest. I just have one change:
    Which newly single radio/TV host was spotted flirting with a mystery blonde [MAN] in LA…

  4. clara_rose says

    seacrest. he was spotted in the dj booth at sbe’s xiv sunday summer sessions party in LA w/a mystery blonde.

      • wendy hood says

        Its probably not that simple, especially if he himself has unresolved sexual issues (which I think is highly likely).

  5. PinkCrayon says

    LOL Aw are you sure it wasn’t a man with a long blonde wig? Someone should of checked his date for Adams apple. 😉

  6. mizzavrid says

    He’s soooo gay and to listen to this random female ‘mystery blond’ is just some more whip on the puddin’.

  7. newsjunkie says

    Ace, I have tremendous respect for you, but wasn’t Ryan dating Derek from DWTS and using his girlfriend as his beard?