Scheming Surrogate

surrogate mother[Hollywood Street King]  Today’s blind item became a millionaire, back in 1997, after signing up to be a famed surrogate mother.

But that doesn’t mean she’s still sitting on a fortune. Know why? Because sources say the now 54-year-old biological mother of a ‘Prince’ may have squandered all her guap.

Now, our mystery lady is reported to be planning to spend a luxury-filled summer with her Paris — but her Prince ain’t haven’t it. Know why? Because it’s a situation said to be nothing more than a scheme over a big inheritance.

This isn’t a first for our blind item. She once violated her original agreement, filing a lawsuit to regain custody of her two goldmine biological kids. She may have lost the custody battle, but she gladly accepted the millions in hush hush money offered to her.

In three years, her biological daughter is due to collect millions. Now, can you guess which Hollywood schemer I’m talking about?


Her two children:

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    • Okayeah says

      Totally, but WTH? How do you go through not only the millions you likely got 16 years ago, but also the other millions you got about four years ago to shut up? Damn, I’d take just one or two of those millions and make an awesome life for my family!

    • Boko says

      When the children were born, surrogacy was not yet socially acceptable, so both she and Michael both felt a pretend marriage was the only route available. I think it’s been very hard for Debbie to walk a thin line between surrogacy and motherhood.

      I’m old enough to read people quite accurately, and I’m 100% certain Debbie’s love and concern for those children is 100% real.

      • sle says

        I thought she was genuine until I read that she sold photos to TMZ. She seems to have paps on speeddial at this point so while she may care about them, they also are a means to an end for her.

      • gemineye says

        I 110% agree Boko.I believe Debbie loves her children, and only wants the best for them.I think the children need her in their life, especially Paris.Girls need a female influence in their life. Who does she have besides Katherine, who was “napped and held hostage” away from the kids? If anything,Debbie is probably the most stable person around that family.

      • Superstition says

        I agree. Not everything is about money all the time. I believe that she does love the kids. These children are, in fact, very lovable and it is possible for people to have real and loving feelings toward them.

  1. Rapunzel says

    Surrogate: Debbie Rowe
    Her two children: Prince and Paris Jackson

    I still can’t tell who the kids are better off with, Rowe or the Jacksons? It seems like kind of a lose-lose, sadly. Was Michael really at such a loss for ANY good people in his life that could keep an eye on his children now? So sad. They’re all just in it for the money.

    • LeahLynn28 says

      None of them.Debbie is as greedy as the Jackson family.These kids are rich,but have no luck at all.Michael was weird,but he was the only one who really loved them and protected them from these people.At first i thought Debbie’s intentions were good,but then i noticed that she sold her kids,faked a custody battle to get more money and now is using Paris for more money.At least Prince was smarter and didn’t believe in her.I really hope they emancipate,they are surrounded by greedy vultures.Poor kids.

      • KWDragon says

        I’d agree with emancipation, if they could truly take care of themselves, which I doubt they are.

        They’re only hope is to turn 18, get their money and go to college. Take a few years to grow up and learn how to navigate this world.

    • precbeth1 says

      Why wouldn’t Janet take them then? I’ve read in last couple of days she wrote her brothers’ off, because they keep trying to get money from her. If these kids really have their own money, why not take them?

      • WindyLAX says

        Maybe because Janet isn’t in the business of raising children? It’s all fine and good to pick apart the family for one legitimate guardian, but Janet has her own life that she worked really hard for. Can you even imagine getting sucked back into this by virtue of Michael’s kids? Run, Janet, run, far away from this family. You aren’t any more responsible for these kids than anyone else.

      • gemineye says

        Janet gave HER OWN CHILD away to her older sister to raise.Why on earth would she raise someone else’s? Also, didn’t she call Paris the B word, and yank on her arm, or something along those lines?If Janet took the kids, they’d start having plastic surgery before they got their drivers license.

      • tonysgirl69 says

        Janet tried to help Paris but was labeled a money grabber like her brothers. She tried to tell Paris to just be a kid and enjoy herself but she and I’m sure a few other family members said go fly a kite. So Janet left them alone and now look. Also the older sister had since to stay away from the others to. You never see or hear from her. But I also blame Micheal for this mess. Why have a baby mama who ain’t worth two cents!? And if he loved them so much he should have gotten help for his drug problem. He knew the bulk of his family members were leachers and if something ever happened to him who would take care of them for them, not their money. Sad.

  2. worldsoldestkitten says

    Debbie Rowe
    Paris and Prince Jackson
    Way too easy, so gotta wonder what other truth is hidden here.

  3. neartstarlet says

    Surrogate: Debbie Rowe
    Kids: Paris & Prince Michael Jackson

    That’s why Prince and Paris are asking to be emancipated from their families… so sad.

  4. slimfast10 says

    Surrogate Debbie Rowe
    Children, Paris and Prince Michael Jackson

    I feel sorry for all Michaels kids. What shot do they have at normalcy? Surrounded by a bunch of money grubbing no talent leeches. At least Janet went and married a billionaire so the kids shouldn’t have to worry about her coming after them anymore. What a pathetic situation. They should all be ashamed of themselves.

  5. racketteer says

    Surrogate: Debbie Row, Michael Jackson’s ex-wife
    Kids: Paris and Prince Jackson

    This entire situation is just so sad, more than anything.

  6. suzabelle1 says

    Debbie Rowe is the surrogate.

    Her two children: Michael Joseph Jackson…now known as Prince was born in 1997
    Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson…known as Paris..was born a year later.

  7. chandler02 says

    The poor Jackson children! Who will save them when their father’s family wants to profit from them, his estate wants to profit from them, their own biological mother wants to profit from them? I wish someone could adopt them and move them to Iowa or Ohio or Idaho and just get them out of danger from the leeches!

  8. destini uk says

    Surrogate: Debbie Rowe
    Her two children: Prince Michael and Paris Jackson

    I bet she got millions from Michael et al. How is she broke?!

  9. parry says

    Surrogate: Debbie Rowe
    Kids: Prince & Paris Jackson

    I’m really hoping Mama Rowe has her kids interest at heart. Lord knows Paris doesn’t need another scheming relative, she’s got plenty of money grubbing Jackals for that! Prince seems to have a firmer grasp of just what his dear mother, uncles, aunts and grandparents are all about. I hope he can be strong enough to get all 3 of Michael’s kids away from the whole mess. In a few years they could be rid of these vultures..if they all survive their warped childhoods. Poor kids.

  10. Masse says

    Well this is too easy..even for me ;D

    Surrogate: Debbie Rowe
    Kids: Paris and Prince Jackson.

    I feel so bad for those kids. Money really can’t buy happiness. :(

  11. stolidog says

    Debbie Rowe, her suicidal daughter Paris and her son, Prince, who is trying to become legally imancipated from his family.
    Good family foundation.

  12. sweetcheeks says

    Damn that Debbie Rowe- Prince and Paris Jackson have been through enough. If this is the reason Paris did what she did- Debbie should have to eat that meat cleaver.

  13. Fergus says

    Debbie Rowe looks terrible these days. Yikes! She certainly didn’t blow the cash on personal trainers and plastic surgery like the rest of the family. More like Costco pizza.

  14. nellyboo says

    Surrogate: Debbie Rowe
    Two Children: Paris & Prince Jackson
    “luxury-filled summer with her Paris” Paris just tried to commit suicide and Debbie is coming in like a knight in shiny armor.

  15. leesa30 says

    Poor girl… this must be Michael Jacksons daughter Paris. The evil schemer must be Debbie Rowe. I truly feel bad for the girl (no pun intended). The Jackson family is one of a kind, no wonder Micheal practically disowned them. He’s probably rolling in his grave. Paris needs to stay far away from them. And as far as Debbie Rowe… I have no words for her.

  16. jamiejo says

    Debbie Rowe with Prince and Paris Jackson.

    Seriously! That makes the whole story so much worse. I really thought she was being genuine. I hope that Prince and talk his sister out of her relationship. It actually pisses me off!

    • jamiejo says

      If she broke the contract why did she get a payout. I thought the mother was always known the question was whether or not MJ was the dad. I hope Prince gets his emancipation and gets the heck away from that family. The depths of the greed in that family is completely disgusting.

  17. LeahLynn28 says

    Surrogate:Paris and Prince’s biological mother?I forgot her name…
    Her two children:Paris and Prince Jackson?
    If that’s her,i won’t be surprised,to be honest.She’s using Paris and making her life more messy than it already is,but she didn’t fool Prince(he doesn’t want her in his life…yet).She sold them for money,so i’m not surprised if she’s “reconnecting” with Paris because of her money.
    These kids have no luck…they’re living with a greedy family,and still have a greedy mother.

  18. coco134 says

    Surrogate: Debbie Rowe
    Two Children: Paris and Prince Jackson

    So many clues it’s unreal.

  19. rudy says

    Debby Rowe
    Paris Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson.

    Hope this isn’t true. It would be nice for Paris to have one person in her life who is not after her money.

  20. redwithhintsofblonde says

    Surrogate: Debbie Rowe

    Two Children: Prince and Paris Jackson

    These poor kids don’t stand a chance….

  21. woodwn says

    Surrogate: Debbie Rowe
    Children: Paris and Micheal Jr.

    Hints were kind of obvious with the “Prince” comments. I hope Paris is doing okay after her situation and then all the family drama.

  22. Heilige Bimbam says

    Too easy,the mother is Debbie Rowe and the children are Prince and Paris Jackson.

  23. shygirl_2001 says

    Too easy! Hi Ace! Happy Friday!

    Surrogate: Debbie Rowe

    Two children: Paris and Prince Michael Jackson

    Hints: ” Mother of a ‘Prince’ “, ” summer with her Paris “

  24. Jennie says

    Surrogate: Debbie Rowe

    Her two children: Paris Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson

    • LeahLynn28 says

      Yes,the “mother” that said while Michael was alive that wasn’t interested in seeing or dealing with her kids,but that after his death “suddenly” got interested in them again(just like the Jacksons)…money,money,money and more money.These kids are doomed,unless they emancipate asap.

  25. jmmm16 says

    Debbie Rowe “mother of a prince” prince jackson “spend a luxury-filled summer with her Paris” paris jackson and it’s been reported prince and paris were fighting over her decision to have a relationship with her mom i truly feel bad for these kids no one in that family not even their biological mom cares about them they just want money this is just sick i hope someone steps in and takes them away from this mess and in a safe environment

  26. tabloidjunkie says

    Surrogate: Debbie Rowe
    Two children: Prince and Paris Jackson.

    No way! I thought Debbie had the best interests of her kids at heart. Wow, hope this isn’t true, the poor kids. I know she tried to get them back during Michael Jackson’s trial, and was refused custody. I’m honestly shocked.

  27. Serena van der Woodsen says

    Oh Lord, poor Paris & Prince Jackson. I thought the mother may be a good influence now, but she fits in just with the rest of that golddigging family.

  28. Layale says

    Debbie Rowe
    Prince and Paris Jackson

    So sad! No wonder Paris tried to commit suicide. :( Awful!!

  29. modelle18 says

    surrogate: debbie rowe
    kids: prince and paris jackson

    nothing like having jackson as your last name to bring you 99 problems

  30. kkluke says

    Michael’s Jackson’s baby mama – Debbie Rowe?

    Prince and Paris – those poor kiddos

  31. aileen Canada says

    Love this site, first time on – never can guess though….until now!
    Debbie Rowe
    Paris Jackson
    Prince Michael Jackson

  32. Booboo1068 says

    Debbie Rowe

    Good God, those kids are just walking future ATM’s to most everyone around them. MJ knew this when he wrote his family out of his will. No wonder poor Paris is/has been cutting. I know what it feels like to lose your father (as imperfect as he was) and then mom and feel like the only person/ people you could trust and feel safe with are gone in addition to dealing with siblings and family who are all looking for their ‘share’. If Paris and or other young women are reading this I promise you IT DOES GET BETTER! I get the need to inflict physical pain to help numb the emotional pain and just not wanting to feel anything anymore. Find a good professional to talk with. It took me a long time and disconnecting from my family (including like Paris and others an abusive family member) but I did find my way and my power. My heart goes out to Paris and her brothers. She’s smart and strong…lets hope its enough.

  33. lorir21 says

    I kind of wish I could bring them to my boring home, enroll them with my kids in their boring school, feed them boring meals, let them shop at boring big box stores and strip malls and live out their boring teen-age years, no strings attached. Every kid deserves to be loved unconditionally by someone who doesn’t expect to make a buck off of them.

    • Booboo1068 says

      What a great thought! Boring probably equals safe, stable and loving…just what she and her brothers need right now. Lets hope they find a way to survive until Paris inherits her money and can MOVE OUT on her own and somehow bring her brothers with her.

  34. goldieb says

    Key phrase: “hush hush money.”

    WHY would a “famed surrogate mother” be given “hush hush money”??

    Because Debbie knows about the paternity……

  35. RedPeggy says

    Every so often a blind item comes along which makes me more interested in who gave the info, rather than who the blind is about. This is one of them. It’s clearly about the Jackson children and their biological mother – but it seems like such an attack I can’t help but think someone like Janet posted it (passed it along, you know what I mean) to confuse the issue. It reminds me of the Beyonce blind about someone who had dared badmouth her – the blind was so ferociously written it sounded like it was a fuming Beyonce who wrote it herself. I gave a good comment on that, I like to think.