Scheming Surrogate

surrogate mother[Hollywood Street King]  Today’s blind item became a millionaire, back in 1997, after signing up to be a famed surrogate mother.

But that doesn’t mean she’s still sitting on a fortune. Know why? Because sources say the now 54-year-old biological mother of a ‘Prince’ may have squandered all her guap.

Now, our mystery lady is reported to be planning to spend a luxury-filled summer with her Paris — but her Prince ain’t haven’t it. Know why? Because it’s a situation said to be nothing more than a scheme over a big inheritance.

This isn’t a first for our blind item. She once violated her original agreement, filing a lawsuit to regain custody of her two goldmine biological kids. She may have lost the custody battle, but she gladly accepted the millions in hush hush money offered to her.

In three years, her biological daughter is due to collect millions. Now, can you guess which Hollywood schemer I’m talking about?


Her two children:

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