Just Married Man Ditches Wife For Two Guys

just married 2[Billy Masters] Could it be that a recently married man has not left his same-sex escapades behind?

So say sources close to the bad boy, who tell me that his restlessness resulted in leaving his spouse to fend herself at a charity event while he spent the night in the company of not one, but two of his ex-roommates.

While this might have simply been a pleasant guys night out, people who saw the trio felt they were more than a bit chummy. Well, boys will be boys.

Married man:


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63 comments to Just Married Man Ditches Wife For Two Guys

  • Booboo1068

    Justin Timberlake
    Jessica Biel

    Lots of rumours of him being (at least) bi and of their pre wedding fight over him not giving up his bachelor pad. Yes, (rich arrogant) boys will be boys but never real men.

    • Boko

      Not everyone man in Hollywood is gay or bi, despite some gossip sites’ best efforts to make you think otherwise. Justin Timberlake is straight. Sorry.

      • digitallyspeaking


      • nolabelle

        Stating a fact or opinion?

      • dee123

        Oh, you’ve asked him this have you?

      • Heilige Bimbam

        I absolutely agree with you on every point. Good to know I am not alone with observation.This crusade is really getting absurd.

      • rosiedoes

        Personal confidante of his, are you?

      • wendy hood

        Ive never once gotten the gay vibe from Justin. He seems like a total vag-hound, through and through. Let us not forget his Olivia Munn debacle. And when was the last time Justin had “roommates”? Please.

      • Heilige Bimbam

        Most of you are asking how we know that Timberlake is not gay, how do you know that Timberlake is gay? Wishful thinking, I believe. I have no reason to believe that he is gay, so until he says so himself, I shall continue to see him as not gay. Will you be happier if the whole world was gay?

      • august

        Oh dear “sorry” for what? I think he’s gay and I think she’s lesbian.
        But whatever live and let live.

      • NolaNy

        And you know this because . . .

      • Booboo1068

        Hit a nerve? This was a guess to a Blind Item on a gossip site. I merely stated he was a top guess in previous BI’s about being Bi. Obviously as with ANY BI or tabloid gossip the only ones who know for sure are the celebs themselves and those very close to them. Guesses and comments on a gossip should be taken as entertainment. If they happen to be true than eventually it will come out. It does seem that Ace’s are eventually solved.

      • Mrs.DarylDixon

        Jessica, is that you?

    • YoGo8c

      Well the clue of ‘bad boy’ made me think Justin doesn’t really have a rep as a bad boy but he does have a song ‘I Love You (Badboys soundtrack)’.

      On another note, BG, will we get any more updates about the closeted gay boybander/singer who wants to come out?

  • Quanah

    Justin Timberlake?

  • GG

    Could this be Ryan Reynolds and Blake lively?



  • foldsbaldwin

    Aaron Paul? He got married last week and bad boy would be the clue hinting Breaking Bad.

    Wife: Lauren Parsippany, she does a lot of charity work with anti-bullying.

    I am probably way off though and it’s probably more A/B+ list. I would consider Aaron to be more B-/C since he has two Emmys.

  • real313

    Bradley cooper since he the answer to every blind.,

  • divagossip

    Justin timberlake /jessica biel

  • Phaedra

    Justin timberlake
    Jessica ‘Timberlake’ Biel

  • SecondBest

    I have no idea, but this is a juicy story. Maybe if we would know how the man is famous? Is he a ball player? A singer? An actor?

  • 4sixx2

    Mario Lopez and Courtney Mazza.

  • t0pher

    Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

    • luvprue1

      Kanya West would be a great guess, but he didn’t recently get married.

    • LeahLynn28

      There says “just married man”…and they are not married,nor engaged.That if they are still dating,Kanye apparently can’t stand her anymore.

  • CountessLurkula

    Ed Norton?

  • linbug

    Justin timberlake

  • parry

    Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biehl

  • gaelgorham

    OMG, Sugar Bear? – poor traumatized Honey Boo Boo.

  • GoneGirl

    Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel

  • Lindasu

    Timothy Busfield and Melissa Gilbert?

  • clarkster

    Adam Shulman, Anne Hathaway

  • real313

    @foldsbaldwin got it. It say “recently” maried. Both timberlake and Reynolds got married last year. Aaron was 2 weeks ago. I’m convince y’all read gay and write your fantasies.

    • foldsbaldwin

      Also I looked into it more. Aaron was on Conan talking about a friend and him pranking his roommate within this past football season.

      Also I don’t think any of the other celebrity guesses would have had roommates.

  • rorythedragon

    Maybe it’s Hugh Hefner.

  • mizzavrid

    Lots of mentioning of ‘boys’ maybe as in boy bander? Justin Timberlake and Jesdica Biel?

  • shampagne

    Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel the charity event was Obama’s event!

  • bellerose

    Doubt this is JT. Other than his fellow Nsync members when they were touring, I doubt Justin has ever had roommates. And Justin seems to rarely spend time with his old boy banders, he mainly hangs out with his cousin.

    Aaron Paul might be better guess, since he is recently married and the “bad” clue may be a nod at Breaking Bad. There’s also Mario Lopez, who married about 6 months ago and is rumoured to gay/bi.

  • sugarbread

    timberbutt///met ball Jessica went solo

  • Molls

    Since they got married more recently:

    Married Man: Adam Shulman (always thought he’s gay)
    Wife: Anne Hathaway

  • amylove

    This sounds like a couple who just got married and justin and jessica have been married for 8 months. While that’s not a long time it’s not really recent. Plus she hasn’t gone to any charity events by herself recently they both went to the Robin Hood gala together and that was it.

  • HarryRAINBOWStyles

    I would say maybe 90210’s Matt Lanter as this is a perfect description of him.

    But he doesn’t get married to his Christian fundie fiance until later this month.

  • Lisa

    Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel

  • ClaudiaNoel

    AJ McLean? Married a few years ago but was considered the “bad boy” of the group, and the excessive use of “boy” makes me think Backstreet Boys.

  • Delilah

    Jesse James

  • ClaudeFunston

    In what world is Justin Timberlake a “bad boy”?

  • wonderone

    Just for something different, Alec Baldwin and his pregnant wife, Hilaria Thomas.

  • eb

    One of BSB was my thoughts too. Boys will be boys was one of their songs. AJ was married late 2011, so not JUST married but otherwise this fits him to a T.

  • huskies

    I don’t think of JT when I hear the words, “bad boy”

  • kermit1969

    I am on board with Alec Baldwin (he was in the Marrying Man)
    Wife: Hilaria Thomas