Franchise Actor Has A Secret Baby

baby 20[Allie Is Wired] Which actor in a big film franchise is battling baby daddy problems?

She was happy to keep her pregnancy and his identity a secret for a few years, but now she wants him to be a part of the kid’s life.

Things aren’t going well. He wants to maintain their current arrangement where she gets to dip into his bank vault and he gets to be single and free.



Film franchise:

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96 comments to Franchise Actor Has A Secret Baby

  • stolidog

    January Jones
    Michael fassbender

    • boyjack4


    • 4sixx2

      Yeah, I thought of JJ but really thought Ashton was her baby daddy. Well, he dodged that bullet, I guess.

    • Boko

      Her baby daddy’s name is Xander, just like her child’s. He’s a married man and she worked with him right around the time she got pregnant. If you compare pictures, you can see that her son is a mini-me of this guy.

    • hobbes

      Dont’ think this is January Jones. It says “she was happy to keep her pregnancy and his identity secret for a few years”. Her pregnancy was no secret. Think it’s more likely to be a non celeb female, like the Jeremy Renner situation.

    • Okayeah

      JJ was my first thought, but she didn’t keep her pregnancy secret…

    • McGosling

      i hope the father isn’t him, because I am so fond of him as one of good actor,but if it was him, lol ,i’d lose some respect for him, because he’s running away from his responsibility

      • Okayeah

        Well, by all accounts he’s supposed to be a complete tool IRL anyway. Continue to enjoy him as an actor by all means, but if this is Fassbender it’s hardly the worst thing he’s ever done.

    • Booboo1068

      I read somewhere that the baby daddy is chef Bobby Flay and I do see a resemblance and would explain why around the time of her pregnancy he was talking ALOT about loving his wife and happy marriage. Not sure if she is the answer to the blind but thought I’d add this little bit of gossip info.

  • klo

    Surely not Daniel Radcliffe? Harry Potter had a bank vault.

  • Virgo826

    She: January Jones
    He: Michael Fassbender
    Franchise: XMen

  • mary76lee

    January Jones. Daddy could be anyone

  • Natariix

    I just recently read that Daniel Radcliff had been quoted as saying he’d love to be a dad, and it sort of seemed off? Not that having kids or wanting them is wrong but something about the article seemed out of place. Perhaps it’s him and its his way of sort of testing the waters?

  • dawnee

    january Jone
    Matthew Vaughn
    XMen…. for $500 Alex

  • MissNormaDesmond

    Shot in the dark… B-Coop.

  • Fergus

    Vanessa Hudgens
    Zac Efron
    High School Musical

  • keyakxx

    I believe the franchise has something to do with ‘battling’ and ‘bank vault’ – makes me think of a superhero movie…. Not more I can think of

  • Boko

    I have no idea, but those are the prettiest baby blues I’ve ever seen.

  • Scorpio13

    She: January Jones

    He: Michael Fassbender

    Film franchise: XMen

  • cokolada

    January Jones, Jason Sudeikis, X-men

  • CinderellaKid

    No idea … but the baby in that picture is adorable!!

  • Spanct

    Wild field guess…

    January Jones
    Michael Fassbender

    The whole arrangement seems very European.

  • blondegossip

    She: random model
    He: Jeremy Renner
    Film franchise: Mission Impossible

    This is already out and about though the mom isn’t…I think she’s a model from another country.

  • KatarinaJ

    Confused. I think Vault and free are hints but don’t seem to apply to Pirates, Transformers, Twilight, Harry Potter, Avengers, Spider Man? How about Iron Man? They MIGHT apply to Jason Bourne? or the Oceans movies a franchise?

    • wfreshie

      don’t you remember the vault at the bank in harry potter? where his family coins were kept….there was an old blind about a female who gave birth and sent a post card saying someone in the harry potter franchise was the daddy!

      going with daniel radcliff

      • blackmahn

        And Radcliffe never seemed to have denied being the father of a little girl that was posted about on postsecret. He and Rickman were the only ones who didn’t say they’d fathered the girl.

    • suemccroy

      I thought the Oceans franchise possibly as well

  • rkc

    January Jones?

  • Spanct

    delete earlier…

    January Jones
    Michael Fassbender
    X-Men > Xander Jones

    The baby already looks like him.

    • rosiedoes

      Eh? The baby looks more like Chris O’Dowd than Michael Fassbender. O_o

      Not that I’m suggesting Chris O’Dowd is the father, although they did once play a couple, loooong ago.

  • DarkSpark

    She: Sonni Pacheco
    He: Jeremy Renner

    Franchise: Avengers

  • ches99

    January jones most likely

  • PapillonLover

    January Jones
    Johnnny Depp/ Mel Gibson….

  • Nomad

    Whoever she is, she’s a fool. Her current arrangement leaves HER both funded and free. Why spoil a good thing? Unless she wants to use the daddy to jump start her own career?

  • pitbull

    HE: Arnold Swartzenegger
    She: Mildred Baena
    Franchise: Terminator

  • sarahj103

    Jeremy Renner, that chick he knocked up Sonni Pacheco and the Avengers?

  • kookywooky

    She: January Jones

    He: Michael Fassbender

    Film franchise: X-Men

  • raslebol

    some years ago, an actor from HARRY POTTER was rumored to be the daddy of a secret baby

  • ImWearingVersace

    I doubt it but that photo looks eerily like Zac Efron as a baby.

  • pinupgirl

    I don’t know, but if this is R Pattz, I swear, the resulting Twihard meltdown would be absolutely EPIC.

  • haley1020

    Daniel Radcliffe?

  • siobhanangela2468

    Daniel Radcliffe.
    Vault = Gringott’s
    Battling = the stories found in Harry Potter always come to a battle of sorts.

  • KatarinaJ

    eliminates x men director as babydaddy since he was married to Claudia Schiffer and long suspected as a possibility. look at the single possibilities.

  • mizzavrid

    Think I’m going with the January Jones, Micheal Fassbender answer……..

  • Fergus

    From these comments it sounds like January Jones has gone down on everything except the Titanic.

  • TedTheodoreLogan

    Daniel Radcliffe with the vault. And just recently he said he’d like to be a young father. Getting the public ready for the reveal perhaps?

  • pnwpersonkim

    Yup jan jones is what I was thinking. Mad men is ending and I really doubt she’ll get many roles afterwards so hope she was double fisting wads well 😉

  • newsjunkie

    Johnny Depp
    Pirates franchise
    vault meaning buried treasure?

  • Intrigued1

    January Jones never kept her pregnancy a secret. This is about someone else.
    BUT, while we’re on the subject, the father of her baby is definitely Matthew Vaughn. Look at the shape of the boys eyes – they are identical to Vaughn.

  • minnie

    Wait on, doesn’t the blind say she’s keeping the pregnancy secret? So this is presumably someone we don’t know had a baby? So the way I’m reading it is the father is the one in the franchise, not the baby mama.

  • real313

    Film franchise can be anybody. It didn’t say they were co-stars in the franchise.

    The women January Jones/h0e
    Men: the cast of twilight, hunger game, Star Trek, hangover, fast furious, Harry potter, Spider-Man, iron man, captain America, Thor, the bible.

  • Beck

    I don’t think this is January Jones. The blind says she was happy to keep her pregnancy and the sperm donor a secret for “a few years”. Her son is not even two yet and her pregnancy was never really a secret. I think this is someone in the background, away from the public eye with a famous baby daddy. Harry Potter sounds good.

  • momof3

    I don’t think this is January Jones. The baby in the picture is in pink to hint at a girl, and she has a boy.

  • DonnaStarla

    January Jones
    George Clooney
    Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen

  • DonnaStarla

    Maybe not Jan Jones…
    But I’ll still say Clooney
    Ocean’s 11, 12, 13 franchise

  • Department of the Obvious

    Sorry to rain on everyone’s parade, but both January Jones and Fassbender have BLUE eyes, like the baby in the picture. January’s son has BROWN eyes (check it). Therefore, her baby daddy must have BROWN eyes (/or hazel, dark in general). This means Fassbender is OUT.

    I don’t think this blind is about them. The best guesses I’ve heard so far for January’s baby daddy are Jason Sudeikis and Ashton Kutcher. Neither are action stars. This blind is not about this particular sperm donor mystery.

  • theladymorgana

    This has to be Jones and either Fassbender. Vault being a clue where at the end of first class, Magneto rescues Emma frost from the vault.

  • JaneB

    I don’t know who this is, but I don’t think it’s January Jones. “She was happy to keep her pregnancy secret”. Jones certainly didn’t keep it secret, in fact with her fat suit on mad men that season it was blindingly obvious.

  • matthew netting

    Bank vault made me think of the Oceans series’ of films,
    so perhaps George Clooney,with Stacy Keibler wanting to dip into the vault.

  • jackballjonez

    january jones didnt keep her pregnancy a secret so its probably someone else


    Dunno about the vault bit, but the “single and free” bit brings Chris Pine to mind. That, and the massive blue eyes on the baby in the picture… But then, who would the “she” be?

  • Fergus

    Did anyone else notice that in the leaked nude pics of Vanessa Hudgens when she was 17 that with a tiny bit of Photoshop she had a REALLY obvious cesarean scar, and that she disappeared under a rock for about 9 months just after starting working with Zac when she was 16? She also made the comment a couple of years ago that she felt like she was a ‘soccer mom’.

  • Ivanna Funkalot

    I don’t think Fassy is JJ’s baby daddy. That kid looks JUST like Matthew Vaughn.

    • Ivanna Funkalot

      OMG, I just googled Xander Berkely, and I take the Vaughn thing back. That kid is the SPITTING image of Xander Berkely. Would make sense she chose the name. Seriously google them and tell me that kid isn’t his. Maybe he’s the franchise actor?

  • lilmel

    Franchise:Fast & Furious?
    Bank vault: F&F 5 – when a bank vault was stolen….
    Baby Daddy: No idea!

  • CanadasSweetheart

    Since when did January Jones keep her pregnancy a secret tho, as the item states? Jeremy Renner’s a great guess…

  • SupremeBeingofLeisure

    January Jones
    Mike Tyson

  • yepimbored

    She: No clue

    He: Tom Felton

    Franchise: Harry Potter

    I remember the blind about a Harry Potter actor being the father of a secret baby. I remember the post card had every male star’s picture except for Tom Felton. None of the stars gave the blind any attention except for Tom Felton. He went on Twitter to deny it.

    Daniel Radcliffe has talked about wanting children since promoting the final HP film. It’s not him.

  • ktbell05

    January jones….who else? she sickens me.

  • flipper41

    Vin Diesel

  • bacgirl

    No idea, but JJ’s child is the image of Bradley Cooper, Hangover franchise?

  • ldbigg

    January Jones
    Matthew Vaughn

  • ldbigg

    I concur
    January Jones
    Matthew Vaughn