1. Virgo826 says

    My first thought is Joan Rivers, but I don’t know that Fashion Police would be considered a talk show….

  2. pitbull says

    ?? Kelly Ripa’s? she recently took out extensions on air to show how thin and fine her hair is.

  3. alulubug says

    The picture looks like Barbara Walters. Plus, she’s old so I would imagine her hair is thin.

  4. mamacita3 says

    How would one do this? Unless she was wearing a wig? For that reason only, since she is so open about wearing wigs I am going with Wendy Williams.

  5. zeep says

    As a guy I don’t know much about hair, so how can a woman hide her curlers without much hair to begin with? That said, it could be Joy Behar or that woman from The Talk who wears all the wigs.

    • bellerose says

      I’m guessing that she uses thin foam rollers and secures them with bobby pins. It would lift the roots of her hair up by probably around 1/2 inch. And the blind says her hair is flat at the roots, not that her hair is thin – if she has a reasonable amount of hair (or has extensions to make her hair thicker) it would be easy to cover the rollers.

  6. Jilly From Philly says

    Picture looks like Sharon Osbourne and thinking about it her hair definitely looks like it could be hiding some rollers under it!

  7. Red Velvet says

    Her talk show on Bravo was just cancelled, and it probably isn’t her, but the flattest head I’ve ever seen belongs to Kathy Griffin. You could set that table up there and serve dinner off it!

  8. gagirl says

    It’s not Wendy Williams. She wears wigs every day and talks about them all the time. My first thought was Joy Behar. If you look closely, she wears a thin, dark red headband tucked in her hair. She has thick, curly hair naturally but it may have thinned out at the age of 70. Who knows?