A Big Piece of Meat

meat 2[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which gay celebrity (with a great tan) enjoys a big piece of meat?

Which now-out-of-the-closet male TV star was once so concerned about the press revealing his sexual orientation that he fired his publicist after Time Out New York did a page on him at his favorite restaurant with the headline “****** Doesn’t Just Like The Sun. He Loves A Big Piece Of Meat!”

It was almost impossible to get the closeted and always suntanned star any press, because the one question everyone wanted to ask he wouldn’t answer. So what could be more perfect than a food feature, nothing – until the fool picked a steak house!

You can only imagine his face when he rushed to the newsstand at 6:00 am to buy 12 copies of the magazine to mail to his family and he saw that headline!

Bye bye publicist – but hello to not living a lie. He is now out and proud, and still enjoying, ‘a big piece of meat!’


Publicist he fired:

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