A Big Piece of Meat

meat 2[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which gay celebrity (with a great tan) enjoys a big piece of meat?

Which now-out-of-the-closet male TV star was once so concerned about the press revealing his sexual orientation that he fired his publicist after Time Out New York did a page on him at his favorite restaurant with the headline “****** Doesn’t Just Like The Sun. He Loves A Big Piece Of Meat!”

It was almost impossible to get the closeted and always suntanned star any press, because the one question everyone wanted to ask he wouldn’t answer. So what could be more perfect than a food feature, nothing – until the fool picked a steak house!

You can only imagine his face when he rushed to the newsstand at 6:00 am to buy 12 copies of the magazine to mail to his family and he saw that headline!

Bye bye publicist – but hello to not living a lie. He is now out and proud, and still enjoying, ‘a big piece of meat!’


Publicist he fired:

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  1. Alllie says

    George Hamilton, he is perma-tanned and is soooo gay! was he really in the closet though? I always thought his closet had a glass door like Liberace’s.

    • luvprue1 says

      George Hamilton ?? When did he come out of the closet?? I never heard about him coming out?

  2. lepidoteran says

    Richard Chamberlain
    Annett Wolf

    Just a guess – I’m not sure he was ever a New Yorker, but I can’t think of who else might fit.

    • ValleyOfTheGalls says

      I like this guess. Whether or not he was gay was the only thing anyone ever asked him unless he had just been in a mini-series. Even then, it was like..”So Shogun is doing great in the ratings, are you gay?” Lol. Poor Richard. He’s had a leathery perma-tan forever too.

  3. beachchick218 says

    Always tan reeks of George Hamilton. But haven’t heard him come out. What am I missing?

    • luvprue1 says

      Exactly! I sure if George Hamilton came out it would have been all over the news.

    • nnicole says

      I think Anderson just chose not to speak about his sexuality until he was forced to. Also he is so un-tanned he is nearly clear.

      • Aligirl21 says

        I was reading this comment as I was sipping tea, and it almost came out of my nose! LOL!
        I love Anderson, but thanks for that. :)

      • Revisionist says

        No not really. He was pretty much out. People in New York all knew back in the 90s. People saw him out and about. He was a well known homo. But once he got the CNN gig he just became asexual. Everyone already knew. Wasnt really a secret. And there would be pap pix of him and his “friend” fairly regularly. And if you have watched him over the last decade, things would slip out on air all the time. He also did many many stories on the gays.

  4. KatarinaJ says

    Ricky Martin is always tan but not a tv star?
    No idea… ? No tv stars I can think of are always tan?

  5. lobsterbabe says

    He was my first thought too! Not sure if he is considered a TV star. I know him mostly from movies, but maybe in his younger days he was. I never thought of him as out of the closet but he does give off some very gay vibes! I’m thinking it’s probably someone younger but not sure who. Looking forward to seeing other guesses..

  6. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Since it says celebrity instead of actor, I’ll also jump on the Sam Champion bandwagon. He is always tan and just got married to his husband.

    • goldieb says

      And “rushed to the newsstand at 6:00 am” = the time he has to get to the studio.

  7. Red Velvet says

    Sam Champion seems right–he’s on Good Morning America (early morning start = 6 AM in the clue). Was he ever on Channel 12 news (“12 copies”) in New York? He was on 7 when I lived there. He had a small skin cancer removed last year, and since he’s a fixture in New York media, it’s not surprising that _Time Out NY_ would do a little article on him.

  8. MikeInSanJose says

    George Hamilton was my first thought.

    Hasn’t NPH has been out since his resurgence as an adult star? I knew (hoped?) he was gay since Doogie Howser days. (Relax! I’m just a few years older than he is…)

    Don’t know much about about Sam Champion.

  9. mental floss says

    America has voted..Here are the results….Ryan Seacrest……you are……(commercial break)
    *cue dramatic music*

    3,2,1 you’re on….
    America has voted..Here are the results….Ryan Seacrest……you are……

    (He hasn’t technically came out yet but this is how I invision him emerging from the closet.)

  10. VodkaSoaked says

    Zachary Quinto. Star references make me think about his starring role in Star Trek.

  11. ZippityDooDah says

    I agree this is Sam Champion but… I work in magazines and the headlines are NEVER run past the publicist. EVER. Sam’s a media guy who has been interviewed in the past. Surely he knows this. Firing his publicist over a headline he had no control over? Ridiculous. I feel bad for the person who was fired. I can only imagine what he was like to work with.