• gaelgorham says

      I went to UT with Peyton, and trust me, he did not have a squeaky clean rep nor did he even try. Focused – yes. Determined – yes. Talented – absolutely. Smart – uh, compared to other now-famous football players, sure. Squeaky clean – LOL thanks for the laugh today. :)

      • ILoveLucy says

        From Indy : we heard all the gossip. He’s a cheater too. But he does good things, ESP for kids. So, he gets a pass here in Indy. But we hear things for years. But we till love the guy. And miss him. Bu Andrew Luck is also a good guy.

      • bcg0716 says

        Was from Indy also, now in Denver (but was here a year before Manning was traded, ha, not crazy stalker): Peyton doesn’t CHEAT. It’s obvious he and his wife have an arrangement since you could often find her down in Broadripple taking home little boys at 3 am. Neither of them even remotely hide it. So… it’s not him and in my opinion, he’s not a “cheater” if consenting adults have an arrangement. But also… I’m thinking it IS Tebow since, I don’t think I’ve even heard anyone attempt to make Peyton into a “good boy” in that way. He really is a great guy and has a good heart.

        @gaelgorham, can you elaborate on college?

    • Jilly From Philly says

      I agree with you Ginger – certainly at this point some UF skank would have come out of the wood works.

    • ILoveLucy says

      Any guy his age that claims to be a virgin is a f’g liar! Or too weird to get laid by anybody!? Nope, a liar.

  1. bluebell says

    If the picture were two men in the shower, then I would guess Tebow (just joking). But my real guess is:

    Athlete: LoLo Jones

    Team or Sport: Team USA/track and now Team USA/bobsled

    College: LSU

  2. NYCMEL says

    Time Tebow
    Football (was with the Jets, teamless now)
    University of Florida – Go Gators!

  3. yinyang says

    Tebow @ UF ! My niece went to UF w him & hung around w him for while! He’s nice but not so “wholesome ” as he appears! He does like to talk about himself a lot !

  4. Herkeda says

    Athlete: Tim Tebow (please let it NOT be him!)

    Team Or Sport: Football

    College: University of Florida

    • bamazalea says

      I think you’ve nailed it. Or he’s nailed it….or something like that! lol Thanks for the laugh!

  5. Glitter says

    Please not Tebow.
    How about Johnny Football. Texas A & M.

    Or RGIII from Baylor.

    Football for both.

    • JenLTX says

      Heh, Johnny is a genuinely good guy, but you’re not going to find many Aggies willing to describe him as “squeaky clean.” Dude has fun. πŸ˜‰

  6. jacksonian says

    Could it be my boy, Tim Tebow?
    Florida State
    (Surely this would have come out by now?)

    • cmac15 says

      As an FSU grad, I just threw up in my mouth a bit. Tebow went to the University of Florida, not FSU. That being said, there have long been rumors in northeast FL (where he is from) about Tebow “getting around” in college.

    • Jilly From Philly says

      UGH! How dare you even associate Tim TeBLOW with a wonderful school like Florida State! He is pure University of Florida trash!

  7. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    Athlete: Tim Tebow
    Sport(is he even on a team right now?):football
    College: University of Florida
    I’d let him bleep me anytime, anywhere. Especially if I could keep him from talking. He’s gorgeous, but, he does a lot of praying on the field and that might happen in the bedroom too. I couldn’t lay there while he thanks Jesus for his penis….maybe if I had earplugs.

      • ValleyOfTheGalls says

        What’s your problem? If what others think bothers you so much, maybe you should just stick your nose back in your bible and bleep-off.

    • OhPlease says

      ValleyOfTheGalls you owe me a new keyboard after I spit coffee all over mine! That’s one of the funniest things I’ve heard in awhile! Thanks for the belly laugh. And ditto. Anytime, Anywhere…

  8. antisocial says

    Pleeeeeeeease be Tim Tebow!!!
    Played football for the University of Florida from 2006 – 2009

    • redundant1 says

      My guess as well …

      Athlete:Tom Brady

      Team or Sport:Football

      College :University of Michigan

    • Vagabondage says

      Yeah — I thinks it’s Brady — U of M football quarterback. A very hot hunk in Ann Arbor in the day, I must say…

    • SecondBest says

      Tebow didn’t go to Florida State, that’s the Seminoles! They’re rivals! He went to the University of Florida the gators. And it’s not him, I t would’ve been out already if he [bleeped] anyone at all with a million dollar bounty on his v-card. plus, I ran in intertwining circles as Tim back then, he was a goody-two-shoes, not him.

  9. CollegeGirl says

    Tim Tebow
    University of Florida
    My friend and I did body shots off him him when the football team had a celebration when he won the heisman, he was always sleeping with some girl or another.

  10. Andreinac13 says

    Athlete: That guy who says he’s a virgin and has given semons: Tim Tebow

    Team or Sport: Football


  11. gotu says

    I want to say Michael Phelps, swimming, the University of Michigan, but I don’t think he has a squeaky clean image at all; isn’t he pretty well known as a dog?

  12. YankeeGirl226 says

    Athlete: Tim Duncan

    Team or Sport: Spurs

    College: Wake Forest University

  13. SecondBest says

    I’m tempted to say Tim Tebow because he has a squeaky clean image, but I knew his family and people who went to UF at that time, so I know that’s not true.

    So I’m gonna say
    JJ watt
    football, Houston Texans

    • SecondBest says

      Wait I have a different guess!
      It’s Troy Polamalu from the Steelers, he went to USC! I’ve actually already heard that he [bleeped] everyone in college including teachers. And squeaky clean(and the shampoo picture] would be a hint with him doing the head and shoulders endorsement!
      Yes, that’s my new guess! It’s Troy.

      • kittyconfidential says

        I liked your guess of Troy Polamalu so did a little digging and now I’m positive you’re right! He prays after each play and on the sidelines. His sons are both named after well-known Orthodox Christian saints: Saint Paisios the Great of Egypt and Saint Ephraim the Syrian.

        The clincher, IMO, is that he converted to Orthodox Christianity in 2007 – long after he left college. So his wild and promiscuous phase would have happened many years before he found religion and in turn earned the reputation of being a squeaky clean family-man.

      • redstilettos says

        Agree, Kitty. People can change. I’ve known some very wild people in high school and college and became the opposite afterward.

      • mitfordsisters says

        I like this guess too. I tend to suspect that Tim Tebow and Lolo Jones are gay (deeply closeted) and that’s why they’re still single and claim to be virgins saving themselves. Would have thought people would have come out if they’d slept around that much in college.

      • SecondBest says

        Yeah, I heard he came to Christ after college, which many do. I think if Troy was still like that he would be outed, but since it was a while ago people don’t care that much.

        I don’t pay attention to lolo at all, but mitfordsisters could be right about Tim being gay, or maybe he’s just still awkward. I never asked him of course but I always wondered why so many of his friends and stuff who were like him in being true to their vows of virginity and didn’t seem into the idea of getting married. Like, everyone was off marrying each other, and Tim was just there. but it could also be because he was awkward, like I don’t see that in him anymore but back then he didn’t really know how to talk to girls well. That being said, I didn’t really know him, know him. I just walked around in the same circles and knew/know his parents.

  14. KWDragon says

    If this was an historical blind, I’d say: Steve Garvey, baseball and Michigan State.

    Other than that, I’m just not sure of any modern athlete with a squeaky clean image, unless we are referring to soap promotion. In some ways, excessive social media and Internet coverage has ruined the creation of “heroes” in sports. Still, I want to know if an athlete is maybe not a nice person before I invest my heart, my money and my time in her or him.

    Another thing, the wording of the blind makes it ambiguous. Is the athlete male or female? Can’t tell by the Post. interesting…

  15. nickyyavellian says

    Tim Tebow?
    He presents a very wholesome and Christian image. And aside from his college football success in florida he was infamous for confirming that he was a virgin waiting until marriage.
    This blind is from the new york post so is prob about a new york athlete. Tebow was on the new york jets last season and currently is still on the roster.

    • nickyyavellian says

      Also in the past year he’s been linked with Camilla Belle (Joe Jonas’s ex), Lindsey Vonn (Tiger Woods’ s current?) and Kate Upton, although his camp obviously maintains that nothing happened with any of them

      • PinkG says

        Don’t think it’s Tim. He briefly date Belle and Vonn is a family friend. Upton was a PR barnacle, just like K-Trash. I think it’s that Jones trick.

  16. xxlovemusicxx says

    Athlete: Tim Tebow

    Team or Sport: Football and New York Jets

    College: University of Florida

  17. Charlex87 says

    It’s definitely not Tim Tebow…know people who knew him personally in college.

  18. redstilettos says

    If this was TT, it would have been out way before now. The media LOVES to report on him even if it is because he sneezed.

    I think it is someone else.

  19. ebg says

    Manti Te’o
    Notre Dame
    forgot what sad team picked him up

    whoever guessed JJ Watt? please. he wasn’t and isn’t squeaky clean even if he’s a hero in Houston and Madison.

  20. robert3242 says

    I’ll go a different direction with this as follows:
    Athlete: Peyton Manning
    College: University of Tennessee
    Sport: Football

  21. lcinva says

    I know everyone wants to think it’s Tebow, but he has gotten so much publicity over the last couple years that there is NO WAY if this were true, every single one of those girls would keep their mouth shut. There just isn’t. So, I’m going to have to go with Lolo Jones…or maybe Lindsey Vonn (pre-marriage?)

  22. JenLTX says

    The fact that the question is gender neutral leads me to believe that our blind is definitely a female (why bother otherwise?), so I’m throwing my lot in with the Lolo Jones guessers.

  23. scumby says

    I assume it’s someone who has done a shampoo commercial.
    A few years ago the guess would be Tiger Woods Stanford Golf

  24. Virgo826 says

    Nahhhh, Brady was def a BMOC at UofM and proud of it. He’s never had an “ΓΌber-squeaky-clean” rep…remember the Brittany Spears rumors, dating Tara Ried, and the Bridget Moynahan years? He may be squeaky, but it isn’t clean;)

  25. pscheck2 says

    It’s interesting that most posters pick Tim T. as their guess. However, I agree with those who say that if this is him, this would have come out long ago, especially when he was riding high with ‘Tebowing!’ (You know, the press!) I would chance a guess on Brady, except he comes across as a player (well, Giselle)and could be dipping his little toe in another ‘pond?’