The Persnickety Pooping Pop Princess

singer 7[Evil Beet Gossip] After playing a huge venue, she made an unscheduled stop into the media room, with 2 handlers.

The room was still filled with writers and bloggers when one handler asked the other if he “had to go that bad”. He shook his head and gestured it was the pop princess who needed to use the restroom.

They then made it clear that everyone needed to clear out NOW and not come back, as this wasn’t going to be a quick bathroom stop. There were many other bathrooms nearby but this one was the furthest away from any prying ears…or noses, which I guess made it the only one in the world for this girl.

I know we all want privacy and don’t want to be disturbed while in the bathroom, but to kick everyone out when there are plenty of other options? Seems kinda rude.

Pop Princess:

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  1. greeneyedgenie says

    Rihanna. Clues: “NOW” (her tour), “only one in the world” (Only Girl in the World), “disturbed” (Disturbia), “rude” (Rude Boy).

  2. azerty says

    Pop Princess: RIHANNA
    “only one in the girl for this girl” : her hit song: only girl in the world
    “kinda rude”: her other song: rude boy

  3. teambritbrit says


    hint: the only one in the world (for this) girl = her song “Only Girl (In the World)”

  4. hellywood says

    Source blind pictures two otters in a bathroom, twin otters. Uhm, twin otter is some type of plane. Stumped.

  5. malkatz says

    To be fair, my best guy friend once heard me having diarrhea in the bathroom and I never lived it down. I can’t even imagine what gossip bloggers would do.

    Also, my guess is Taylor Swift.

    • JaneDawson says

      I literally shrieked after read this comment. Just when I’ve forgotten…BAM.

  6. 2BEAUCOUP says


  7. sabiduria88 says

    Clues: “The only one in the world for this girl” Rihanna has a song named “Only Girl (In The World)”
    “Disturbed” Rihanna has a song named “Disturbia”

  8. ZuzuBee says

    Rihanna! Clues: “only one in the world” = her song “only girl in the world” and “so rude” = “rude boy”

  9. colby2283 says

    Pop Princess: Rihanna

    Clue: “Only one in the world” – as per her song, “Only Girl (in the world)”

  10. Noosh@London says

    ”the only one in the world for this girl” – The Only Girl in the World
    ”disturbed” – Disturbia
    ”rude” – Rude Boy

  11. Padackles says

    Rihanna (the only one in the world for this girl –> Only Girl (In The World), disturbed –>Disturbia, rude –> Rude Boy, princess –> Princess of China…)

  12. cierra567 says

    Rihanna- clues being disturbed- has song Disturbia, only one in the world for this girl- her song only girl in the world, and seems kinda rude- her song rude boy

  13. stolidog says

    I was going to guess Britney Spears, but since I’ve seen thousands of pictures of her using gas station restrooms with no shoes on, I’ll guess Rihanna.

  14. hvilla83 says

    “only one in the world for this girl”
    Rihanna… Only girl in the world lyrics

  15. jacqueline says

    Rhianna. Clue “only one in the word for this girl” play on her song “only girl in the world”.

  16. fineasafox says

    had to go that “bad”- bad girl rihanna
    only girl in the world- “the only one in the world for this girl”
    disturbed- disturbia
    plenty of other options- Rihanna Plenty!

  17. boodie says

    “only one in the world” for this girl… reference to Rhianna song of the same name

  18. ericaomega says

    Please Rihanna is known for being rude to everyone, particularly when high, remember the 7 tour fiasco. Oh and only girl in the world is one of her hit songs.

  19. openyoureyes says

    “only one in the world for this girl” makes me think rihanna because of her song “only girl in the world”

  20. lindseyann says


    “the only one in the world for this girl.”
    “kinda rude.”

  21. MikeInSanJose says

    Mariah’s on tour… Sounds like her. Doesn’t want people to know she poops?

  22. meemo506 says

    Rhianna? She has the only girl in the world song and the sentence says it was the only [bathroom] in the world for her.

  23. ccreve says

    Rihanna. The clue being “only one in the world for this girl” as a reference to her song ‘only girl in the world’

  24. neartstarlet says


    clue: “only one in the world” is a lyric from her song “only girl(in the world)”

  25. wendy hood says

    Rihanna. Why does everyone assume this is a bodily function and not substance related?

  26. SooWrong says

    Rihanna. When you have terrible smelling BM’s, its usually b/c of underlying problems or drug use or drinking too heavily….So yea, Rihanna sounds about right

  27. Elisa says

    My guess is Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato, both of whom were in some movie called Princess Protection Program.