Franchise Actor Is Doing Anything And Anyone

family happy[Allie Is Wired] This celeb was on track to be A list, but settled for B/C+ list when his career fizzled after he nabbed a breakout role in a huge franchise.

His wife is gorgeous andthey have a kid together, but that hasn’t stopped him from doing anything and anyone he can to further his career.


Breakout role:

Franchise film:


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81 comments to Franchise Actor Is Doing Anything And Anyone

  • Virgo826

    He: Orlando Bloom
    Role: Legolas
    Film: Lord of the Rings
    She: Miranda Kerr

    • I Am PunkA

      I think this is it. Can’t remember the last good movie he was in, other than LOTR or POTC. Just fizzled.

      As to Hemsworth, just does not make sense. Before Thor, there was not much, but he is a busy boy right now filming Thor, Avengers and Snow White/Huntman films, in addition to Rush, which looks really cool from the previews.

      • SevenPenceNoneTheRicher

        @I Am PunkA: “Can’t remember the last good movie he was in, other than LOTR or POTC”

        Elizabethtown was pretty decent.

    • pnwpersonkim

      Always an orlando f#*ked this chick or that cow blind it seems… sigh…rememeber the days when he didn’t suck….sigh

      • channel orange

        +4, I definitely got an Orlando vibe from this blind. After LotR it really seemed as if he’d take the acting world by storm, but his career never really took off. You hear stuff about him sleeping around all the time — not that his lady wife is exempt from similar rumors.

        As for people guessing Christian Bale: puh-leez. He’s considered one of the finest actors working today, he is super busy working and gets awesome roles, and I don’t think anyone would describe his career as having fizzled. Lastly, aside from the Anne Hathaway rumor you don’t hear stuff about him sleeping around./rant

      • Gisby

        I do not remember a time when he didn’t suck.

    • ginnynotjenny

      I thought of him too! But I wouldn’t put Orlando Bloom on the C+ list… Maybe I just really, really don’t want it to be him! LOL


    Chris Hemsworth
    The Avengers
    Elsa Pataky

    • luvprue1

      Channing Tatum. His wife an actress,and they have one kid. Plus he’s been working none stop.

      Magic Mike
      Side Effect
      G.I Joe

    • dittydoo

      Nah they’re doing great. He’s so happy with her and such a wonderful guy. Not a fame whore at all.

  • raslebol

    maybe Christian Bale for Batman in Batman Begins but they had their kid after Batman Begins
    so Chris Hemsworth for Thor with his actress wife

  • savvy_geek

    Hmmm, Christian Bale fits the clues, but I don’t know if it really sounds like him.

    Bruce Wayne/Batman
    Batman Begins
    Sibi Blazic

    I will keep thinking….

  • LeesyLou

    First time posting.
    Actor: Orlando Bloom
    Breakout Role: Legolas
    Franchise Film: Lord of The Rings
    Wife: Miranda Kerr

  • cynthiamey

    Chris Hemsworth
    Elsa Patakay or something like that

  • savvy_geek

    Could it be Chris Hemsworth?
    Thor/The Avengers
    Elsa Pataky

  • Ivanna Funkalot

    Biff from Back to the Future!!!

    I have no idea :)

  • sarahbella246

    Actor: Orlando Bloom
    Breakout Role: Will Turner
    Franchise Film: Pirates of the Caribbean
    Wife: Miranda Kerr
    I don’t know. He just seems to be doing absolutely nothing these days.

  • Katie

    Cam Gigandet
    Dominique Geisendorff

    • august

      Second this.

    • KWDragon

      I like your guess! When he first hit the scene, all the tabloids were talking him up as the next big thing, but now?


      Unlike the other guesses on this list so far, this guy does not have the money to retire and give up on any further roles. Chris Hemsworth still has Thor and the Avengers, and I don’t think Orlando Bloom is hurting for money. Harrison Ford? Puhleeze. he doesn’t need work. Cam Gigandet, however, is probably hard up for both fame and money at this point.

      I think you rocked the guess, Katie!

    • LuPiness

      Best answer! Definitely him. Even though, Chris Hemsworth and Christian Bale fit, too. They both don’t need to sleep with anything and anyone to further their career. Cam looks like an actor who needs to use the casting couch to get roles.

      • raslebol

        Hemsworth and Bale always have a great career

      • Katmandu

        He does look like he needs to work the casting couch, doesn’t he? Not very good looking, but great body. But it must be working as he has seven or eight things for this year coming up or finished.

  • melmac

    Orlando Bloom

  • amccar

    Just a guess…

    Actor: Harrison Ford
    Breakout Role: Han Solo
    Franchise Film: Star Wars
    Wife: Calista Flockheart

  • bhemp


    Actor: Chris Hemsworth
    Breakout role: Thor
    Franchise film: Thor, The Avengers, etc.
    Wife: Elsa Pataky

  • ohohOHIKNOW

    Channing Tatum for the actor. …the rest IDK

  • jHp323

    Actor: Orlando Bloom

    Breakout Role: Legolas (and was also Will in POTC)

    Francise Film: Lord of the Rings

    Wife: Miranda Kerr

  • lexistential

    Hmm. Guessing Chris Hemsworth?

    Franchise: Thor

    Wife: Elsa Pataky.

  • Kerzep

    Orlando Bloom

    “Black Hawk Down”

    Pirates of the Caribbean

    Miranda Kerr

  • kermit1969

    Actor: Orlando Bloom

    Breakout role: Legalos in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy

    Franchise: Pirates of the Carribean and Rings Trilogy
    Wife: Miranda Kerr

  • lakelady

    Orlando Bloom?

  • mfliz

    Actor: Chris Hemsworth

    Breakout role: Thor

    Franchise film: The Avengers

    Wife: Elsa Patakay

  • Incuriosity

    Actor: Orlando Bloom

    Breakout role: Legolas

    Franchise film: The Lord of the Rings franchise

    Wife: Miranda Kerr

  • axiva

    Actor: Chris O’Donnell

    Breakout role: Scent of a Woman ?

    Franchise film: Batman & Robin

    Wife: Caroline Fentress

    • raslebol

      he’s not A list probably:it’s probably Bloom or Hemsworth

    • MikeInSanJose

      Doesn’t O’Donnell have a whole brood of kids? I thought he took time off to be a daddy, now he’s pretty steady with NCIS: Los Angeles. Doesn’t sound like he’s fizzled.

  • PghDude

    Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr, Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Jester

    Actor: Orlando Bloom
    Breakout role: Will Turner
    Franchise film: Pirates of the Caribbean
    Wife: Miranda Kerr

  • Charity

    Orlando Bloom
    Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    Miranda Kerr

  • Peta

    Brandon Routh in Superman. Not sure what his wife’s name is, she’s an actress and they had a child recently. His career never took off after that movie.

    • YankeeGirl226

      I actually like this answer. It does sound like it could be him.

      • blackmahn

        Problem is I don’t think Routh had a breakout role before Superman. But his career definitely fizzled. Last I saw him, he was a semi-regular on Chuck of all places.

  • rayna007


  • rosiedoes

    Not… surely, not Chris Hemsworth?

  • lh8990

    Chris Hemsworth?

  • MaryQuiteContrary

    Actor: Chris Hemsworth

    Breakout role: Thor

    Franchise film: Thor/Avengers

    Wife: Elsa Pataky

  • ILoveLucy

    Chris Hemsworth. Captain America. Beautiful wife, and child. Can probably get with any woman he wants. I’m sure they throw themselves at him!

  • kitty

    Actor: Chris Hemsworth

    Breakout role: Thor

    Franchise film: Thor/Avengers

    Wife: Elsa Pataky

  • KitKat73

    Actor: Chris Hemsworth

    Breakout role:Thor (or Captain Kirk in Star Trek)

    Franchise film: Avengers, Thor, Star Trek, Snow White…take your pic

    I’m confused as to why he “settled for B/C+ list”…what did he do that he chose to settle?

    • NYCMEL

      That got me too Kit…Chris has more movies coming out, so not sure if it’s him. Might be Orlando Bloom just based on that detail.

    • KatarinaJ

      Chris Pine was Captain Kirk not Chris Hemsworth who had a very minor role as Kirk’s dad who died.

  • Brittttt

    Chris Hemsworth


  • llcooljenk

    Paul Walker

  • llcooljenk

    Actually, vin diesel

  • tink

    Chris Hemsworth? I hope that’s not so. I like to think all of the gorgeous men are faithful. HAAA!

  • KlatschHund

    Orlando Bloom
    Legolas/Lord of the Rings
    Will Scarlett/Pirates of the Caribbean
    Miranda Kerr

  • LostinAusten

    I wonder if this is meant to be Chris Hemsworth. Breakout role in Star Trek reboot, or if you don’t count that as a ‘breakout,’ then Thor surely counts. Wife is Elsa Pataky, and they do have a kid together.

    • LostinAusten

      Clues are on track – recent race car movie, Rush; Fizzled – electricity/Thor is the god of lightning.

  • Runningdude1

    Actor: Brandon Routh

    Breakout Role: Superman

    Franchise Film; Superman Returns

    Wife: Courtney Ford

  • cindyl

    I don’t think it’s Chris Hemsworth. He is still hot and he still has thr Avengers series and Thor series which will last for several years.

    Sadly, it must be Orlando. I had the biggest crush on him too. :-(

  • LAMomma

    I prefer to be a lurker but want to get in on the fun.

    There’s no way this is Christian Bale, he IS A list and has an Oscar to boot after the Batman franchise restarted his career. And there’s no way this is Chris Helmsworth either. He may not be A list, but he’s a solid B+ and was just in the Avengers, which people are still talking about a year later.

    When I read the blind, it suggest this movie-star had a promising start with a franchise and he’s been regulated to B/C type roles. To me, it clearly suggest Orlando Bloom. Not only does he fit the blind, there are two huge franchises he was apart of and was quickly on the way to A town until Elizabethtown, and he’s hardly been seen in anything since that’s worth a damn. In fact, I would say he’s effectively C+ at this point.

    Actor: Orlando Bloom

    Breakout Role: Pirates of the Caribbean (did not appear in the fourth)

    Franchise Film; Lord of the Rings (he appeared in all three)

    Wife: Miranda Kerr (Victoria Secret Model)

  • MikeInSanJose

    I just want more deets on him “doing anything and anyone he can to further his career.”

    The fact that Orlando Bloom’s first film role was as a rent boy in Wilde really has my fantasies churning on this BI…

    But was he ever on track to be ‘A-List’ – even after breakout role Will Turner (Pirates of the Caribbean) and then Legolas in the LOTR/Hobbit franchise.

    Wifey Miranda Kerr… Meh!

    • LAMomma

      @Mike… of course Orlando was on his way to being an A list movie-star, one doesn’t get lucky to co-star in two major franchises and he also co-starred with Brad Pitt in Troy. He was well on his way until Elizabethtown, directed by Cameron Crowe (Almost Famous).

  • aquagirl

    how about
    Brian Austin Green
    Breakout Role – David on 90210
    Film- don’t know
    Wife – Megan Fox

  • ONIT

    I’m more intrigued by doing ANYTHING and ANYONE to further his career. Am I right this doesn’t only mean women?

  • sabrina325

    Orlando Bloom as Legolas in LOTR, married to Miranda Kerr

  • Lisa

    He: Orlando Bloom
    Role: Legolas
    Film: Lord of the Rings
    She: Miranda Kerr

  • GossipProblem

    1. In a popular franchise (not necessarily before or after his kid was born)
    2. B/C List – this excludes any actor considered A-list (Bale, Tatum – the guy has been on fire lately, Hemsworth)
    3. Franchises in Hollywood are usually films that have multiple sequels so that excludes TV shows (Brian Austin Greene)
    4. Franchise was a while ago as the actor has lost track to A-list status –> cannot be any franchises CURRENTLY running (again excluding Hemsworth, Bale (batman ended only a year ago), Tatum) – Hobbit doesn’t count bc Bloom isn’t in it (from what I know)

    Signs point to Legolas.