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spices 3SOLVED!

[Mouth To Ears] This former girl group member is into more than just dancing. Aside from being the only African American member in her group from the UK , she is the most attractive. If looks could k*ll she would be an automatic hand g*n.

When she found love with a man, people were surprised with her choice, especially because she had just birthed a child by a mega star. With her dominant personality people were shocked with her husband’s feminine presence. But once we learned that they were into threesomes and he was the seeker it all made sense.

Apparently her husband goes out and finds the women that they entertain. On any given night at her house you can find her with a strap-on , her husband willingly taking it, and a third party who is watching in shock.

We guess if you wanna be her lover, you gotta her with her husband…

Who is it?!?



Mega Star who fathered her child:

mel b stephen belafonteSOLVED!

It’s Melanie Brown (aka Scary Spice), and her husband, Stephen Belafonte! Source: Janet Charlton

The megastar who fathered one of Mel B’s four children is Eddie Murphy.

According to Janet Charlton, Mel B and Stephen are into threes*mes:



Melanie “Scary Spice” Brown’s husband Stephen Belafonte was acting awfully strange when he left 1Oak nightclub in West Hollywood the other night. He left with a blonde girl and when he saw the paparazzi he threw a coat over her head and led her like a blind person. Odd, but we don’t think he necessarily was cheating on his wife. Fact is, Stephen and Mel often invite pretty women to come home with them for threesomes! An attractive source who worked at one of the fun couples favorite hangouts told us the pair invited her over for three way fun and games more than once.

stephen belafonte w blonde girlStephen Belafonte was also recently seen leaving 10oak, a night club in West Hollywood, with his arm around a blonde girl. Because it is perfectly normal for a married father of four to go to a nightclub without his wife and exit at 3:00 am with a young blonde whose identity he wanted to shield.

Stephen Belafonte has always been a rather shady character. His real name is Stephen Stansbury. He changed his last name a few years ago to cover up his shady past, which includes arrests for domestic violence and animal abuse (he beat an animal to death with a brick).

He picked the new last name of Belafonte to cover up his past.  He claims that he didn’t deliberately intend to confuse people or imply that he was related to actor Harry Belafonte by choosing that last name. Not at all. It is totally a coincidence that Mel B’s light-skinned, bald-headed black husband chose a name that everyone associates with the much-loved and esteemed light-skinned bald-headed black actor Harry Belafonte.

Stephen Belafonte is a film producer, but has no IMDB credits in the past few years, so we don’t know how he pays the bills now.

Belafonte and Mel B are raising four children together: one from her first marriage, one from her relationship with Eddie Murphy, and two with Belafonte.

Did you catch the many clues? Spicy, black singer in girl group from the UK, “if you wanna be her lover” (Spice Girl lyrics).

Congrats to VeronicaMarsBars for being first with the correct answer!

mel b belafonte family

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