Disturbing Upbringing Of A Disney Star

disney kids 3[Hollywood Street King] It’s been about five years since this former Disney child actor’s reported disappearance led to his shocking ‘I needed to be alone’ revelation.

Now, new information about this blind item presents a disturbing upbringing which may have misguided this mystery man to his said current dr*g-add*cted state.

An insider reveals because our blind item’s now-lesbian mother was once a groupie, he doesn’t know the exact identity of his biological dad. Those could be the grounds for why sources say he was later turned out by Jamie Foxx, who’s reported to also be his Godfather.

That really could be “That’s So Raven” for this former Raven Simone fellow cast-mate. Know why? Because sources say the former Cosby kid — who our blind item came up next to — was also turned out, but by Lindsay Lohan.

Today, this former ‘The Jamie Foxx Show’ cast member is reported to be using his insider information to his benefit — as sources reveal our blind item sells stories to gossip media “so he can get money to buy dr*gs”.

He’s been arrested three times over one DUI case. Now, can you guess which former child actor I’m talking about?

Former Child Actor:

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  1. justcantgetenough says

    Orlando Brown based on doing a quick web search but can someone please explain the “turned out” comments?

    • Gemma says

      It is when someone of the same sex takes advantage of a younger person who may or may not gay. They get the younger one hooked on drugs or alcohol. It’s sick abuse and just a power trip for the older one.

  2. Mrs.K says

    Long time lurker and first time poster, but I think I actually know this one, so I can’t resist. Orlando Brown. I know he was on That’s So Raven and the Jamie Foxx Show. He was arrested for the same DUI a few times. So there it is. Finally my first BG post. :)

    • LeahLynn28 says

      Yes,really sad.He’s talented,but the drugs and the booze will ruin his career.Very sad…

  3. Naija_girl says

    I’m gonna guess Orlando Brown. I remember him going “missing” a few years back.

  4. Sophie B says

    Former Child Actor: Orlando Brown

    Source: [all links must be fully explained]

  5. missknownunknown says

    orlando Brown. I thought he was funny in That’s so Raven, hope he gets it together.

  6. slantrhyme says

    Orlando Brown…very sad. I think the child stars who turn out totally normal are the exception.

  7. wfreshie says

    orlando brown? he was on “jamie foxx show” and “that’s so raven” and arrested for dui

  8. qchisme says


    former child actor: orlando brown
    shocking to her that about raven too even though there have been numerous rumors

  9. MissMafiosi says

    Hey Ace. First time poster but longtime lurker. I’mma have to go with Orlando Bloom. He played Eddie on That’s So Raven he’s been arrested awhile back for DUI. I’m not sure what HSK is trying to say though. Probably he’s abusing his star power and is not to be trusted with any personal information. idk.

    • austinmocean says

      I think what he’s saying is that Jamie Foxx either likes to “turn out” kids, or is gay. I’m not sure. Either way, I don’t think I’d trust Jamie Foxx with my kids (if I had any). I hope that HSK has confirmed these rumors about Jamie Foxx turning him out, because, while I know that this is the point of a blind item, a rumor like this could really hurt Jamie Foxx if anyone tried to run with it and turn it into something big (like the Michael Jackson case). Also, HSK is saying that Raven Simone and Lindsay Lohan had a fling.

  10. august says

    No nothing about Orlando Brown but sadly I find out this blind leads to that Disney is full of Pedophiles and now I know what’s really wrong with Lohan, Bynes and Spears.
    No one speaks about it out of fear.
    Blind Gossip this comment with disintegrate once read by you.

    • rudy says

      The comment is still here I totally agree.

      What is up with the Disney/Teenage Train Wreck Syndrome?

  11. QubbuQ says

    Orlando Brown.
    I interpreted the statements ‘disturbing upbringing’ and being ‘turned out’ by Jamie Foxx to mean that J.F. had sex with him, when he was a child. ? ick. Poor guy.
    Also, did this blind also state slyly that Raven Simone and Lindsay Lohan had a fling?

  12. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    Hollywood Street King’s items are a challenge. If I’m able to understand his the wording of the item, I can usually figure out who the blind item is about because “Street King” all but gives you their name. But, I can barely understand this item. Do the phrases “come up next to” and “turned out” have new meanings?

      • Hennessey Williams says

        Yes, it can mean anal but “turned out” can also mean that you lost your virginity/innocence by that person.

      • ValleyOfTheGalls says

        I’m going to have to inform my mother (this will be an interesting chat) that she should no longer refer to my 8 year old nephew as a “well turned out young gentleman”. Wish me luck.

  13. silverdoe19 says

    Orlando Brown: “Eddie” on That’s So Raven. And he’s only 25…poor guy.

  14. Theonlynicolena says

    Going out on a limb here and guessing Orlando Brown…..just a guess!

  15. confident-ial says

    Orlando Brown who played raven’s best freind Eddie, who also played on the Jamie Foxx show as one of the “little homies” jamie mentored ..wow this is sad…and yeah raven, we don’t judge you, but we know the truth honey..we know..

  16. rahmadogs says

    Former Child Actor: Orlando Brown.
    Back in 08 he was reported missing and when he was found he explained that he “needed to be alone”
    Three DUIs in August 2011, May 2012 and July 2012.
    Played Eddie on That’s So Raven and also was on The Jamie Foxx Show.

    • Me Talk Pretty says

      It’s kind of a homophobic phase. It means to have a same sex encounter that “turns you gay” so to speak. Usually they are trying to say a (usually older) gay person acted in a predatory way towards a younger person, introducing them to gay sex.

      The thing is, if Raven Simone and Lindsey had a fling they were around the same age, so no one “turned” anyone out. No one made anyone else gay. They were just gay.

  17. timesink says

    Yes, I have heard also that Disney has some pedophiles in its employ. There should be an investigation of Hollywood exploitation.

  18. jamiejo says

    Per Urban Dictionary “turned out” means to have sex against your will. That is terrible.

    • wendy hood says

      Theres so many definitions of turned out, you have to go by context. Im assuming these references to turning out are both sexual in nature, but they could be drug related. Sober then introduced to hard drugs.

  19. classybgyrl says

    Orlando Brown and yes Raven and Linds were once roommates when they were teens.