Disturbing Upbringing Of A Disney Star

disney kids 3[Hollywood Street King] It’s been about five years since this former Disney child actor’s reported disappearance led to his shocking ‘I needed to be alone’ revelation.

Now, new information about this blind item presents a disturbing upbringing which may have misguided this mystery man to his said current dr*g-add*cted state.

An insider reveals because our blind item’s now-lesbian mother was once a groupie, he doesn’t know the exact identity of his biological dad. Those could be the grounds for why sources say he was later turned out by Jamie Foxx, who’s reported to also be his Godfather.

That really could be “That’s So Raven” for this former Raven Simone fellow cast-mate. Know why? Because sources say the former Cosby kid — who our blind item came up next to — was also turned out, but by Lindsay Lohan.

Today, this former ‘The Jamie Foxx Show’ cast member is reported to be using his insider information to his benefit — as sources reveal our blind item sells stories to gossip media “so he can get money to buy dr*gs”.

He’s been arrested three times over one DUI case. Now, can you guess which former child actor I’m talking about?

Former Child Actor:

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