DC Tweeter Is Hilarious and Awkward

white house 1[Blind Gossip] A Washington DC political journalist named Dave Catanese recently quit Twitter for a week. He wrote an essay about it in which he mentions another DC notable who is a prolific Tweeter.

From Esquire:

Twitter offers a shield, which allows you to be expressive, bold — even offensive — for all of your most influential followers to witness, without having to confront the awkward social consequences of an in-person engagement. (“How can he be so hilarious on Twitter and yet so awkward in person?,” a friend recently asked me about one of the city’s more prolific political Tweeps.) It allows you to step out on a limb, showcase your biting wit, your savvy snark. Perhaps grab the attention of a colleague, political foe or idol. Sure, you’re plopped on your couch in gym shorts munching on leftovers on a Sunday evening. But launching a Twitter war for the consumption of D.C. influence-makers can be an adrenaline rush. It can all be amusing, fleeting, or damaging.

Who is the hilarious/awkward person fingered by Catanese?
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13 comments to DC Tweeter Is Hilarious and Awkward

  • shuboy

    Bill Clinton

  • I Am PunkA

    I’d say James Carville, because he is hilarious and awkward, but he only has like 2 tweets ever.

  • Monky

    My boo Chuck Grassley? LOL!

  • lovefifteen

    I wonder if it’s David Weigel or Matt Yglesias?

  • Syd Wishes

    Ben Stein’s Dairy on the American Spectator mag April 1st was entitled “A Perfect Sunday.” But I don’t know if he is on Twitter.

  • scumby

    Dave Weigel -Politico

  • apple martini

    Dave Weigel. Live in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of D.C., and is a very prolific tweeter. I wouldn’t say he gets into Twitter wars, exactly, but he’s often very blunt and snarky. I also happen to know that he and Catanese run in the same social circles — parties and such.

  • nataliecook

    Amanda Bynes

  • lovefifteen

    Yeah. My first instinct was Dave Weigel. He tweets so much and is very snarky, but looks extremely awkward and socially uncouth.

  • valeria

    Don’t know; can’t guess. But props to Mr. Catanese for his observation that, Twitter, (and other social media), allow the writer to avoid having to, “confront the awkward social consequences of an in-person engagement”. It’s easy for cowards and trolls to hide behind “oh so clever” tweets, etc. Adults are people who confront problems and issues directly and accept/face the results.

  • Up the Coast

    Is Weiner too obvious?