When Narcissists Give Gifts

woman giving gift 2[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which celebrity, who was once a model, adores herself sooooo much that she just sent her non-celebrity best friend a birthday gift – a framed photograph of herself?

“She is the most self-absorbed celebrity ever. She thinks it’s very sweet and very thoughtful personalized gift. She even had the nerve to tell me where in my tiny apartment it should hang – right above my bed,” the friend told Naughty But Nice Rob.

No longer modeling, this star is now a reality TV star and responsible for finding and mentoring new talent. Lets hope she teaches the new top stars a different lesson in gift giving!

Former Model/Current Reality Star:

TV Show:

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    • flayvor says

      Tyra Bank’s best friend is Kimmora Lee Simmons and she is a celebrity in her own right. I think it’s Heidi Klum

  1. raslebol says

    heidi khlum or naomi campbell?
    naomi campbell because SHE’s NAOMI CAMPBELL(a real supermodel)

  2. KatarinaJ says

    Heidi Klum? Tyra Banks? I can see EITHER of them being that vain, given Heidi is the bad mom who gives her kids junk food to placate them and takes nannies phones.

  3. SouthJerseyGirl says

    My guess would be Heidi Klum – while she doesn’t do it herself, Project Runway does find and mentor new talent.

  4. jerzeegurl says

    Tyra Banks the clue is in the last sentence
    “new top stars”= america’s “top” model
    That’s all I got.

  5. Rapunzel says

    Former Model/Current Reality Star: Tyra Banks
    TV Show: America’s Next Top Model

  6. LeahLynn28 says

    Heidi Klum.It’s not news to see she’s that self-absorbed…even her photo ops with her fake/paid boyfriend and her children are fake.Everything in her life is fake,and her 15 minutes are up either.

  7. good2know says

    Former model/current reality star: Tyra Banks
    TV Show: America’s Next Top Model

  8. blondegossip says

    Tyra Banks. Obviously hits the self absorbed–she redid her Sports Illustrated photoshoot “in honor of black history month” yeesh. Thought maybe Heidi Klum but she still models on occasion. TV show is ANTM

  9. I Am PunkA says

    Heidi Klum

    America’s Got Talent

    I love it when she sends me those artistic nude photos to place all around my pad.

  10. Andreinac13 says

    Former Model/Current Reality Star: Tyra Banks

    TV Show: America’s Next Top Model

  11. kellbell26 says

    Former Model/Current Reality Star: Tyra Banks
    TV Show: America’s Next Top Model.

    ( It could also possibly be Heidi Klum/Project Runway, but she doesn’t really mentor the designers – where as Tyra does mentor the models)

  12. stacat1 says

    i am guessing either Tyra or Heidi…they both seem rather in love with themselves.

  13. shampagne says

    Former Model/Current Reality Star: Naomi Campbell

    TV Show: The Face

    But doesn’t she still model?

  14. Halo26 says

    Tyra Banks with America’s Next Top Model, obviously. “NEW TOP stars” referencing the show title!

  15. OhMyGossip says

    Is America’s Next Top Model still on? If so then I’m going with Tara on this.

    Hints: she finds and mentors new models; teaching the “new top stars” points to top model.

  16. PennyLane says

    Padma Lakshmi, just because the phrase ” the new top stars” made me think of Top Chef

    • iPanderr says

      She doesn’t mentor; she’s just a judge…really only there for aesthetics.

  17. opensore says

    Former Model/Current Reality Star: tyra banks

    TV Show: america’s next top model

  18. BilbOno says

    Former Model/Current Reality Star: Tyra

    TV Show: America’s Next Top Model (ANTM)

    Shut up Tyra!!

  19. mrtiktok says

    Well it could be Janice Dickinson/Tyra Banks/Naomi/Heidi
    All of them could be categorized as former model tho Naomi and Heidi are still pretty activs, but Naomi has new reality show called The Face so I’ll go with her

  20. LaleFig says

    Don’t underestimate the value of a Smize. That’s the gift that keeps on giving.

  21. NBG says

    Tyra Banks
    Clue “top” as is top model, plus this totally sounds like her haha

  22. Dead4Gossip says

    Model: Tyra Banks.
    Show: America’s Next Top Model
    Clue: teaches the new ‘top stars’

    Everything about her SCREAMS narcissist.
    First time poster btw!

  23. rorythedragon says

    The more I see blinds that point to Heidi Klum, the less adorable she becomes.

  24. Bromance1979 says

    Model: Duh… The QUEEN of narcissism… Tyra (AKA “me, me, me, me, me…”)

    Show: America’s Next Top Model

  25. lavender36 says

    Model: Tyra Banks
    TV Show: America’s Next Top Model
    Clues: “Soooo much” – she always says this on her show (exaggerates the sooooo)
    “reality TV star and finding and mentoring new talent”, “Top Stars” as in top model

    • QubbuQ says

      OOOooooh clever catch! :-) I agree with you. Tyra Banks.

      I got a gift of a framed photo from a very close friend one Christmas. Granted, it was a nice photo, but still, it was quite the let down. It’s right up there with when someone gives you the gift in the form of a card saying they donated to ‘such and such’ charity or event in your honour. yay. I feel so honoured. Truly. :-/

    • lavender36 says

      the Soooo is also in line with Tyra’s “So What” campaign…

      Hahaha, I just can’t see the point of giving framed selfies as gifts, unless it’s your bf/gf…just screams narcissist to me..

  26. NOTellebee says

    Tyra Banks
    America’s Next Top Model

    Clue: “..teaches the new TOP stars a different lesson”

  27. stolidog says

    Heidi Klum, and I would hazzard a guess that this woman won’t be her “non-celebrity best friend” for much longer after Ms. Klum reads this….

    • stolidog says

      changing my guess…I don’t watch any of these shows, but I wanted the host of Next Top Model because of the clues, so, Tyra Banks it is.

    • VodkaSoaked says

      Sorry, meant Project Runway. Don’t watch much reality tv so really wouldn’t be able to tell one from the other anyway.