Up The Front Door

wales[Pop Bitch] Which Welsh legend was once spotted ending an argument with a wine bar proprietor by screeching “At least I takes it up the front door!”

Welsh Legend:

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  1. sternite says

    The only Welch celebrity I know is Catherine Zeta Jones… could it be her?

  2. nartalart says

    Tom Jones. I don’t even know what this means and I think I will keep it that way

  3. tiredofwhining says

    the only welsh legend i can think of is tom jones, but what would that even mean if it was him?

    • YoGo8c says

      Not that straight people don’t do the backdoor themselves, because they do. So he’s a total hypocrite.

  4. Kerzep says

    I can only think of two Welsh legends, but neither of them would use grammar like that.

    I’ll try anyway

    Richard Burton or

    Tom Jones

  5. MrsTomHardy says

    well obviously a female, but it;s a pretty ambiguous blind.

    I would say Charlotte Church as she;s famed for getting drunk and mouthing off. However, not sure “legend” would describe her.

    That would be Shirley Bassey more likely and, well, I can;t see her phrasing it like that! She would say “take” not the Welsh “takes”. (you need to have lived there to understand)

  6. callmedave says

    Bonnie Tyler. She represented the UK in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, and this story appeared in Popbitch’s ESC special. Not to mention they ran stories about her either side of it too…

  7. SheilaK says

    Ok, what does “up the front door” mean? Only Welsh legends I come up are Richard Burton and Tom Jones

  8. JenJenJen says

    This came from the Eurovision edition recently so I’m going to say Bonnie Tyler (but wouldn’t call her a legend)

  9. pinkdonut says

    Welsh Legend: Catherine Zeta-Jones. Who was in The LEGEND of Zorro (clue).

  10. rosiedoes says

    For all of those suggesting Tom Jones, “I takes it up the front door,” means “When I have sex I am penetrated vaginally.” I don’t think that he could claim that with any real legitimacy.

  11. Spanct says

    Tom Jones doesn’t have a front door. CZJ is hardly a legend, but Dame Shirley Bassey has a fab turn of phrase and more than happy to use it.

  12. nicky says

    Why do so many of you guess Tom Jones? I always thought “taking it up the front door” means to be on the receiving end of vaginal sex. Wouldn’t a man say “I get to give it up the front door”?

  13. insider1970 says

    I also think it’s about a woman, but I just have to add that Sir Anthony Hopkins is also Welsh. And I think we can call him a legend. Also, back in the day he had drinking problems.

    But I think it’s female we’re talking about..

  14. pookiblu says

    Can’t be Tom Jones, he doesn’t have a “front door” (I hope…) (“front door” is slang for vagina, by the way…)
    I’m guessing either Bonnie Tyler because of the picture of a map and her link to Eurovision recently, or Catherine Zeta Jones, but not sure either could be classed as being legendary?

  15. Mia444 says

    Wow, this blind is really opening my eyes as to how many Welsh men have vadges… 😉

  16. kins says

    I’m laughing at everyone who has commented on this and answered with a man’s name tbh. A front door is a vagina, last time I checked, Tom Jones didn’t have one of those!
    I’m gonna say, either Shirley Bassey or Charlotte Church.

  17. Stars In My Eyes says

    Wow! Rotfl at these guesses!!!! I think its Tom Jones–he’s secretly a woman. :-)