Politician’s Wife Is A Lesbian

cristina warthen[Hollywood Street King] Move over Monica Lewinsky…

The woman dubbed ‘The World’s Smartest Escort’ could be getting ready to publish what some say is the ultimate book of Johns. That’s because we’re getting word Cristina Warthen’s soon-to-be released tell-all is set to expose the likes of leading Hollywood directors; a group of the NBA’s top players; and today’s blind item.

He’s a top political figure notoriously known for once telling the media “I never had sexual relations with that woman.”

Now, as sources reveal because this exposed cheater — who once received “a presidential” at his then-headquarters — could be listed in Warthen’s Black Book, our mystery man’s wife may soon be forced out the closet.

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


His Wife:

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  1. Fergus says

    Come on! Is there anyone that hasn’t been living on Mars for the last ten yours that doesn’t know about Hilary? Seriously? Why else didn’t she care about Monica and all the rest?

    • Nomad says

      This sounds like another Republican ploy to keep Hilary from running for president in 2016. If Bill is in that book, why does that make Hilary automatically gay?

      • cahhou says

        Oh good grief. Now you sound like Hillary with her “right wing conspiracy” defense of her cheating husband. This rumor has been around for a long time & if I remember correctly, I think there has been more than one book that they have worried about.

        Bill & Hillary Clinton

  2. SecondBest says

    Hillary Clinton.

    It’s been a rumor for a long time that’s she’s actually gay.

  3. reen57 says

    If this is Hillary they better have irrefutable proof not hearsay. She’s a Scorpio and their enemies don’t prosper.
    Plus I wouldn’t put it past political enemies of the Clinton’s to have a hand in this “expos

    • channel orange says

      @reen: you made my day with “she’s a scorpio and their enemies don’t prosper.” XD

    • valley of the dolls says

      “She’s a Scorpio and their enemies don’t prosper.” This made me so very happy. My mother is a Scorpio and I have no doubt this is true.

  4. phoenix says

    That’s not a secret about the Clintons. Well-known in military circles about what Hillary was up to with the interns around the same time as Bill was smoking his special cigar.

  5. Riskia says

    Politician: Bill Clinton

    His Wife: Hilary Clinton

    clues: Monica Lewinsky, “I never had sexual relations with that woman.”, “presidential”

  6. ArticWolfRS says

    Obviously Pres. Bill Clinton, but why would exposing his cheating (and is this really news to anyone?) force Hillary out of the closet? That’s the part I don’t get…

  7. zeep says

    The Clintons and why don’t they try to make their blinds just a little bit more challenging? And do blinds this obvious ever result in libel claims?

  8. Teleman says

    It’s old BJ Clinton (Bill Jefferson Clinton) and Shrillary (because of her beautiful voice).
    Natl Enquirer says she’s writing a tell all memoir in which she will admit to affairs with women or that she’s bisexual.

  9. freakyfriday says

    Anyone surprised that Hillary is a lesbian?

    Politician: Bill Clinton
    Wife: Hillary Clinton

  10. august says

    Bill Clinto and Wife Hilary better shut this down quickly.
    I never did see them as a “couple” but business power couple.
    I’ve just read Weiner’s wife and she are partners in a personal way.

  11. I Am PunkA says

    Not surprised at all.

    Heard that Bill and Hilary really do not like each other at all, and have stayed married for political expedience for Hilary. Her coming out would would be huge for her liberal base, though.

    Still, not buying the Hilary stiff. But absolutely am about Bill seeing hookers. He;s a dude married to a frigid asexual woman after all.

    • mintberrycrunch says

      “He’s a dude married to a frigid asexual woman after all.”

      Or maybe she’s just a lesbian.

  12. ShockingBlue says

    HSK doesn’t leave much for us to guess here. Not very blind. Whoa. Big league gossip today. My only nit-pick is that Hilary Clinton is a politician too. And in fact could be president herself one day.

  13. April123 says

    o.m g.!!!
    bill clinton
    hillary clinton???

    will cia come looking for me soon? 😉

  14. Up the Coast says

    Is it really a secret that Hillary is a lesbian?
    We all know that Michelle is bearding for Obama, right?

  15. gcreptile says

    Yeah, Bill and Hillary Clinton… so if Hillary runs in 2016, do we really have to live through the 90s again? When are the Vince Foster stories going to return?

  16. Jet17 says

    Please. No one is buying a Benghazi cover up and so now this. Hill will still win .

    • nolabelle says

      No one ? Hmm… Today’s poll showed 65% believe there was a massive cover-up, including 25% of Dems . Poll indicates shift away from Dems for 2014, and possibly 2016.

  17. michaelboston80 says

    Oh please. What a trashy way to sell books; implying Hillary is gay is below even Star Magazine standards.

  18. Elisa says

    Politician: Bill Clinton
    Wife: Hillary Clinton

    You know, unless they’re backing some anti-gay-rights legislation, I don’t think it’s cool to out politicians.

    • nolabelle says

      So defrauding the public and the taxpayer representatives is ok, as long as it serves their self-interests? In this modern times, not being authentic for such a persons, who pushes for legislation in support of such advocacy,seems highly disingenuous if not incredible.

  19. GayleStorm says

    Politician: Bill Clinton

    His Wife: Hillary Clinton

    Haha…I’ve heard this rumor floating around before. I suppose it could be true! Bill’s been looking for love elsewhere for many years now.

  20. jujubee says

    Hillary Clinton

    I don’t understand the last part, though. Why would the wife be forced out of the closet? Did she use the escort’s services, too?

  21. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Never gonna happen – Hillary Clinton is not going to come out of the closet if she’s planning on running for president in 2016.

  22. scumby says

    The only question is Biden’s team behind this? ….to clear the way for him in 2016.

  23. 2BEAUCOUP says


      • 2BEAUCOUP says

        The level of domestic and spousal abuse among lesbians is very high.
        Partner murder is also very high.
        Alcoholism and drug addiction are also higher.
        The level of con gaming and scamming is out of proportion.
        ck the facts,gay men don’t differ that much from the average population yet lesbians do.

  24. josette says


  25. FiyahHotFlashy says

    Bill “Bubba” Clinton and Hillary. This is NOT news. That “rumor” has been around for a while. We can tell there’s nothing going on except a business arrangement. Hillary wants to President badly and Bill will make that happen!

  26. etamine says

    Bill and Hilary Clinton, Hils always pinged for me, she’s looking pretty dykey.

  27. MrsTomHardy says

    Not so much a blind as an article without the names.

    Bill Clinton

    Hilary Clinton

  28. mamacita3 says

    Duh. Hillary & Bill Clinton. Heard those rumors when he was in the White House.

  29. Zander24 says

    Easy Peasy:

    Politician: Bill Clinton

    His Wife: Hilliary Rodham Clinton

    But, could anything really surprise us about these two? They lie about everything — it is built into their DNA.

    • nolabelle says

      DNA- ” what difference does it make? ” -Shrillary testifying on the death of four brave Americans standing for all of us.

  30. ifyouwannawakeupearly says

    To quote Animaniacs’ song on the Presidents, “The Clintons, Bill and Hillary.” You should start offering a cash prize to everyone who gets one of these right, Ace.

  31. GrannyGoose says

    This is intended to be bill and hillary, but I’m voting for weiner and huma.

  32. luvprue1 says

    Top political figure: Bill Clinton
    top political figure’s wife who might be force out of the closet: Hillary Clinton

  33. colby2283 says

    Politician: Bill Clinton

    His Wife: Hilary Clinton

    I don’t get it – why would she be forced out of the closet because of this?

  34. LuPiness says

    Politician: Bill Clinton

    His Wife: Hillary Clinton

    I don’t know who this is but when I read Monica Lewinsky the Clintons came to my mind

  35. sophiedg says

    Is it April Fool’s day already? Because that’s the only way this blind couple be about Bill & Hillary Clinton. Ridiculous.