How To Stop Living With A Sports Illustrated Model

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model[New York Post] Sports Illustrated model. Living with a beau in a high-class apartment. He’s had enough. Hot bachelor, he’s now less hot. He wants it over. He wants her out. But she’s comfy. Not moving. Not clearing out her bathroom or her desk. He complains to his mama he can’t get rid of her. Mama’s savvy. Also practical. Also rich. Also of the Latin que sera sera mentality. Billionaire mama tells baby boy: “So? So leave her there. What’s the problem? I’ll buy you another apartment.” Only in New York, kids, only in New York.



Boyfriend’s mother:

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  1. breanna_monique says

    Model: Naomi Campbell
    Boyfriend: Vladislav Doronin
    Boyfriend’s Mother: Don’t know

    • Heilige Bimbam says

      1. Doronin is NOT a bachelor, he is still married.
      2. Campbell is not a Sports Illustrated model, she is a catwalk model. big difference.
      3. Doronin does not live in New York, he still has his main residence in Moscow.
      4 Doronin is a billionaire who can afford dozens of apartments anywhere.
      5. Campbell is in England now for the UK version of her US reality show about modelling “The Face” and has residences in the UK and US.

    • Booboo1068 says

      My hubby and I have made a deal that in the next lifetime I’ll come back as a gorgeous, successful super model/ actress and he a pro baseball player and we’ll find each other, get married and have kids ala Giselle and Tom. Too bad this lifetime I’m smart enough to get the grass isn’t always greener BUT at 45 if I’m ever single again a hot younger man in a great apartment with no strings sounds like fun for a while doesn’t it? ; )

  2. QubbuQ says

    Model: Julie Henderson

    Boyfriend: recently inherited (Dad died in 2011)Colombian billionaire- Alejandro Santo Domingo (So wouldn’t he just buy a new one himself? Or is the money not in his control just yet?)

    Boyfriend’s mother: Beatriz Dávila

    • Booboo1068 says

      My guess is he’s on an allowance as so many other trust fund kids.

      “Born with the luck of the WOMB” – Quote from Warren Buffet.

      • channel orange says

        I should add: “now less hot” = Alejandro, “Mama (…) is of the Latin que sera sera mentality” = Beatriz.

  3. ieatrainbows says

    Model is Julie Henderson. She is dating Alejandro Santo Domingo. His mother is Beatriz Davila. His family runs the Santo Domingo group, which is a huge conglomerate which controls more than 100 companies.

  4. Selene81 says

    :) Ace. I think it’s redhead model Cintia Dicker. It says on that she is dating Brazilian Ricardo Mansur: “He is the son of businesswoman Patricia Rollo and Ricardo Mansur, a former owner of the department store chain Mappin Mesbla, and the Bank Crefisul” So it sounds like his mom is rich with a Latin mentality. Cintia Dicker was supposedly engaged to this guy and they were living in New York. He has dated several other models – Gisele Bundchen, Isabeli Fontana, Bar Refaeli. So maybe he just wanted to move on to the next one. I looked through the other current SI models but this seemed to be the best match.

  5. mrlad says

    definitely has to be:

    Model: Emily Didonato
    Boyfriend: Jake Gyllenhaal
    Boyfriends Mom: Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal

    btw, first time posting… just couldn’t stand watching by the sidelines anymore!

    • Booboo1068 says

      Ace’s site is the BEST …hard to resist for too long! Welcome to joining the comments!

  6. Grammaticator says

    Best guess:

    Model: Julie Henderson

    Boyfriend: Alejandro Santo Domingo

    Boyfriend’s Mother: Beatrice Dávila Rocha

  7. ck_931 says

    has to be:

    Model: Jessica Hart

    Boyfriend: Stavros Niarchos

    BF Mother: Victoria Niarchos

  8. Katmandu says

    YOW! as of this moment in time, out of nine answer, there are SIX different names. Apparently this is a booming growth industry, random models shacked up with rich celeb sugar daddies!….I will vote for Julie Henderson because her name came up twice. Can’t wait to see who other contenders could be.

  9. oldstephens says

    Is there really anyone left on this planet hat doesn’t know Jake Gyllenhall is gay?

  10. Selene81 says

    Lol oldstephens. The Julie Henderson guess is great, I had no idea she was dating a Santo Domingo. Jessica Hart is a good guess but the Niarchos family is Greek, not Latin. I am liking Cintia Dicker or Julie Henderson for this one, guess it’ll come out once we see which one split up with her man.

  11. gingerNYC says

    DEFINITELY Julie Henderson. She moved in to his Park Ave apartment in 2011 after they had been dating about 6 months and has never left.