1. Kerstster says

    Star: Kirsten stewart sounds like to me… No clue on the movies as i dont watch anything with her in it or pay attention

  2. raslebol says

    Captain America! last year Chris Evans was rumored to be treated for a go**rrhea

  3. I Am PunkA says

    Chris Pine

    Film 1: Alice Eve STID

    Film 2: Laura Vandervoort This Means War

  4. meeshyyy says

    I’m going with Chris Evans in the Captain America/Avengers film franchise. Heard a rumor he had it and “4 crew members” could be a clue because he was in Fantastic Four. Not sure which cast members though – not too many women to choose from.

  5. pnwpersonkim says

    ORLANDO BLOOM bc those look like rings and he did a flight attendant.
    Natasha from Zulu
    Kirsten dunst from Citiez

    • Mystic says

      Sounds like him but he was in two major franchises not one. But maybe the people didn’t want to obvious.

  6. moodymigraine says

    No clue, but that’s tragically disgusting and irresponsible for all parties involved.

  7. MaryQuiteContrary says

    Franchise Star: Chris Pine

    Cast Member/ Film 1: Zoe Saldana

    Cast Member/ Film 2: Reese W

  8. tallzeez says

    Star Trek, Avengers, Captain America? Probably Chris Pine from Star Trek methinks

  9. sherlock says

    They better hope it’s not the new super gonorrhea which is resistant to all antibiotics and is untreatable.

  10. allthetiredhorses says

    I’m likely yelling into the wind with this one… My love, Ralph Fiennes, Lord Voldermort?

  11. ClaudeFunston says

    Would the circular pattern of the condoms (particularly the red one in the middle) hint at Captain America’s shield?

    Chris Evans.

  12. @lpha says

    I’m going with someone from the Harry Potter series , there was a famous ad during the olympics that featured a bunch of coloured condoms arranged to form the olympic sign.

    • MikeInSanJose says

      Syphillus Snape?

      Hagrid, Dumbledore, Professor McGonagal, and Dobby the House Elf?

  13. TLP says

    Hmmm….good guesses. I wonder if the use of Crew members doesn’t mean a hint. That could be a ship and star Trek which would lend itself to Chris Pine but he doesn’t seem like the type.

    I think I’m going to land in the Evans camp.

  14. MikeInSanJose says


    “4 crew members, 1 flight attendant and 2 fellow cast members (from different films)”

    7 gender-non-specific recipients of the gender-non-specific star’s little gift of love?


    If it is Chris Pine, I’m betting on a 3-way with Spock and Uhura!

  15. Jaqaranda says


    “Crew members” does seem to suggest Star Trek, but since the genders of the giver and the receivers are not specified I think I’ll buck the trend:

    Franchise star: Zoe Saldana
    Castmember 1: Bradley Cooper (The Words)
    Castmember 2: Michael Vartan (Columbiana)

    However, Chris Evans seems more likely than any of the ST:ID cast to carelessly hand out STDs IMHO. And the condoms in the picture resemble Captain America’s shield.

    • stacat1 says

      I am going with someone from Star Trek with all the CREW and FLIGHT clues. Pine or Saldana seem like solid guesses. The gender is not specficied so could be either?

      • Jaqaranda says

        Pine seems more like a serial monogamist than a manslut. But that’s just my perception of him.

    • Littlehorse says

      Every film has ‘Crew Members’ It only means he’s connected to the movie industry. Pine isn’t the manslut…it’s Evans.

  16. MikeInSanJose says

    My take on ‘crew members’ is people from behind the scenes on the movie shoot… “Cast & Crew” usually refers to the entire group of people who create a film – cast = in front of the camera, crew = those behind…

    Sometimes I hear of ‘stars’ who really can’t be bothered to interact with the crew… so whomever this is… They must be REALLY NICE PEOPLE… 😉