Juggling Multiple Lovers

one woman many men[New York Post] Which reporter is juggling multiple lovers including her competitor at a rival news organization, plus a top political flack?


Reporter’s news organization:


Competitor’s news organization:

Political Flack:

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24 comments to Juggling Multiple Lovers

  • MikeInSanJose

    Nancy Grace
    Bill O
    Charlie Krauthammer

  • Toqi

    Judging by the above picture, maybe someone from the travesty that is “Morning Joe”.

  • Stewart

    Reporter: Savannah Guthrie
    Reporter’s News Organization: NBC (Today Show)
    Competitor/Lover: Josh Elliott
    Competitor’s News Organization: ABC (Good Morning America)
    Political Flack: Mike Feldman, a managing director and political adviser at the Glover Park Group, and a former adviser to Vice President Al Gore, and Savannah’s fiance.

    (Does this mean her affair with Matt Lauer is over?!?!)

    • suemccroy

      I sure hope not- I love Josh Elliot (isnt he married, too?)

      • ShennanigansOHoolihan

        I love Josh Elliot too, but I believe he’s mentioned being a single dad before, so I’m fairly certain he’s not married. No idea if he has a SO or not. But I would hate for it to be her too. Nothing has made me happier than the downfall of Matt Lauer and Today, so I hope that GMA stays on top. I’ve read that Today may be trying to court/steal Josh Elliot, and I’d be soooo sad if he went over with those Today idiots.

    • MrBettyWhite

      +1 [my stomach can’t handle the thought of Nancy Gross and Bill O’Rant about anything, though I do wonder who would be on top?? O_o]

    • Mumumumu

      The girl on the picture does look like Savannah.

      I’ve always thought her to be a lightweight airhead lacking on-camera talent, and cannot understand how she managed to get Today Show job. Who were the other contenders?

    • FairyMay9

      +2 to Guthrie and everything Srewart said.

  • stanton

    Jessica Yellin she so untalented that she had to blow someone to get her job

  • Arsinoe

    FTW: Ann Coulter
    Fox News
    Bill Maher

    • LeeLee12345

      This made me totally crack up, because I think they’re secretly having an affair, too! The way they carry on together when she’s on his show really makes me think something’s going on there 😉

  • nolabelle

    Hmm… Just one when there are so many possible candidates?!

    Maybe savannah Guthrie- noted for bedding Matt Lauer, the corporate ladder at NBC news, competitor would likely be George Stepanapoulos at Good morning America at ABC News, and the political flack would be Dan Abrams with mediate.com

  • ILoveLucy

    They ALL do it, that’s how you get a-head. Morning TV , afternoon or evening, they are all whores.

  • dpoma

    Haven’t there been rumors about Diane Sawyer, married ti Mike Nichols, being bi and having affairs with women? ABC news. Could be anyone at NBC, CBS, FOX…too many options. Political flack also hard to pin down…they’re all ‘flack’ from my point of view…sorry.

  • kermit1969

    Reporter: Katie Couric
    ABC News
    Lover: Matt Lauer
    NBC News
    Political Flack: Chuck Todd